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  1. yes. Smell the fuel here. Thought it was my fav team who will refuel too
  2. Sehwag didn’t care about hair loss,tatoos, latest fashion trends etc, that’s why he is an icon and not a wannabe. Shaw can look like a loser (cosmetically) but he is a great talent no doubt. lesser talented players have had decent careers and more talented players have faded away . He needs to put in a lot of effort otherwise will fade away soon. Justify your talent and trust me no one would care if he looks like a 21 year old grand pa.
  3. Is this is the refuel we were thinking?
  4. Rayudu is the Sachin of 90’s for the team. Only guy who can walk with swagger
  5. Slow pitch but target should have been 140ish. SRH would have shown these hacks their place as my friend maniac would say
  6. This is how it will work out for him. He will be released next season, then someone like SRH or CSK will buy him at a steal at the base price, he will do well in some games in Chennai and Delhi if IPL is held in India the next year and be retained for another year or 2 before retiring and appearing in MI as a junior trainer/ assistant to the assistant coach. I don’t even need my third eye to predict that. one thing also for sure though Unadkut will end up as being one of those elite players who never go unsold in an auction till they call it a day.
  7. Hetmeyer in for Carey and Pant back should fix a lot of problems? Do they have anyone else that can keep? May be open with Hetmeyer in place of Shaw and replace Carey
  8. They have everything fast bowlers, attacking players,allrounders,experienced bats, very good spinners and a fantastic coaching team. Great balance with Indian and Foregin players. No stopping this team. If this team doesn’t win this championship, we should never do any kind of analysis ever again, doesn’t get more perfect than this.
  9. No worries. Refuel is done but engine needs to warm up, once we will roar again. Roar of the liyon part -3 “the grreattest Sin I can commit is not mardar, it is wrong predicshon” watch out we will got back stronger
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