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  1. GT is going to crash out at some point. They have no chance winning the tournament. Mark it.
  2. Lucknow - KL CSK - Dube RR - Sanju Samson RCB - Hasaranga KKR - Russell Punjab - Arshdeep DC - Warner GT - Gill Couldnt care less abt the other 2 teams.
  3. GG will say a thousand things, but KL will get the axe if he does not play responsibly. For this season, Jos is way ahead of the pack.
  4. Of course there will be an impact with a cavalier approach to batting. KL has no such luxury with captaincy pressure. Not a valid comparison between Butler and KL IMO. If you take all of IPL(all seasons) into account, there is no comparison who the MVP is (hands down KL).
  5. KL has been far more prolific than Butler in IPL. Numbers don't lie.
  6. Butler is not a captain.
  7. Jos does not have to deal with weight of captaincy. He plays with freedom. KL can't take such liberties with spotty batting from LSG much like PK last year.
  8. Main Squad: Rohit (will get promoted by MBCCI) KL Kohli Sky Hardik Pant Shardul D Chahar Chahal Bumrah Prasidh Reserves: Shreyas Kuldeep Yadav DK Natarajan Bishnoi
  9. Braindead selectors will select the following team for WCT20: RoSha KL Dhawan Kohli Pant Shami Jadeja HArdik Pandey Sky Bumrah Ishan Kishan Ashwin DK Thakur Deepak Chahar
  10. Hope Kohli and Rohit get dropped. They are dead weights.
  11. amusing to see these same bitches wanting our support for Ukraine.
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