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  1. He was foolishly played in england loi series without proper rehab after coming back from injury in ipl. India should have flown him only for test series as they did with Pujara and Rahane. He would have got 2 weeks of additional rest and imagine him bowling in edgbaston on that pitch..
  2. People forget in last 12 years.. yes 12 freaking years, India has played away in newzealand ONLY in 2 tours of a GRAND total of 4 tests. Whereas india has played AUS away in 4 tours:16 tests, Eng away in 3 Tours : 14 tests. South Africa 3 Tours : 8 Tests. So the opportunity to win in NZ has always been limited.. in these 42 SENA tests across 12 tours in last 12 years India has won 8 test matches which is win perc of less than 20. Aus: 4 England: 2 South Africa: 2 Nz: 0 We definitely should have won 13. The 5/6 tests which we missed out was
  3. Yes he s not wrong but Pakistan would have been 8th instead of 5th if they played with India. An observation
  4. Bumrahs spell with hattrick against windies was mindblowing
  5. Replace pandey with Samson. Pandey will be in squad but not playing 11. Sky to play in 3 i suppose. My uncapped members will be Tewatia Varun C Harshal Padikkal
  6. Good initiative.. now for all of our long awaited dream to see the B sides.. reams of newsreel has been expended on this.. at least bcci has taken a good approach.. so who all will be in your teams.. i guess 20 member squad due to covid..please list
  7. We won the England test. We won the srilanka test where he scored a century and took wickets https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/sl-v-ind-2017-1109590/sri-lanka-vs-india-3rd-test-1109604/live-cricket-score
  8. Hardik to be fair has few good knocks. His bowling against england in the win plus battinh, his batting in south africa first test which we should have won..
  9. Gill will find it tough to get going in England. He plays away from the body and is dependent on his leg slide flick. Both these options are recipee for failure as with Anderson broad master in both outswing and in swing he is going to either nick off or be lbw. He has to counter it by playing outside the crease and trying to judge the line of the ball. Length is very crucial in Australia whereas line is crucial in england as ball will invariably swing at the last moment. You cannot decide whether the ball will swing just by seeing the length or where it pitches. You NEED TO COVER THE LINE whi
  10. I fear for Saini as he is one dimensional. Back of length or full. No seam or swing. You need at least one to survive. He also fails to ball in channel and is haywire at times..
  11. Shaws issue was not batting. Its his attitude in field. Lack a daisical. Thats what hampered his selection.. he looked uninterested in the field.. was not throwing himself around.. many cricketers were always in scheme of things because of their fielding. I remember in 2018 jadeja was not even being considered for loi.. then he came back and was chosen for wc2019. You know the reason he was picked..because BCCI wanted a substitute fielder who ll field for 5-7 overs in matches when a bowler or batsman is resting during fielding or is injured and no better choice than Jadeja.. and look what happ
  12. Fingers x. He can continue his development with bat and a cricket ball .. should be enrolled in an academy right now..
  13. I ll take Ishant Sharma anyday. Absolute masterclass bowler he has become.. even in ipl he was zipping around in first spell. With his angle he is the best option against left handed batsmen.. ask Alistair cook. I remember when Ishant got 300 wickets in the ind eng series Cook joked in the lunch session show that half of those wickets are mine.. rest of the squad looks fine
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