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  1. Not to worry. Chepu's conjoined twin Rahane will save the day.
  2. If not for the damn rain late last night, we could have fancied our chances.
  3. STFU Harsha. Needs to be gagged and tied up like Cacofonix in Asterix comics.
  4. This is piss poor technique. Retire this joker already. Unwatchable DODO.
  5. After getting whacked like a hundred times this series. Comical.
  6. Oh, cut the bull will you. Pujara is a dodo unfit for the #3 slot. If not for his feckless batting we'd have won more games. #3 is not just to snuff the living daylights out of the cricket ball. 11 off 101 is a deathwish for cricket lovers. yes, Test cricket can be very interesting without Pujara.
  7. Simply Extraordinary along with Hazlewood.
  8. Pujara is an ugly AF cricketer. Damn! What a poor replacement to the Wall.
  9. Awful #3. Getting hit like nobody's business.
  10. Pujara is a turtle. Very hard to get him out of his shell.
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