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  1. He is very young, give him another 15 years will you..
  2. Samson in form would be invaluable for India.
  3. No Country for Old Men. Not exactly horror but the scariest villan I've ever come across.
  4. Why does this Hasan Ali character keep on spitting every second? Needs to undergo treatment.
  5. Pak playing well. Any idea on what India would prefer happen i.e. draw/Pak win/Aus win for our WTC final chances?
  6. ..but can Hanuma Vihari forever stay 17? acknowledge the greatness.
  7. Majors in hostile looks and aggressively walking up to batsmen though
  8. I was looking forward to this test series, thought it would be an interesting/tough battle, but this is just so unwatchable. Win the toss, bat first on a flat road & pile on runs. If Shafique hadn't decided to charge Lyon score would have been 300/0. Tripe.
  9. Swag

    India abstains

    India has taken the right stance.
  10. Glad Samson is in the squad. He is very talented, hope he can deliver instead of the usual duds.
  11. Do we need to distinguish between formats here? We had a 42 month reign at the top (Test rankings) & that shows we have/had the best bowlers in terms of skill for a long duration. You cannot hide in Tests after bowling 2 very good overs, you need to be skilful, intelligent & consistent, pace is just a part of it. I'd rather a McGrath than Shaun Tait in my team. Obviously if we find a good express bowler we should give them all the backing/resources to succeed.
  12. What is MI up to? someone probably spiked their drinks. Sitting and laughing with 5 players in their team.
  13. 5:13 onwards, goosebumps, wish we had Indian commentators who could generate that kind of excitement/feeling.
  14. I don't get the 'keeping politics aside' scenario. If another family is actively looking to murder my family in the night, I won't go in the day to their house to drink tea & play carrom.
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