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  1. R!TTER

    Fcuk China

    Why not, it is China after all lest you forgotten the cultural revolution or Tienanmen square? There's Hitler, Stalin or even Genghiz Khan on one hand & then CCP on another
  2. Don't you get tax relief u/section 80G or something
  3. R!TTER

    Fcuk China

    Nah, the politicians & bureaucrats as well as major businesses, middlemen will lap up the Chinese bribes in double time after this is over! Make no mistake China would not be in a position where it is now without the help of these cucks, same goes for many of our countrymen especially those who dodge taxes using Aliexpress via the gift (import) route These MFers are worse than Vibhishan, at least he was fighting for "Dharma" as opposed to these greedy, slimy, corrupt, selfish *wits
  4. I find that hard to believe, that sounds like a mini sprint/marathon of sorts. But yeah there should've been clear provisions for people such as him
  5. Why the * is that bitch wasting so many kits on her sorry ass
  6. Mrs coming to the rescue of India's biggest leechad, since well ever! The only good thing coming out of this crisis is that it's likely karo na karo na for CSKite Dhongi & his career should surely be over after this
  7. Not r/India that's for sure, self righteous cucks ban every dissenting voice & they say the govt censors opposition voice huh what irony
  8. I doubt that, the one thing that dies rather quickly in a politician or bureaucrat's life is their soul.
  9. Trump's a blabbering idiot, you're seriously comparing that word salad tosser to Modi
  10. Automobiles, electronics, telecom, electricals, pharma (especially API) & toys just to name a few. We can make the vast majority of these things in India & by vast majority I say at least 95% because most of the patents are held by US or European firms. Now if we want to indigenize these things then we may need to go the Chinese route i.e. steal IP, copy products/designs & then kick the competitors out as they've done for the past 30 years!
  11. Everything is a Chinese colony these days, India will do well to strategically kick the Chinese out of our most productive & profitable sectors!
  12. The fatality rate is 36% - seems like the "educated" elite in this country need a crash course on keeping their trap shut https://www.cdc.gov/hantavirus/surveillance/index.html
  13. Hantavirus is much much more deadly than nCoV, the good thing is that it's not so contagious now the bad thing is that with China you never know ~ they could be testing a new variant (i.e. bioweapon theory) or eating a few raw mice which could enable a mutated strain to jump to humans
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