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  1. WTF is going on Just have another election, let everyone run separately, thanks
  2. It's not even a question. Kapil bowling with actual partners would have let him run through sides. The less load on his bowling would also help his batting. Add that he is a great fielder, and he would be a 3 format star.
  3. Rain drops can make an ocean... The target of my post was intended to be arts, fields like Journalism and Sociology and what falls under that umbrella. These are entirely political fields which provide no relevance other than producing political activists and goons. These types of colleges should be completely private and should be payed for by private funds of their students. No government subsidies for the institutes or students. I don't mind fields like Psychology, Economics, Law getting some funding, they at least can provide some value, to the economy and body o
  4. Sena begging for help from INC, no self respect. The rest of Maharashtra is going to be sidelined I think, Mumbai will get all the attention once again. The Ratnagiri mega-refinery is likely in trouble now. Sena was against it. If these people seriously form government, then I can see Reliance moving the project to either Karnataka or Gujarat
  5. BJP should cut funding to arts students completely, libtards will really lose their mind then
  6. Give half matches to Pant and half to Kishan. Not a fan of samson.
  7. No defence of Sena by me anymore. What a fall from Balasaheb's time this Sena-Pappu Udhav is going to form government with the scum of scum NCP.
  8. From cricbuzz Best figures in T20Is: 6/7 D Chahar v Ban Nagpur 2019 6/8 A Mendis v Zim Hambantota 2012 6/16 A Mendis v Aus Pallekele 2011 6/25 Y Chahal v Eng Bengaluru 2017 What do you guys think, if you had to chose between BK and Chahar, who is a better option. Chahar looks like a better wicket taker but BK is one of the best death bowler in the world
  9. agree with your choices, I am a big fan of Dhawan but not in this format. Krunal and Khaleel are newish , so they will get a few more chances than normal. Not really a fan of either of those two. Khaleel is very unlikely to play in the WT20, our pecking order for fast bowlers is Bumrah, Bhuvi, and now Chahar. Pandya jr will be fast bowling allrounder, so really Khaleel is as good as gone imo.
  10. I think because Dhawan had a relatively good IPL last 2 seasons, they thought he turned the corner, but it looks like fools gold because he has returned to poor performances at international T20s. He is at best an IPL bully right now. https://www.iplt20.com/teams/delhi-capitals/squad/41/shikhar-dhawan Batting and Fielding Mat No Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s CT ST Career 159
  11. Which 2-3 do you think? I think Dhawan is the only tried and tested poor T20 player. The rest of the team is mostly young players who will show their true ability in the chances they have
  12. Kaun jaante hai? but he has been dropped before, during the Wt20 itself. That means there is a good chance that he is also playing for his place just like some of the younger players.
  13. From Cricbuzz, great performance by Chahar Best figures in T20Is: 6/7 D Chahar v Ban Nagpur 2019 6/8 A Mendis v Zim Hambantota 2012 6/16 A Mendis v Aus Pallekele 2011 6/25 Y Chahal v Eng Bengaluru 2017
  14. Hope Chahar gets a 5-for. How many Indian bowlers have gotten 5fors in T20Is?
  15. So 25-27 T20s remain before wt20. I would rather both Rohit and Kohli rest until Asia cup, but that is not possible. We should have enough matches to find suitable players for the lower order roles. I think if Dhawan keeps failing, he will be replaced. That happened even last wt20 when he kept failing and Rahane replaced him for the SF match. Thiis time we have better options than rahane.
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