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  1. @Gollum I am cheering for your team why are you convincing me
  2. Wish this man all the best in his businesses, very shrewd, smart but most importantly path breaking and benevolent businessman. my third eye tells me he is out of the cricket business
  3. Decent IPL, some great games but very predictable in the end in terms of who made it and at what position. IPL is about emotions, great stories, heart warming events and the celebration of life and cricket. What better than a young team playing fearless cricket winning this trophy. This is exactly the spice this tournament needs. Lets all join together and cheer for As I said I don’t jinx, I don’t need to jinx. My fav teams and have already been eliminated :)
  4. Sunrisers had to open with Goswami because they have no other options, Virat pushed down a regular opener and probably one of the best in international T20 and decided this Pakistani style of being aggressive and match winner or leading from the front gimmick and messed up the team rhythm. Does this in internationals too. Little things like that make a difference.
  5. Sunny G ke mann me laddoo phut rahe hai after the fiasco at the start with Virushka
  6. @Gollum @Cricketics @beetle main is jung me tumhaare saat hoon
  7. A wise man (me) once said don’t have confidence in anything you don’t have control over. So unless you play the game you have no control. That’s were the supernatural and the unknown step in case in point me. Don’t forget the dot :)
  8. Tired of seeing the same old teams winning. Can we hope to see a Delhi win.
  9. @velu even his first name is Paschim translates to “West”
  10. that was a hopeless situation where he was throwing the bat around not any different from coming in the last few overs with a solid platform. Chasing a tight game or setting up a respectable score when the backs are to the wall is something he has never been tested in
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