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  1. Oh right, Cummins roughed up a few others.
  2. Thanks to Brat, for not picking him in SA & Eng, & now Cummins
  3. Yeah we were batting/bowling just like that first test with SA 2018 immediately(?) after Brat's wedding & treating the tour as if it were his honeymoon!
  4. Here's a breakdown of his career in almost an equal sliced 10 match stretch - Start of match date greater than or equal to 31 Dec 2018 Ordered by default (ascending) Return to query menu Cleared query menu Career averages Span Mat Runs HS Bat Av 100 Wkts BBI Bowl Av 5 Ct St Ave Diff unfiltered 2012-2021 51 1954 10
  5. We're assuming he plays about 100 tests - which he definitely can if he gives up LO cricket & Ashwin retires around that time.
  6. Assuming he plays 100 tests till he retires.
  7. If the pitches are better he will score more, if they're closer to 2018 tracks & we bat last nearly every time then I doubt Pujara can score even a single hundred there!
  8. Kohli was *ing lucky, if Eng held on to those catches in the first innings first test he'd have had a horrid time just like in 2014. Now tbf Kohli did try some mitigations against Anders & Co but his game against the swinging ball is highly suspect, so is everyone else's in the team.
  9. Tbf we don't know that for sure, remember SA 2015 - yes that's not 100% appropriate equivalent but we do know our strengths & have never shied on exercising it under Dhoni & now Kohli
  10. Every batter struggles on them, just like our batters struggle on "bunsens" like this one. Last tour one major issue was lower order batting, when the ball is old in Eng/NZ it's the easiest time to bat - but we had no one doing that, except Pant in the very last innings & Jadeja in the last test. I'm not sure Eng will go the same way considering they also have an Ashes to regain - so if their batters don't score any runs they'll likely be routed 4/5 - nil down under! Having said that I'd still like to stack the lower order batting with the likes of Pant, Jadeja, Thakur &/or BK. As much
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