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  1. Harbhajan averages 27.87 for first 50 tests (till 2005) & next 53 matches he averaged 37.53
  2. Group A: It's clear India & Eng will make it. Group B: West Indies New Zealand/Pakistan
  3. Around 2017/18 he used to avg 53 and kohli was behind him. His avg has dipped in last few years but he has played multiple impactful knocks. He will be our key batsman on that England tour along with Gill & Kohli. Hope he plays county instead of ipl and does well for us in finals & England series.
  4. Make it rank turner and finish it in one day please. Saves alot time for fans like me
  5. Rohit Sharma (in Press) said "There was no demons in the pitch and it was nice pitch to bat on". So he scored 33.
  6. Axar deserved this i guess even though rohit scored more than whole team in this match should have been last given in last match. If he scores big in next match and ashwin does well then would be interesting to watch who gets MOS.
  7. I was told in other thread that England should be embarrassed for their batting against spin on this pitch but what about our own batting against avg spinners like leach & part timer root?
  8. They went with their strength which is surely not spinners. Bess would have leaked many runs till now and moeen has returned home. Also did we reveal we will go with 3 spinners to them that they fell in our trap?
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