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  1. This is the most common sensical option as of now, but knowing ICC common sense isn't a word in their dictionary
  2. On current form Jadeja+Ashwin should play, unless it's a real green seamer they must play! If you really want to shore up lower order batting even further I'd add Thakur saab in there. Last time Bhai took 9(10?) wickets there & vastly outbowled Ashwin
  3. Don't be so pessimistic, NZ is probably the only team besting SA as perennial chokers though in ICC events they do smash us from time to time.
  4. What are you talking about Loopholes in BCCI's arrangement of IPL 2021 BCCI is largely run by career politicians or bureaucrats, apna kaam chalta bhaad me jaye
  5. No but I'm pretty sure BCCI has the means & money to import it from AZ paying full price! If you're telling me that they "never thought of it" - then yeah the dumbf*** get what they deserve
  6. Hey @Trichromatic the thread's run it's untimely course, you should probably lock it now! Have you ever been to a warzone, anywhere close to it in your lifetime? No, then stop making things up! You have no idea how many of these deaths were due to other factors, other causes probably count for at least 10x as fatalities than Covid even now
  7. Seems to be a new trending(?) word in the West, especially US of A. Oh my back's hurt it needs healing
  8. I'm pretty sure a lot more of them are jerking off of an extended binge of porn they couldn't watch due to their "busy" schedule! Take you sickness outside, it needs to be cured or if that's the extent of your vocabulary do yourself a favor & stop replying to me
  9. Depends, how much time have you spent with your family during any lockdowns last year? Many of us have spent more time, at home, with the lockdown anytime barring childhood. Being locked in the home is definitely no good in the long run, not to mention the anxiety around employment/health & life in general. What's disgraceful in that? Are you right in the head or what - sports does bring relief to a lot of people!
  10. Most likely, seen on PP & bigfooty trying to stir sh!t up against India for no reason - either that or he's Ghazini
  11. Huh, you're not confident that there'll be a WT20 in India later this year?
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