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  1. There used to be a guy in college who was clearly dating this girl but will say she is like my sister
  2. I used to be like you. Paying for a class on interviews is a different thing. He is doing you a favor and you're returning it back by paying him. NPR is not as great as it seems. Sure they seem very professional but they have their own bias. Infact that bias is more deadly than watching bbc which is well known for their bias. Desis get a bad rep as cheapos but it is based on avoiding scams which is very common in India. Most americans are naive to trust in their own news agencies and end up paying for it and buying every news that they sell. As India improves, it is also under great threat of these scams. As others have mentioned, delhi riots and jai shree ram slogan gets misrepresented in wiki. paying them is only hurting us.
  3. you were the one who took it on a tangent by comparing kohli and pujara with sachin and dravid. Key to winning matches boils down to captaincy and how the team mates respond to the captaincy. I guess we are talking about the final score of the series thats why i talked about captaincy. understand?
  4. Earlier it used to be brittanica but its also biased as its UK based but atleast they dont ask you for money.....for now
  5. Ever since its inception, it was pushed on to us as an easy resource of info on the internet. Any google search will have wiki on the side. btw most of the articles are agenda driven. Why are they asking us to pay for their sh1tty info. We are much better looking at other sites. Also google is in league with wiki. better use lesser known search engines. I use duckgo but I don't know how long they will be able to keep up. If anyone asks for money, their info is pretty much useless. you shouldn't pay money to hear whats going on or casual browsing.
  6. Because captaincy is also important when it comes to winning which is the main goal of sports. You said win/loss in dependent on team which is why captaincy is vital to bring together 11 men to win.
  7. Yes Kohli has more runs in Aus even more than Warner but the latter is part of a WC winning team. You are right Kohli = Sachin and Pujara = Dravid but who was the successful captain among Sachin and Dravid. Kohli can score a multiple tons but it wont matter if India doesnt win which I predict will continue
  8. Because Pujara plays a classical test match innings which is starting off slowly, putting rank bad balls, rotating strike, not doing anything fancy and when the bowlers are tired and wickets are falling, accelerate the scoring. Kohli wants to dominate from the get go which is another strategy and a good one if one has to succeed in Aus but is also liable to traps set by the opposition when the bowlers are fresh and the ball is new. He also has not been able to achieve the success on the team front. Just imagine from a young debutant's point of view. Who would you approach as a youngster - mild mannered always smiling Pujara or angry in your face Kohli
  9. The past few days if I browse Wiki this big banner comes on obstructing what you were looking for. It asks you for money. Don't fall for it. Wikipedia is another tool by the elite. They have their funding from them. Now they want to make extra money by asking you claiming their net neutrality is at threat. Net neutrality was never there to begin with. They used to have visitors type in the info on their pages and after that, they had mods who screened content to put offensive content off. Its like united nations asking you to spend a dollar a day to help the poor people in africa by showing some poor people in africa. its just the begging mafia. these people have enough money to spend but they still want ours. and the money some useless fool gives them doesn't go to the poor. its all a scam. websites or people asking you money on youtube via patreon or paypal is an instant putoff for me. I usually don't visit their sites anymore. I have to look for an alternative to wiki.
  10. Pujara has the temperament to overcome the pressure. In an ideal world, he would be captain over hyper emotional Kohli. Kohli will hit some garbage tons like he did in SA and Aus but he won't play that much of a part in winning a series. Pat Cummins is his nemesis. He has a knack of inducing errors from Kohli because of Kohli's attacking instinct which is his boon but also a bane
  11. I predict 4-0 in favor of aussies. Effing team can't handle NZ how are they gonna handle Aussies that too with Smith and Warner. Bumrah and Pujara will be our stars as the usual suspects like Kohli, Ishant, Rahane, Ashwin, Jaddu flop like they usually do. I hope Shami, Kuldeep and Saini get a test
  12. I didn't watch Kapil live except for some test matches towards the end of his career. From what I've heard about him from elders, he was a very capable batsman who could play attacking as well as defensive innings. That on top of his bowling and fielding made him a vital cog in the 80s team. Much like when people switched off their TVs after Sachin got out in the 90s, my elders tuned in when Kapil (and Srikanth later on) came to bat in the 80s tuning out the boreathon from Sunnyji and bewda
  13. Like others who posted here, I don't know jack squat about him. Good luck on his post retirement career anyway
  14. I knew two kashmiri pandits in US one from Bengaluru and the other from Mumbai both migrated to US. Their opinion about muslims is very low to say the least. Scars run deep as they say
  15. Are you Hardik Pandya. I see more bragging as opposed to doing
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