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  1. More questions What is FoE? Also you say cancel culture is a communist idea and later on you say its a fascist idea. Are you saying it happens in extermeties of left and right. Censoring books etc is a marxist idea. I don't know if its a fascist idea. As far as Germany is concerned, the hitler folks never called themselves nazis. It was national socialism. national socialism movement borrowed extensively from the vedas and had great respect for the ancient Indian culture. They put the svastika on their flag because of it. not the same as neo-nazi skinheads of today. nazi was a jewish ter
  2. Ok @Jimmy Cliff@coffee_rules can you explain what these two words mean. 1. woke. 2. virtue signalling. Maybe I hve been living in a cave or something, I have no clue what these words mean Edit: Also 3."cancel culture"
  3. According to my relatives and friends in the US, most of them would rather have Trump than Biden. This is not due to love of Trmp but fear of what Biden may bring. If Biden becomes president, many feel that us economy will go through a major bust with this covid crisis. I keep hearing they are printing money like crazy over there its only going to devalue the dollar. With trump, it will be a comedy for the next 4 years but biden may bring a tragedy.
  4. I would like to stick to topic but here's a video for the guy that thinks gay is natural and pedophilia is not part of it. It starts from the 1;10 min mark. If you don't watch this video, please refrain from commenting further on the "gay is natural" thing. Also please stop abusing. It doesn't contribute anything to this thread. https://www.bitchute.com/video/nanJfBqh4cMk/ I know in your time, things were liberal that's what allowed this movement to slide by unchecked. Things have changed now. Most of us here are conservative. We value freedom of speech over censorship. We don't live
  5. Thats not a different species of cat. Thats just a fat cat angry that its unable to move fast
  6. Its cornered tigers territory for CSK. But I'm afraid the tiger is going to be shot and turned into a doormat
  7. Today's innings says it all. Yesterday Ishan took it to the last over. Pant took on the best bowler and fell. not smart cricket
  8. This says a lot about you in your own words
  9. This is not an aptitude test. Its a trick question. You won't pass IIT JEE with this. This is more of a whatsapp thing for old people. The question always has mltiple factors piled into one. Like that man wearing the shoes and having the newspaper. How is one going to interpret that. Are we supposed to add the numbers or multiply them
  10. You can keep your sorry. No thanks. Did you even watch the video. Never mind. Oh what happened to the appeal to the mods to delete this thread. You don't even bother to watch the video and start debating but come around and asking the mods to delete this thread or call me names
  11. nakkeeran = sun tv employees/your competitors/cockblockers
  12. What the fcvk did I watch His act is getting crazy every day
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