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  1. This should also include Assam's King Prithu who defeated Bakhtiyar Khalji
  2. To be a devils advocate, he will probably have one good peak year of cricket surrounded by multiple 35 avg periods. Hope that peak year won't trigger calls for captaincy from his pr. :)
  3. Yup. I always had a nagging feeling that he realized this decline way ahead of any one of us and probably thought it fit to amp up his own fitness standards as a way to keep scoring.
  4. could you please recollect what this was? Sounds like it will make my day.
  5. This guy is worse than Andy on The Office. Says I hate drama but is the number 1 drama queen. Even in his last days he doesn't have the humility to accept that he couldn't be seen as a leader! You are removed, you are removed. No one owes you anything, especially not BCCI. I have faith in Rohit's captaincy, but I bet if Rohit eventually gets removed, he will say I respect the boards decision and accept his shortcomings.
  6. Watch Rohit in a conversation with Boria. A really solid interview. Stark difference in philosophy. Much refreshing to hear. I sincerely hope he builds teams for the next decades. Trophy is a bonus.
  7. Watch Rohit in a conversation with Boria. A really solid interview.
  8. Virat Kohli refuses to step down, BCCI cracks whip, opts for proven leader in Rohit Sharma Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/88171735.cms
  9. I love this forum so much. Brothers, are you guys just young kids or without much exposure to the outside? What is he supposed to say? "Rahane is averaging 18+ since two years, nobody in the team is now thinking that he should be in the team anymore. I can't put a finger on why he is being selected. Let me drop him permanently." Incidentally, Kohli actually said "nobody thought he should be in the team" in 2018 and got such a flak, rightfully IMHO. Again, I love you guys, but right now I like Kohli more than you. I threw up a little as I said that, but it is what is. I
  10. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWDo7lOp3TJ/
  11. Just realized something! I am 39 and I have the exact type of grey streaks in my beard. Is he really 34?
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