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  1. Superb win MI!! Well done, onwards & upwards from here (hopefully)!
  2. I guess we have time to accommodate the 4th Test and 1st T20 as well over the next 3 days? Makes it easier for everyone
  3. This is BCCI trolling everyone for complaining about the last Test pitch
  4. Can't trust BBC or any of the weather apps (at least the ones I checked). Brisbane was showing rain/thundery showers almost the whole day yesterday but that did not happen. Any reliable weather sources people are aware of? I'd rather we don't play the 5th day, with the pitch misbehaving do not want any more injuries. Even if we draw we retain the trophy, that is enough.
  5. Mate, really? Hats off to what Shardul did yesterday but Hardik is a rare kind of player, based on one performance we cannot really be bringing up such comparisions. I'm glad that India have options though.
  6. I think those clamouring to get rid of Pujara and Rahane need to take a step back. As for OP's question, I am in 2 minds re VK, not sure if his absence did indeed help or was it just that things came together for India at the right time. We definitely need Virat the batsman in the team.
  7. Agree. It was purely from a viewpoint of fearsome spells. Donald running at our batsmen used to give me the jitters, Mcgrath was a different 'softer' feeling:)
  8. For me Alan Donald steaming in was the most fearsome sight. Pace, swing, aggression - all in one.
  9. Mate his feet was on the ropes
  10. To be fair, all those who performed in IPL are doing well here i.e. Pandya and Natarajan. SKY & Kishan should be here but unfortunately they are not.
  11. Need someone to finish the innings as well I guess. Pandya cannot be opener, middle order & lower order finisher all in one.
  12. Agree, puts pressure on lower order whereas top order gets the luxury of getting high individual scores.
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