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  1. Athar showing the catch drop replays FFS It may ignite some lunatic.
  2. Thanks for jogging my memory. Amazing impact player this Du Plessis. Just watched the Q1 2018 highlights. Lord has made a fearless 15(5) as well.
  3. That sounded really awesome. Always felt the same way. He has more flair, more shots and a calmer head. A definite possibility.
  4. Wishful thinking but, SM sites should incorporate negative energy detectors and introduce a cooling period before users can comment.
  5. Please tell that to /r/cricket. Any time one should mention his slump in his form and joke that he be dropped, the "Bru did you see Kohli in 2016" card comes up so comes so fast.
  6. If he was that type, then he would have won us the wc2019. Too many people dicked over, too much bad karma, not an ounce of self-realization and only caring about that brand, all roads would only lead to disappointments. Whenever he lost a match of value, he had never at the very least said "*, things didn't go well as planned"
  7. First, Dhoni should have trusted Bravo to take it and not run after it altogether, but after running after it, they should have had called it ahead of time. Poor communication for a moment.
  8. I missed cricket during these years, was he good stats wise or impact wise?
  9. Franchise forced him, after finally seeing BCCI's momentum behind his downfall.
  10. Oh absolutely! This is more of a ruthless sympathy. He deserves every bit of this IMHO. If he had bowed out after WC2019 debacle, it would have been fair for everyone. The moment he opted to travel to WI series w.o taking his break, I turned on him completely. Not that I was a fan of him before, but you know.
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