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  1. April 2, 2011 this happened
  2. RBA beats Medvedev in straight sets 6-4,6-2. Supposedly the best next gen to take on the big 3
  3. Pospisil meltdown at the Miami Open
  4. Real McCoy


    Ombeliable, no? Seriously congrats to novak on breaking the record
  5. here are the stats for pujara overseas. his average drops to 37 from his overall avg of 46. note that he averages 56 at home. Even his away average is skewed because of his bullying of SL where he avgs 90 SENA averages for Pujara is 34 and if you take Aus away his averages drop to 28. Even his average in the recently concluded Aus series was 33 at a SR of 29 He is a blood sucking dracula alright. sucking the blood out of Indian fans and fans worldwide
  6. England will rotate their way to a 5-0 drubbing. Andy will be put to retirement by Smith and co.
  7. BCCI move your muscles and shift it to Ahmedabad
  8. cant believe hasaranga and kusal perera are missing in IPL. only udana from SL is represented.
  9. Hrishikesh kanitkar for hitting 4 runs off saqlain to finish the match winning the 3 match finals 2-1
  10. where are you watching this
  11. I can only conclude that the dude has no friends and is waiting for approval from online forums. The way he behaves on this forum is totally different from how he behaves in other forums. He is also a pakistani living/born in the emirates as another pakistani mentioned here. So this could be the reason for the confusion. I see some of the american/british born desis behave similarly. Such a weird bunch. Francly speaking , I don't like this chameleon-like behavior. I would stay away from the madness this guy brings and not to entertain such behavior. As long he maintains some decorum, he can st
  12. If India needs to invest in openers, then open with Pujara for the time being. Pujara is used to scores of 1/1. Makes ideal sense to make him open. Sundar is 21 so is Gill. Already Gill is showing the response to pressure of opening as he's not used to it. You can't blood in Sundar as an opener. yes he has good technique and temperament. But he's also young. Once he fails a few times, our captain will throw him out and has to fight his way back into the team. If I had my way this will be my lineup for the wtc final and england series Pujara Rohit Gill Kohli Sundar
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