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  1. Well you could argue there was this guy Hitler, till he chose to invade Russia! Had he not done that & decided to sink(?) Royal Navy instead of carpet bombing London he could've won the war?
  2. Well so long as we have Pakistan there will never be a clean slate! Having said that Indians in India (be it Muslims/Parsis/Sikhs/Jain ) are not our enemy The biggest enemy within is corruption & greedy MFers willing to sell their proverbial wives/daughters for a little bit of money!
  3. I seriously want my money back spent on Hotstar Ok, less NSFW version!
  4. Ashwin doesn't deserve to be in there, total flop show in SA
  5. You can say the same about Brat in internationals, had Malan taken that easy catch off Anders 2018 first test he would've struggled to score 100 runs that series let alone over 500 odd. Virat has been extremely lucky with the great squads we've had yet he's lost us crucial games with brain dead decisions & his epic choking abilities!
  6. Anyone but Are See Bee, panauti's still there so I give them about -1 chance to win
  7. Only if we are beating Oz/SA away, Eng are crap & NZ total home track bullies! Did he forget to mention the tosses won by Oz? Even Finch acknowledged the crucial toss factor!
  8. Did you see his performances in the last 2 years, especially tests? The f*** has been given far too long a rope for no reason, heck his Pakistani fangirls have also abandoned him in favor of their uber softie Babar
  9. R!TTER

    Did you

    If you aren't voting for me you're voting for the opposition/socialists/communists/nagging relatives or in laws Where art thou you lazy homies
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