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    construction430 reacted to Suhaan in New Zealand withdraw from Pakistan minutes before the start   
    Suppose they forfeit it and then they loose next 2
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    construction430 got a reaction from raki05 in Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)   
    PeePee locked for visitors 
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    construction430 got a reaction from sandeep in Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)   
    PeePee locked for visitors 
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    construction430 reacted to JitenPatel in Have Mumbai Indians lost the mojo?   
    this always happens...lose game... get desperate... pay umpires even more... somehow turn it around...
    even today one of best Indian umpires menon was influenced by ambani and $$$ and gave kishan not out on plumb lbw....
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    construction430 reacted to Sgattick10 in Kock making a mockery out of Fakhar Zaman   
    Pakistanis are up in arms in twitter.. They want ICC to take tough action against DeKock 
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    construction430 reacted to Clarke in Batting averages before and after marriage   
    How can they skip proud husband when it comes to marriage related stats ? 
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    construction430 reacted to nitinbwj in Twitter messages   
    Kar liya ab age bhi toh chal bhai ..
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    construction430 reacted to velu in Twitter messages   
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    construction430 reacted to Stan AF in Twitter messages   
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    construction430 reacted to maniac in Shambolic inauguration Test Match for World's Biggest Stadium - Disgraceful from fan point of view   
    India won- Check
    Ashwin got his record- check 
    India moved closer to WTC finals - check
    Stadium Name and bowling ends troll opposition- Check
    Ishant honored for completing 100 tests- Check
    England had a 2nd chance to redeem themselves after a fight back- check 
    India- breezes through to a 10 wicket dominant win- check
    India will not lose this series now- check 
    What are we complaining about again?
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    construction430 reacted to New guy in The POMS are whinging   
    So all praise of inda is automatically ipl but all bad things is valid? Yeah you sure are in good faith 
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    construction430 got a reaction from zubinpepsi in IPL Memes thread   
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    construction430 got a reaction from Forever Indian in IPL Memes thread   
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    construction430 reacted to Laaloo in Why do csk fans take IPL so seriously?   
    They created a petition to drop jadhav lol
    when IPL first started, csk fans used to write 5 page essays on each and every csk loss on ICF analyzing each and every detail. 
    there are some many csk fans here who actually left ICF because of a little bantering. Of course there was that badam thooser who didn’t want to take the bet against the poster named Saurav and hence he ran away. He’s back now though.


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    construction430 reacted to Rasgulla in VVS Laxman: "I think if Pant is not improving, definitely you have to go to other options. There are other options available. Someone like Ishan Kishan, someone like a Sanju Samson. Why not try them?"   
    31(29) and 28(27) yesterday where he choked by playing a fancy shot are amazing innings.
    Samson played 85(42) and 69(47) is a failure 

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    construction430 reacted to Rasgulla in Happy Birthday to MS Dhoni   
    Talking about cringe.. Roger Federer didn't even bother replying! That's his aukat outside India. 
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    construction430 reacted to Gollum in Happy Birthday to MS Dhoni   
    At least Thala passed the min height requirement. 
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    construction430 got a reaction from raki05 in Twitter messages   
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