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  1. Regardless - to lose from 125/5 is staggering. So many boundaries leaked. Asinine captaincy.
  2. Believe him at your own peril. This guy is a psychotic piece of sh!t.
  3. No cure for Stage 4 cancers Brat and Bevda.
  4. They are all part of the same sh!tty system.
  5. KL at #7? that is some serious ****.
  6. The only fluid dynamics he knows is the pee flowing down his pants.
  7. We can rant all we want. But both these Aholes are grinding Indian Test cricket to the ground. Will Dada have the balls to do them is the $Million dollar question.
  8. Both Chepu and Rahane need to be dropped along with Psycho. His onfield antics would put street urchins to shame. Worst moment was his reaction to Kane Williamson's dismissal. What an ugly mofo he is!
  9. You Shaw fanboys continue. Shaw is not going to save India's ass today.
  10. I say < 175. Tuning off this nonsense.
  11. Dismissal is a dismissal. Swing or not. You sound like Shaw has a PhD on how to play swing. lol.
  12. Lets say everybody sucked on this tour. And lets see how far this Shaw guy goes in SENA. I really don't care abt home series, or SL or WI.
  13. It does not matter. You get out one way or the other. Shaw is not ready for primetime. Did you see how Southee got him in the first Test match? Right, you must have missed that "swing" bowing.
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