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  1. I remember Justin Kemp thrashing indian bowlers in an odi in 2006 scored a 80 ball 100 if i m not wrong ( the massacre was so bad i switched off the tv) india tour of saf under Dravid and Chappell.. he absolutely manhandled agarkar pathan .. lol and then india lost all 4 odi s and there was an uproar in media.. we want ganguly back and with gangulys pepsi ad .. apne dada ko bhoole to nahi.. splashed all across media.. then ganguly was recalled.. scored a fifty and rest as we say is history ..
  2. Whenever you think of Symonds and racism remember this tagline which used to adorn the signboards of many clubs and gymkhanas in India during the British era. Dogs and Indians Not Allowed
  3. issue is in Melbourne n sydney we need muscular hitters. Ashwin may get caught in boundaries and he cannot hit fast pace for sixes
  4. Its a pity Karthik Tyagi is not getting his chances being in a team full of pace bowlers
  5. Simple he was given medical steroids. It saves life but it is also a banned medicine. It helped Rizwan recover but not sure it enhanced performance
  6. @Trichromatic and moderators. I actually never am interested in banning members if they speak rubbish about indian cricket or indian players or even bcci etc. Thats an opinion and anyone can have an opinion. But this @SujitPrakash guy is insulting indians and calling them racist when nothing was said about anything in this thread. I request moderators to go through his messages and ban him..he is not fit to be a member of this forum
  7. End of day Indian constitution stated india is secular country and pakistan constitution affirms its an islamic country.. end of story and discussion
  8. Only if he knew some indian cuss words and understood bhajji didnt even have the intellectual prowess to call someone monkey..he would have played more matches and not retired a bitter folk.. RIP
  9. Tilak verma is my lambi race ka ghoda. I hope he remains consistent. At this tender age he has shown a lot of maturity
  10. Mayank is horribly out of form or else he could have played as no 3. Now with his slide Pujara should come back Rahul Rohit Pujara/Mayank/ Gill Kohli Vihari ( he deserves a chance. Looks assured against pace) Pant Jadeja ( Ashwin was exposed in Saf though Old Trafford turns) Shardul/ Ashwin Bumrah Shami Siraj ( he gets under the skin and good against left hander. Prasidh needs to be gradually groomed in)
  11. Iyer? Did you even see him playing ipl and jumping around while facing short balls against Mohsin Khans of the world. England will play with Robinson Archer Wood. Enough said
  12. He was already picked in indian team against england in 2021. He couldnt play due to injuries https://wisden.com/series-stories/india-v-england/rahul-tewatia-and-suryakumar-yadav-earns-maiden-india-call-ups-for-england-t20i-series/amp
  13. I will take DK in a heartbeat over floundering Ishan Kishan anyday. We have Rahul Rohit Kohli Iyer all who can open. We dont need an opener who ll struggle against high pace and good spin. Rather have DK Rahul Rohit Kohli Sky Pant Pandya DK Iyer V Iyer Jadeja Bumrah Avesh Harshal Chahal/ Bishnoi/ Chahar/ Kuldeep/ Ashwin ( choose 2) Prasidh/ Shami/ Bhuvi ( choose 2) reserves Samson Gill Shaw Varun C Sundar Being Aus they ll allow 4/5 reserves. So around 1
  14. He lost 2 finals ct and wtc + one sf wc 2019. Won toss in one. Lost toss in other two
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