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  1. He generally bowls 120s to max 130kph so maybe if he puts efforts he can reach 137 - 138 if not 140kph.
  2. Krunal pandya is bowling and they are playing hardik's background music.
  3. Pollard should add one or two quick 140kph ball as variety to his attack and he could be decent all rounder.
  4. What is par score for this pitch? missed out pitch report.
  5. Even in form he would get smacked by any good slogger. He just doesn't look to have variety for limited overs.
  6. Idk why KKR paid so high for cummins. He isn't good t20 bowler. Leave t20 he is not even that good odi bowler. They probably bid on him for his ashes performance. If it was starc then it would have been understandable.
  7. Rohit looks so unfit. Don't expect him to hit daddy hundreds now in odis with such poor fitness.
  8. Nikola

    IPL Stats Videos

    sure, gonna post wickets taken and batting, bowling averages.
  9. Runs scored by batsman in IPL (Min 2000 runs)
  10. Love these footages. Germany looks better than most countries of today.
  11. who cares? his fans are doing bhangra already for those 3 sixes and haters are happy with this.
  12. Can dhoni do archer or stoinis in last over? even that wouldn't win match though.
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