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  1. Thus is a massive massive disappointment. Amit Panghal and Vinesh Phogat was odds on everywhere in every betting odds to win a medal.
  2. Issue is doesnt he know that. What was his coaches doing. This is basics of walking long. Conserving energy..
  3. zaroorat kya hai. Home minister ka beta BCCI Secretary hai..
  4. I am happy he did better than my expectations. Finished 23rd.
  5. Optimistic guess he ll finish 28th.
  6. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya..
  7. Padayatras in air conditioned state of the art caravans with personal chef
  8. Issue is he would have to Raise Union Jack and sing God save the King if he won which he wouldn’t do and a medal would be lost.
  9. yes. And there are 57 competitors and 1 hr 16 mins is the world record. So lot of time to see people walk. And btw if you try to hoodwink officials by trying to run in guise of walk ( half indians do exactly opposite in real life as a form of exercise ) you are cautioned and maybe thrown out..
  10. 1) Possible ( we would have won 14 if things went as per prediction and world rankings this year. Lovlina Ravi was not even in the list for medal Hopes ) 2) Improbable ( Afghanistan nearly beat India. Maldives beat India) 3)Impossible ( China will Veto it and China will be getting bigger and bigger)
  11. you know one thing. There is a sweetness in bronze which you never have in silver in these sports. You end with a win..
  12. :) never want a hurricane or rain so bad after brisbane in January.. though it really didnt happen thankfully..
  13. Shashank Manohar was indias worst enemy i agree. He ran to icc as he lost his clout in bcci and then became the nemesis of india. India played a waiting game which india is good at in these matters.. got his favourite manu sawhney out on bullying charges and then got the kiwi greg barclay on board as ceo. It was so strange to see in the fight for seat indra nooyi sided against india and wanted Khawaja a pakistani to be ceo Instead of greg barclay whom india was supporting.
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