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  1. bronze gone. well played though. looks like our gold prospects are gone now.
  2. well ravi gave it all but uguev was just too good. silver it is
  3. THat's why some here call him snake manohar. srini mama fwiw put Indian interests ahead when he was a president
  4. Nelly Korda who is leading the women's golf is the daughter of Petr Korda, the tennis player who has won a grand slam and the elder sister of Sebastian Korda, up and coming tennis player. Her mother was also a tennis player and her elder sister Jessica is also a golf player. Wow truly a sporting family
  5. He must be only a puppet with goras controlling the strings
  6. Boria is someone I despise because of his books elevating Indian cricket players into 11 gods but he is right on this one. Since you follow sports so much, why can't you take up this as a career. You are more qualified than someone like boria
  7. Would you share the same sentiments with 1972 padosi hockey team. they beat german police officers and dumped water on the head of hokey federation
  8. I knew the umps will try to deny us a bronze. so didnt watch. slept over and checked online. what a comeback from 1-3 down to win it. top class. it seems sreejesh was the wall among a barrage of PCs and good win for the whole team as well with a variety of strikers coming up with the goods. If only we had the same luck v belgium, we would be trying for gold. cheating umps We should file a report
  9. Atleast he would have done his job of day watchman
  10. Pujara should have opened. If there is a time to block, it is right now.
  11. Not yet. She will go through the rounds before the SF like today
  12. It seems Uguev is a wily wrestler and is the world champion in this weight category. he uses his diminutive size to get under and goes for the legs of the opponent. He hasn't lost since 2019. Ravi wouldn't be taking him lightly as he was one of the opponents that has lost to him on the way. If Ravi does win, he definitely deserves the gold. Right now, I'm seeing him as the underdog. The pressure is all on Uguev to win it. Ravi will give his best shot
  13. They are pathetic. Let them have their few mins of laughter because they don't have much to laugh about
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