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  1. Rishabh pant's innings today is worse because he kept hogging strike from Hetmyer in last 2 overs who would've easily finished the game.
  2. MI has Bumrah and Boult In death. SRH had Bhuvi kumar who got spanked hard by Pollard. The difference between the two sides today.
  3. Meh start .... The tourney opener needed the best T20 Team of all time in action.
  4. The greatest T20 franchise of all time returns
  5. Yea tim paine looks like a total clown now lol. Got MOTM in first test and the next 3 basically ended his career
  6. Said it last year, KKR needs to make this guy captain. He'll be well prepared when he eventually takes over India's captaincy in five years.
  7. Yea, two great innings which should be appreciated. Still needs to cut out that fat belly weight though
  8. Dislike Delhi but will take anyone over the Ambani mafians
  9. If this team is serious about winning something , they need to pick players who can get the job done rather than grooming youngsters who don't even look like t20 players .. What did they get by spending for hospital charges of Nagarkoti and Mavi for 2 years??
  10. Some guys on Twitter wanted Unadkat in place of siraj because of last ranji season
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