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  1. And they think Im nuts when I post about hollywood trannies Even this "woman" is one. There is no hip curvature as the other woman puts some "buns" on its ass. Also in the picture of the youtube clip you posted has the "it" stretching its legs . You can easily see the musculature of the thighs of a man on its left leg. right leg appears rounded in the butt region because of the pads. even the lower part of the right thigh looks like that of a man. I find girls I see when I go out attractive. Even if they are not attractive, I know for certain they are girls. Insta has many men lusting for tra
  2. Its a well known case that arabic countries have this behavior even today. we should create awareness among our own to avoid these countries. but our govt is more involved in getting oil from them to do anything in this regard. money rules and these people are the scapegoats for them. I know its Nepal but all south asian and southeast asian countries send immigrants there to work. the arabs are to be blamed but what are the home countries doing this to prevent it. I'm pretty sure Americans and Europeans will ban travel to these nations or atleast post a travel advisory in their consulates. The
  3. are you for real man. rcb fan club called and they say it will be a cold day in hell when rat wins anything
  4. congrats padosis you have the better captain and deserve the win. THE streak comes to an end. Finito, the end, that's all folks
  5. Before vaccines, every death including heart problems, stroke, influenza was labeled corona related. now after vaccines, every death immediately following vaccines are deemed not corona related
  6. Its good that we had Leander and Bhupathi in doubles but a documentary lol. In the grand scheme of tennis, doubles is an inferior cousin to singles. That is the truth. Its a desi thing to earn money easier by playing doubles. I respect Leander to have a go in singles though and winning a bronze in olympics is a big deal too when we had a drought in medals. In tennis, younger players play both singles and doubles to earn money. The players who rise in singles rankings focus on singles after a while and only play doubles occasionally for olympics and davis cup. Those who can't make it in si
  7. @coffee_rules nice diversion tactic you did there. why don't you answer this simple question. can any tamil guy living in ktk claim even though he was born in ktk, says he is a proud tamil and will die as a tamil and run for elections in ktk. this is what i was trying to ask you before you took it on a tangent. in TN, we didn't vote for mr.singham. but in ktk, how will the imaginary tamil guy be received?
  8. great you found one instance. what about the several instances of local tamils (not even the migrant ones) getting beaten in ktk and even recently buses were burnt. political goonda elements are into it because the people are into it or they just look away when these things happen. there are several kannadigas living in chennai and in western tn. you don't see this happening here. you are some character dude. I dont know how your statepeople attack and you are going around claiming victimhood
  9. where is the hate you are imagining stuff. last time you blamed late night. what's your excuse now. not fully awake? for someone who claims he is right wing, you sure do whine much. can i call you woke rightie. don't flatter yourself man. you're not that intelligent. intelligent enough to work the american machines and work some party propaganda on ICF while at it. you are proving it by the day when you insert stalin, seeman or dravidian/lemurian into the discussion.
  10. singham can repeat part 2 and 3 in karnataka you guys can keep the proud kanndiga
  11. no we guys disown him for saying even though he was born in TN until the end he will be a kannadiga. dont try to insert bjp here. again you insert dravidian and lemurian where it doesn't merit it. shows how you twist the narrative. how can one claim he is a proud kannadiga and run for office in TN considering there is a rift between the two states over Cauvery water. You have highlighted several people in KTK who were not kannadigas running for office in KTK but when you claimed a Tamil representive, you didn't refer to one name. It tells me you don't know anyone from Tamil descent runnin
  12. he is getting paid by mmm http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-usElurMSFTs/UAaXu1ClQyI/AAAAAAAAB8w/XJvsoSXlYBI/s640/Sachin+Tendulkar+Funny+Photos.jpg
  13. good. somebody who doesn't get banter is lecturing on it
  14. Please post this as a separate thread and watch the butthurt follow
  15. Someone running for elections in TN considers himself as a proud kannadiga what a joke. Can a Tamil brought up in KTK, AP run for elections. They won't be accepted yet TN is fair game for other states peoples. Many blame bajpa for its incompetence but I think they are doing this on purpose. If its the former, how can they claim they are better than khangress. I've come to the conclusion that Indian politics won't change. If it does change, it will only get worse.
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