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  1. I am really proud of our women reaching the finals. Ideally they should have been knocked out in semis as the custom goes but anyway they made it on their consistent performances. However the gulf between our women cricketers and Aussie women cricketers is huge. Yes we beat them in the first round but this time they will be attacking us hard. So absolutely no chance. I have a feeling this could be a repeat of the 2003 finals not even 2015 semis. Good luck to the girls but not winning this Global.Baba (don’t forget the dot)
  2. That’s a wrong way of looking at it. We don’t have such a closed idea of god like some of the Abrahamic religions. Calling Sachin a god of cricket is just praising how good he was at his skill. For example would you consider the song Tujhme Rab dikhta hai as blasphemy? It’s just an expression that the poet/lyricist is trying to convey. Dravid once said on Ganguly’s offside strokes - on offside first there is god and then there is Saurav It is just an expression. If people start building temples and actually worshipping Tendulkar on a regular basis then we have a problem. I know @Gollum will spam the response with pictures of some idiots doing Yagna with Sachin’s pic but they are what they are idiots. In fact Sachinistas on this forum like @New guy @maniac @Laaloohave made fun of Sachin’s political stint . Its just an expression and we should be proud to be liberal enough to use god as an expression for something that is magnificent in this case Sachin’s skill.
  3. Someone give the bot his share of troll votes for the day and send him on his way. That’s where he gets his charging Power from
  4. I saw a gif once of John Cena using a cricket bat.
  5. He was the highest fast bowling wicket taker for india in the recent series. Bumrah/Shami/Saini’s phaaast bowling- 1 wicket Thakur’s pies- 4 wickets
  6. Don’t know about Bollywood but Malayalam cinema has defined my youth right before the dawn of the internet era. Most impactful film industry @SLICKR392 @New guy Global.baba (don’t forget the dot)
  7. Afridi needs 1 more daughter and then he will have 7 cooks to specialize and make 7 course meals everyday. 6 daughters + wife that is.
  8. ^ By the way that was sarcasm for Pakistani folk, not sure if that is halaal or haraam but don’t quote that as actual news
  9. You mean like how the dictatorship at BJP has Overruled the public verdict or constitutional framework in state elections in Maharashtra and Delhi recently?
  10. Also by playing FLAMES
  11. Yes the guys who post the below on you tube like Maashallah Basit sir or Shoaib bhai luv from Bhopal or Rameez sar is besht are going to tune in and make PSL a global conglomerate rivaling the NFL,NBA,IPL and the Soccer leagues
  12. I think all grahas are treating @velu fairly except Venus His Kanya Raashi seems to be in a perpetual eclipse :(
  13. Also at @express bowling I thought it was fair for Saha to get his slot back after he came back from injury being India’s premier keeper before Pant. This is the problem with our TM, there is the case of Saha-Pant and the total polar opposite in case of Nair- Vihari
  14. We are not Pak or WI where a player has a great start and then has some kind of issues and then just gets lost in the shuffle. We have a perfect system in place that we are all proud of and when there is a system things have to happen on order. Karun Nair despite the 300 never looked convincing but it is absolutely unfair for a player to get dumped after just a couple of games after a frickin 300. Vihari has grabbed his chances absolutely but we have a guy who is now lost in the shuffle. If 300 can’t get you a long run then what will? What message does it send to other aspirants. We can’t afford too many such cases. T20 sure you can experiment, play horses for courses but tests need to have a proper system in place. Unless Shaw is a repeat offender or he fails, the next in line has to wait and the next in line is obviously Gill who has also earned his stripes. That’s my personal opinion. Feel free to agree to disagree.
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