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  1. SA, had they toured them they'd have likely won the series with ease & qualified unlikely our kiwi chicken nuggets
  2. His biggest issue are his blind fans & he himself can't see what rot he's in! It will only get worse unless he gives up captaincy all together. His fall will be worse than any other Indian cap in recent times
  3. Simple, play with the bat slightly in front of the pad - he got out to Ajaz the same *ing way he got out to Bhai at Rose Bowl in 2018 His game against spin has gone down drastically, basically he's emulating this guy without the ability to hit sixes! Brat did actually play brilliantly against spin in 2016-17, he used to go deep in his crease to play on the back foot or really forward to smother the spin. That stupid *ing lunge tells me he's not reading the length well - that's the downfall of any player & it's only downhill from there
  4. That WTC final was just a farce, it was like the ICC/ECB handed over the trophy to them! Now if NZ didn't play Eng before the final I could give them more credit, but that was by far the most unfair "multilateral" finale I've ever seen in cricket These chumps would get slaughtered if we play them anywhere in Asia & probably 7/8 other test nations.
  5. Axar Patel has more upside, he's also younger IIRC? The numbers will get eventually worse for both, Kyle can get closer to 30 bowl avg if he plays more in Asia & Oz. Patel will probably be closer to 25 if he plays lots of tests in Asia like Ashwin or Jadeja.
  6. Sneaked in the WTC on the back of slow over rate by Oz in MCG, played two tests against the host (nation) of WTC final. Not to mention played pretty much no one of note away & got walloped by Oz like minnows on their last tour! Has there ever been a team less deserving of the World champions title? And then their homie commie Simon Doull always brings up the neutral conditions BS when talking about WTC, Eng is as neutral to India as SL or Bangladesh is to NZ (vs Ind)
  7. Who's this arsehole with the twit, knows jack * about cricket
  8. No one has done that, not even McGrath! Also MoM in SF & finals in 99 There is a reason why even among Australians there's no peer to Warne but Lillee is ranked higher than Pidge!
  9. Offies trouble us more because of their control & especially the lengths they bowl. The last leggie to really trouble us was Benaud & he was beyond incredible at the time!
  10. So? Do you know Pak's best test team record at home in the 90's through to the last tour by SA in 2007? Do you even want to know their miserable stats?
  11. R!TTER

    Axar Patel

    That pitch was also not spitting & turning big like this one, I already gave a breakdown of the innings - there was a period of 9 overs in which they scored 16 or something & then next 3 overs 27 odd before declaring. Clearly everyone knows cricket a lot better if they can explain this!
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