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  1. Sunny should just finger Kohli & make him angry instead, that's actually probably the only way we win
  2. Shankar would be useful only if he could feature in the top 6/7 in the batting order, ahead of Pant. His bowling is at best CDG level, so barely a holding role in Eng. Anyway no point in debating over wishful selections or scenarios, you can almost bet that if God tried to hand the series on a platter Brat would be like
  3. You do realize who's the captain & coach of this team, right
  4. Oh it will definitely come up if when Brat loses
  5. Not in the 80's & even then we did better. The reason why they've done better in recent years is the 5 test series & of course doctored pitches!
  6. Check Stokes' record against India, barring an odd game or two it's chumps like Moen, Woakes who've decimated us constantly in England. With him out it'll hardly make any difference in Eng chances, heck with HH in at the top it's actually much better for England now!
  7. Historically we've performed better in Eng than Aus, just in the last 10 years - first under Dhongi then his eternal Chela that we've gone backwards!
  8. Arey kaha, hum bola tha ki Kohli hai to mumkin hai
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