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  1. Losing streak Stats don’t matter just like for SDP @zen @beetle my final prediction still going according to plan
  2. Track record bro. I mean teams like MI and CSK can get away with the odd disaster game or even season. RCB has been getting away with it every year due to the brand involved.
  3. Punjab will replace the entire squad and mgt like they always do next year after 2 poor returns.
  4. yes Ashwin and Jadeja are irreplaceable but overseas I would go with Sundar over Axar. He can bat like he can and bowling don’t think a guy who gets 3 wickets on debut in Brisbane and that too of Smith,Labu can be too bad. At home behind Axar.
  5. Masakadza is 27 years old WTF. He has been a youngster forever, did he debut at 12?
  6. Poyz putting everything on the line vs Zim. Cornered tigers
  7. Hafeez didn’t bowl vs SA with better coverage and cameras and now chucks his way against Zim in this obscure game . His action looks alright though
  8. Give Erwine the strike, the other Zim opener usse nahi ho payega
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