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  1. Anything but dumb. We are the ones who are dumb, wasting time on this garbage tournament.
  2. What's worse is, so called greats of the game are cheerleading this piece of garbage, including that old cow bakwaskar. Tuning off for good.
  3. FIXED.....what are the chances of two super overs leave alone one. IPL is f ucked up.
  4. Hooda muffed a simple chance to hit the ball over the short fine leg's head. What a pusskie!
  5. These Punjab players are real pusskies. No strength and look so malnourished. Nobody since Yuvi looks like they can clear the ropes.
  6. Why take to heart. Just don't support a particular team. This is a CLOWN SHOW anyway.
  7. Still, in with a chance. If Jordan can put his hand up.
  8. KXIP **** show continues. All KL had to do was bat out this over. Can't blame him with such a dogShit middle order.
  9. just free money for him. kxip must release him next season.
  10. Stupid tactics. KXIP should have scored more before Bumrah came on. Brain dead tactics from KXIP.
  11. KL is **** against spinners. Glaringly poor player of spin.
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