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  1. Catching not necessarily fielding & with dropohli at the helm what more can you expect
  2. If he was playing with an injury that would certainly worsen his condition after playing the matches, no ifs & buts. This isn't string theory.
  3. So you're claiming playing those matches didn't aggravate his injury? Is he some alien or have you discovered any new branch of biology
  4. Except he wasn't the best player in our last tour, it was overwhelmingly Pujara! Even in the home tests in India he was dog **** & it took Rahane, as the captain, to pull India over the line at Dharamshala. Kohli influence is so overrated it's not even funny anymore!
  5. On everyone's favorite search engine, Bing
  6. Dhongi was done 6 years back, he shouldn't even have played the 2015 WC tbh. That innings in the SF was the worst I can think of, in terms of leadership he has been lacking since 2011 & then just ran away with tail between his legs during the 2015 test tour of Oz. If Mama didn't protect him & CSK luddites didn't support them he'd likely have been thrown out of the team way back, at least from his captaincy way back in 2012 with MA at the helm
  7. That seems to be one of the more likely possibilities, wasn't he also a Dhoni favorite at one point in time? Slow & steady ala Mohit Sharma, Vinay Kumar & Marshall Dinda
  8. Virushka need to take a hike, far too many people are tolerating them for all the wrong reasons! Why doesn't Anushka leash her dawg when he mouths on/off the filed, does shouting mother/sister expletives turn her on or what
  9. Can't believe this fat ass sloth was ever compared to SRT, I guess delusions get the better of everyone from time to time
  10. The only people who can't see Dhoni's faults are his chammaches & his enablers ala Mama & Co
  11. It's just the beginning, this will result in probably a 2008 style global meltdown but of course with the caveat that lots of businesses will suffer unquestionably more because of the nCoV.
  12. What is with people from South, especially TN, & their fielding! Even RA is a dhol on his best days, this guy has just started
  13. Come on that is so unfair, Yasir is a role model for every Asian cricketer. Inverse Bradman, or you could say Bradman of the north
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