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  1. When Jadeja ran out Rahane, Rahane said dont worry and to concentrate on batting. When Rahane ran out Kohli in the previous match, Kohli didn't say anything. Atleast Kohli didn't react negatively like he did to Pant in the WC SF. So there is some improvement. Rahane looked more of a natural leader and captain in these little moments that Kohli is so bad at. Also tactically, Rahane is more attacking than Kohli. In both the tests where Kohli was missing, he replaced him with a bowler. Imagine a side coming out of 36 ao, coming out with 5 bowlers. That's genius.
  2. They didnt have Smith and Warner hence many of their fans were putting an asterisk on the series. Labu was debuting against us in that series. You can't deny they were better batters as opposed to Marsh, Head and Wade. This series doesnt have an asterisk and Rahane managed with a revolving door of players to win it. This will go down as the most impressive win by not just by India by by any team against Aus
  3. If Pant and Gill are not picked for the playing XI after their exploits and given a full series, I won't be watching it as a fvck you to kohli. if everyone does this, they will have fewer sponsor money and the "kohli brand name" will take a hit. Edit: its hard to pick on Saha and he is getting quoted out of context here. I don't think he is being antagonistic towards Pant. When Pant went off the field after everyone came in and mobbed him, the first person he went to see was Saha and they hugged each other and this represents how happy they were for each other.
  4. All these management talks never appeared in 2018 v Aus. These are appearing now because Virat is getting credit through his zoom calls with bewda and his drinking gang. By Ashwin putting the TM on a pedestal, it gives rat a backhanded credit for showing up 12;30 am on a zoom call. All this is part of it. This will be TM tactics for joe root. Drinking and praying that Aswhin or Bumrah getting him out as soon as possible with bewda in his hangover shouting ".................Shabash"
  5. How many of those were against SL and WI. We havent won in SA where a weak SL team beat them 2 years ago. We havent won in Eng since 2007 where Sl has won there in 2014 and Pak has drawn series many times. We havent won in NZ since 2009.
  6. What is Rahane supposed to say about kohli. He like Ashwin wants to remain in the good books of Virat hence the PR. Ashwin is doing good pr for kohli. I wont be surprised if his form slips and there is talk of kuldeep getting a game, Kohli will pick ashwin over kuldeep. Its just like you scratch my back and I yours. Ashwin has played the game for a decade. He knows how to play the "game". Which youngster has played in Virat's time. Has he brought in and trusted any youngsters and given them a longer run. Dhoni backed Virat, Rohit, Ashwin and Rahane. Ganguly and Dravid even more so. rat basical
  7. Did Kohli started taking blame for the 0-2 drubbing in NZ last year. Anusrat pr is over the top Rahane took a team losing players by the day to inspire the team to an amazing victory
  8. Cook is an unselfish guy and that made him earn the trust of the team. He once was on 90 in an ODI and could have had a century with plenty of balls to spare but he told his teammate to go for the shots and finish the game early. You could see the same behavior in Buttler who doesn't even celebrate a 50. Buttler could have had a 50 in the last innings at Galle yesterday but he chose not to interfere with Sibley's game. I would say Root is in the same mould. He would retire when his time is up and not drag on till he is 40 like srt to play the magical landmark of the only guy to have played 200
  9. Our preparation should be prepare for the worst and wish for the best. Eng is a battle hardened team that can surprise you in more ways than one. they have capable batters that can handle spin and their tail is short. basically everyone can bat. And they have a good spin attack in addition to Broad and Anderson. They even have a pink ball day nighter which could favor them.
  10. I'm assuming a test series against NZ which should have been played in 2020 but was cancelled. If we are playing JAMODIs, then I woudl rather us play in the Asia cup
  11. Gill and Pant have already made the test xi. Sundar and Shardul are competing with Jadeja and Pandya in tests and are considered backup if one of them is injured or not doing well. These players are also in reckoning for the ODIs. Why put them in the Asia cup. If you are playing two teams at the same time, it is arrogance. You are messing the team culture and will spoil both series as was witnessed before in 1998. Also, it is a disrespect to the Asia cup and the test series at that point and disrespect results in disaster. There is pride before the fall. One has to be grounded and not take any
  12. Listen to Rahane and Shastri's words on Rahane
  13. I don't need to. I was always a fan of his style of captaincy from 2017 when he delivered us a win in dharmsala. Same attacking mindset with 5 bowlers, giving Kuldeep a debut who bowled well and packed slips cordon with a gully for bhuvi and umesh when the lead was minimal and came out guns blazing against Cummins to chase down a small target. When Kohli announced that he will miss the last 3 tests, I was happy before the series even started. Always a soft spoken man but inside has steel in his heart and a tactical mind and forgiveness for lapses in the field but still encouraging the team to
  14. helicopter parenting strikes again. let the kid be. he is playing his debut series. im sure he will get the famous century soon. same thing with Sundar's father
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