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  1. He will learn to get back up on his feet. I have immense belief in his abilities.
  2. I have a feeling Manish will be play few fiery innings to get back into the favour. Either way, he had too many chances, so not really hopeful.
  3. Good list, but I am not sure about Shaw? and Krunal? Shaw has time, but Krunal, no way right?
  4. IMHO, multiple choice was more suited for this question. I would have voted for VVS and Sachin as well.
  5. Rohit at most shows displeasure or disappointment at times, but I feel the bigger difference is he rarely mouths off gaalis when something happens in a pressure situations. Another thing - after a hard earned wicket, Rohit doesn't get too excited and hysterical, which Kohli does, which can alter the concentration of the bowler or worse make him complacent.
  6. This was visible even before vk became the LOI captain. When we mentioned these on reddit, for example, we were met with a lot of comments like you are a kohli hater, you are overthinking it etc. I am just glad to have joined this forum. These kind of comments really are targeted with abusive replies or sometime even bans and post removals on reddit.
  7. I feel he has one more in him. May be two, if he really focuses on it. But I want him to score a 200 in a run chase. Bonus points, if it is a difficult chase. Something to forget the Viv's 189.
  8. Pant: Lets zoo, I want to eat. Thakur: Haha, yeah we won (inside): Phew that was close. Bhuvi: I am old for this ****. I am just happy to be part of the team. Chahar: (inside) See what happens Mr. Kohli Kohli: Good job for today. I am the caption. Rohit: (inside) Ae chalnaa
  9. Also he might have added "Look, Pandya is coming, ignore him" and Shardul actually did not look at Pandya the whole time he was there.
  10. A 1000 times this. If only people stopped gushing about but but my 50+ average in T20s.
  11. My bad, I read it as T20s and voted Ishan. For ODIs, including the 2023 world cup I support Dhawan as he is fit, gels well with Rohit and is a beast in ICC WCs. Knowing Kohli, he will say in 2022 that Dhawan is our opener and then drop him 5 ODIs before the World Cup and select Ishan or someone else. Then drop them too if they cannot handle the sudden inclusion in WC squad. Same old playbook. Or he will read this message (directly or indirectly), then either drop Dhawan early or play him just to get back at us.
  12. Congratulations. I followed her for quite a while on Insta. She is so classy and articulate.
  13. I do this every two months or so and it never gets old. The video really gets me going through some of the tougher times.
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