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  1. He probably feels confident as he has Rahane in the middle order who can finish the game so he plays in the same style.
  2. Just like all paths lead to the god, I guess Op had the same intent. Again how would I know what some other person is thinking
  3. Why is everyone automatically assuming Chahal is not good enough for red ball? Doesn’t he have good FC performances?
  4. Naseem at 19-21 whatever his age is fields like a grandpa. Our TM might suck but kudos to BCCI and the ground level coaches from India to produce some excellent athletes for India at least.
  5. The way ball is turning and Yasir is bowling I won’t be confident till the target is less than 10 runs with 5 wickets in hand
  6. Shadab’s leg spinners are gun barrel straight on an uneven 4th day dry pitch
  7. Warnes commentary during Yasir Shah bowling is worse than Sunny G and Sanju M when Mumbai players are playing or LSRK when CSK players are playing.
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