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  1. That is indeed a great deed that definitely deserved more of a news byte than this.
  2. Might be a noble intent but isn’t the hotel still in a bio bubble? How is this a huge sacrifice?
  3. Embarrassing. Heads need to roll. Also good cricketers don’t make great administrators all the time. I can’t put the blame on Ganguly alone for this but in my experience watching cricket this is the 3rd big muck up in his leadership as an admin I remember an Ind vs SA odi/t20 game in Kolkata got abandoned because it rained overnight and a ground like Eden Gardens had ground stuff running around with towels and regular house sponges to clean up the water. WT20 2016 high profile Ind vs Pak game was curtailed because of some political ceremony.
  4. good point and wish you the same. you are right life is too short . Based on what we hear, one moment you might be a celebrity, walking in Sydney and poof next moment you are in a dungeon in a compromising position. I genuinely wish you and your family members don’t end up in such situations. I am happy that you are safe. Genuinely am.
  5. This post can’t be surely written by a man with average functioning abilities I am sure advanced country like Australia must have some lab where they are tracking the cognitive abilities of apes, these posts seem to be stemming from those labs.
  6. abbey woh Padosi hai. Usually they are the ones who gloat and go over the top about their adopted countries. I mean pretty much most people here are NRI’s from US,UK,Canada,M.E etc who are extremely qualified. Do you ever see them gloating about their country like this guy? He is obviously one of those or may be a guy who lucked out on a refugee visa or something and now obviously wants to stick it to poor India because he is foreigner now. Just have fun with that clown.
  7. You mean like whacking off to covid news in india? I don’t have fancy degrees from Australian Madrasa to get that class from though
  8. On a more serious note, hope he is ok and gets home safely. Edit: the video says he was injured but released. Doesn’t clearly say his present conditon.
  9. @SRT100 I guess eliminating covid has resulted in no more social distancing protocols, khullam khulla gun point kidnapping in Sydney , mashallah!
  10. IPL was being accused of sucking up resources but I guess they didn’t hoard on vaccines for the people in the bubble I guess. Anyways at least SRT100 and @Franco Vazquez won’t be whacking off to images of death and destruction on the internet to win some internet battles.
  11. Also OP how did you overlook glorious moments like India’s 36 allout in Adelaide? That Hazelwood’s spell regardless of pink ball and lights has to be one of the most unplayable spells I have seen. It couldn’t be more helpful than some spells with questionable umpiring and tactics.
  12. I might take fun digs at you but I do appreciate the effort and the thought put into it. However honest question - why is it that your list usually doesn’t have too many names 2000 onwards? Pretty sure Anderson and Steyn have had such spells. In fact 2 guys of the top of my head, I have seen in the modern era to run through sides in a spell when they get it right are Broad and Ishant. In fact Broad has had some devastating spells. Did you consciously have a timeline or is it because you don’t rate the current era?
  13. No need to rush this. Time to cut out losses and postpone it. Clearly the guys running the bio bubbles are not competent enough and a second breach would be even more humiliating. Also no way the players be it Indian or foreign will be in the right frame of mind right now. Situation improving is no longer the option, situation resolved should be the target
  14. Imran Khan’s performance in Karachi is also the best performance by the the umpires in a single spell as well as well by whoever the designated bar tender was (ready with bottle openers)
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