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  1. STH is a team of five players ( Warner, johny, kane, bhuvi, rashid) . The rest are as useful as umpires in a Mumbai Indians game
  2. Give the captaincy to Gill already, the lad is going to be the cornerstone of them this entire decade.
  3. 4D chess by Thala in the end.. Got the team to play full overs & hit 3 huge sixes to bring the NRR in control and send warning to other teams
  4. Kanpur Gutkhas sponsored by Vimal Pan masala
  5. The best t20 team led by the best captain ever returns
  6. Indian team doesn't looks like Indian team without Thala
  7. Great test #3. Still remember that 2010 home series against SA where he batted like he would never get out.
  8. Amla was on a downward slope from the last two years. Thala averages 60 with a SR of 82 in 2019
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