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  1. Even England was floundering yesterday in this pitch. Its holding up. Not much dew
  2. Chasing 175 plus facing bumrah varun c in death is not easy.. under pressure
  3. If we win this match after losing toss and batting first other teams beware as we would have played in the biggest pressure match n come out winning.
  4. ??? We didnt chase in the last two t20s in india vs england home series. We batted first
  5. India lost last two tosses against eng n won both t20 and the series. Have faith
  6. If Bavuma played for india he wouldn’t even get a chance in the pudduchery team for syed mushtaq ali trophy..
  7. Chakravarthy as per my knowledge even in ipl didnt used to Practice before match because of his knee issues
  8. That means one thing. India will go with shardul bumrah bhuvi chakravarthy jadeja as bowlers. rohit rahul kohli sky pant pandya as batsmen we will bat till 8 with shardul and come hell or high water we will start blasting from ball no 1 if we bat first..
  9. Just 3 comments. DONT BOWL NO BALLS .. no unforced error.. DONT TRY FUNKY SHORTS when its going well. Play proper cricketing shots. It might not bring you a 4 but you ll get a 2. If you have wickets you can capitalise DONT GET RUN OUT if the above three unforced errors are cut out we will win..
  10. i had a funny experience.. so it was india pakistan match semi finals in mohali. India won and we all decided to go to a restaurant called Taste of Lahore ( many uk residents will know this restaurant) in Harrow. Now to some extent it was like being a cowboy and going to a pakistani restaurant after india win and showing off but it was really to see suddenly in the middle of our meal they bringing a dish of firni for ever one of us and telling us badhai ho.. your team really played well.. they didnt take the money for it but the parting remark was yaar woh 4 catches nahi chhodte ( tendulkar s)
  11. The only good thing about india is 95 perc of this team will walk in and is part of the indian test team. So they can easily play the waiting game in this pitch. Take out Chahar, chakravarthy, sky, kishan the rest 11 is a solid india test 11.. strange but true.. good or bad.. who knows in these pitches.. rohit rahul kohli pant jadeja pandya ashwin thakur bumrah shami bhuvi
  12. Srilanka is licking their lips. Dheektana, navaranga and thakela mananjaya happy surely. They ll cause upset in these pitches
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