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  1. Indian team doesn't looks like Indian team without Thala
  2. Great test #3. Still remember that 2010 home series against SA where he batted like he would never get out.
  3. Amla was on a downward slope from the last two years. Thala averages 60 with a SR of 82 in 2019
  4. Has he declared jehad on taking top order wickets @velu ?
  5. Sholay copied this scene but somehow made it looked as good as this one
  6. Thala was man of the series in India's last white ball series down under. Kohli remembers like the north
  7. Meh ... Watching premier League and ashes would be better over this team
  8. Because he had to go for 100th 100 and 200 test matches. Personal milestones afterall
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