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  1. Few years back Dravid himself said something like he will not consider coaching until the current group of seniors who were part of team from 2011 are out of the team. Of course, he did not say it as stupidly I put it. I think he would have preferred to keep his dignity intact after what happened to Kumble.
  2. I don't fault Dhoni for that. Even a person as astute as Dhoni couldn't have predicted how it would turn out. 100m followers, hypocritical couple dynamic , sycophantic phan army, some useless bilateral wins, unchecked power consolidation coupled with a petulant and paper-aggressive behaviour can turn out to a entirely different thing than one would expect. Repeatedly, I feel why isnt he accountable at all? Sometimes its 20 minutes of bad game, sometimes trophy is not important to us, sometimes in our minds we already won, or some other excuses. Even t
  3. Fugging Manjrekar starts to hype him the moment he crosses 120s and he gets out. He was good for at least couple more 200s in my book.
  4. With all this going for a long time, I wonder how much people walk on eggshells around him how stressed each interaction with him is for every player how some players despite having their own individuality have to bow down to his mediocrity (ashwin, rohit etc) how much backup players and hopefuls are distressed over never getting a chance while he is in how much therapy is being utilized undercovers how much money has been eaten by his detractors to stay silent If this is the next big crapfest after the fixing scandal?
  5. Clowns on Reddit as well. Normally, I don't give much thought to her or have never watched her movies. Once on Reddit, during the gavaskar commentary-gaffe during the IPL2020, I read a PR bot defend the backlash on Anushka by saying "people hate them because he is the best player/captain and she is the most beautiful wife". Clearly she made a mistake and is an idiot overall, why the hell would a commenters on thread think she is beautiful and thats why she receives hate? Stupids, stupids all around.
  6. If every final/knockout match is just another match, then what the hell is he in the team for? He's ridden the raised-fitness-awareness trope for too long.
  7. https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/kane-williamson-virat-kohli-wtc-final-friendship-hug-comments-7384426 Looks like PR got to Kane
  8. I can bet it is a one-sided relation too. KW is probably too shy to say no and AB just want to play some good cricket for good money.
  9. Also, methinks, hes made captain so that other teams don't poach him next year.
  10. What? I never heard of this? What did he say, if you could recollect?
  11. Surprising no one said Gaikwad yet. His 75(44) with only 4s is my best innings from a younger player this IPL. Even if I am the only one to root for him, I wish I could see him India colors down the lane.
  12. Identifying this mind game ahead of time is necessary and more people should be doing this.
  13. Yes, Pandey can do the Anukul Roy role.
  14. He will learn to get back up on his feet. I have immense belief in his abilities.
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