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  1. It must be hard for you. You need to watch this I don't know who ivanovic is
  2. @Rasgulla@Gollum That ain't no woman. Its a horse faced tranny alright. Look how tall she is, has a big face, wide shoulders, no curves. Her face is bigger than modi or putin. And for the record, some russian viewers of that video have commented that he didn't say she is gorgeous. That was added by the translator. Maybe Putin's translator was being very nice and diplomatic or he is into trannies
  3. Duckduckgo search engine is inaccessible in India. I wonder why . maybe the big conglomerates like google have something to do with it https://twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/1278288303532302336?s=20
  4. thats because google is interested in debunking. they control which search results come out on top. try moon landing hoax on youtube. you will get results for debunking it. 10 years ago you will find plenty of evidence to suggest there is some truth to that theory. Otherwise yt wouldn't be censoring it in the first place
  5. Dude we watch tv, youtube and thats were we get our beliefs and opinions. the point here is you or me don't know PC on a personal basis and we will never get to know her/it ever (thankfully ). I don't know how old you are but I have seen her when she won the miss universe paegant and starred in not just bollywood movies but a few tamil films as well. I have never found her attractive at all and didnt know what the fuss was about. it takes more than just feminist bs to get involved with the elite. All feminist leaders have been trannies and that puts PC suspicious of being one as she holds such a high position in the UN. I see hijras in the street begging for money and because they are poor, they use cheap makeup, female clothing and exaggerated feminine mannersims that why they are easy to find out. They can easily fool people that too on tv with good makeup and cosmetic surgery. All these hollywood celebs dont undergo surgery to keep their youthful looks but to keep them from looking like a man The mass media pushes them on to us as beautiful women and we buy it. they used to call julia roberts and angelina jolie as the most beautiful women on the planet grab your puke bucket I used to think indian movies are not that bad. I may have to rethink that. most indian people especially women dont like to act in sleazy roles and those women that do tend to develop mental issues. In my search kareena kapoor seems to have a wide angular jaw I checked her and karishma's childhood pics and that was even worse. both of them look like young boys with girl clothes and long hair. I found Saif Ali Khan to be girly when he came up onto the scene. FTM are harder to spot though. Why is bollywood dominated by kappors and khans. these are bollywood dynasties. Im not saying they are trannies but highly suspicious as their western counterparts are surely trannies. Im almost convinced by that video that PC is one. In astrlogy, actors have a strong rahu influence. Rahu gives fame and fortune but also promotes fakery, immorality and deception. It also promotes latest technology and faking real life thorugh tv and movies. if you show something like a tv to someone living in the 19th century, you would be accused of witchcraft and sorcery. Rahu is considered to eclipse the sun which is our true soul and replace with a fake soul. which is what you get in TV, youtube as you dont get to see them as they are but as actors portraying something they are not. Can rajini or amitabh in their 60s kick 100 guys asses in real life. but they can do it in a movie. I don't watch tv or movies these days as I believe they are not only fake but these days they are getting blatantly immoral. Im definitely sure that in the near future if not so already we will get to see a openly lgbt or whatever in indian cinema.
  6. I'm not sure if you watched the video closely. PC has wide shoulders usually not found in women. Women's shoulders are small and also slumped down. Also she has angular facial bone structure, large head and neck, shoulders wider than the hips, does the s-curve and other bending the body poses to fake the appearance of female hips, is named UN ambassador of gender equality (gender neutral means neutral gender), hangs out with prince(ss) markle and kim kadrashian. Thats not an easy society to make friends with and Kardashian and markle are also trans according to the author. Something is afoot here. I have seen Michelle Obama and the prime minister of NZ also has balls showing up in this vid . https://www.bitchute.com/video/PTL2oQ8L6pep/ She/it looks like Tim Southee in drag. Its almost unbelievable and if you tell most people they will look at you like youre from Mars. If you have time, watch other videos from that channel. Its a backup of the author's videos by someone else. Seems legit to me
  7. @Jimmy Cliff What do you think of this video. Priyanka is a hijra . I wonder how this custom has been incorporated to our culture. The author of the video also believes hollywood and politician elites are also trannys and some of his beliefs can't be pushed off as BS. Also watch the moon landing hoax in the previous post https://www.bitchute.com/video/EWYdbltF56Sc/
  8. I'm not living in "convenience" but I cannot speak for others. I don't even have a two wheeler. Comparing our generation to Bishnoi tree martyrs in this age is a bit far fetched. Even if you want to live like a monk, there are no places where one can go. All land is occupied by corporate scumbags or govt. You are forced to live in the concrete jungles that they have created for us. These are the same people who also guilt trip us. If the govt, corporates or elite people in power want better for everyone, they would stop drilling oil and stop selling gas guzzling SUVs. They would allow meat and dairy for only those growing up. Instead they run big department chains that treat farm animals in the most cruel manner. I lived in a time when we used to take our own bags to shop vegetables. This move by the NDA govt was the right one. That is more action oriented than guilt tripping by al gore and hollywood fakers.
  9. Also freemasons. Jews act like they support blacks and freemasons act like racist white people and gangster black and other non-white people thus indulging in controlled chaos so that they can bring in the order with more draconian laws
  10. You typed a wall of text and claim you don't have time. Oh the irony All this environmental garbage you have typed still doesn't answer your first post which is "reduction of human population" by 50%. Admit your fault. Its not that hard. I'm also not in favor of destroying environment and wild life but I'm also not in favor of "reducing human population by 50%". Its not a half baked idea. Its very concrete. Your mindset is elitist. Your mindset aligns well with rich bankers and royalty who look down on the filthy peasants as if we are the ones who destroy the life on earth. You do your own research on these people who also own oil companies and also complain about the carbon footprint. Its more like they destroy the earth's resources sometimes just for fun and assign the blame on to us. Queen elizabeth's husband said he wishes to reincarnate as a virus to kill 90% of the human population. Maybe you should hang out with him . For the record, I'm not saying poor people are not at fault either but these rich aholes do the same and complain about overpopulation
  11. Its my belief that this whole thing is due to global fear tactics by world politicians, bankers, and medical staff. You don't know how much money they are making in Chennai hospitals at the moment. I have heard from a friend that they told his wife's uncle to bring 40,000 in cash or no admission for a non-corona based emergency. On top of that, poor people are hit worst in this "epidemic". I hope its not the case but I fear more lives may be lost due to other reasons than corona. There are some rumors in the USA that people who die from non-corona based issues are counted among corona deaths because of politics and to generate more fear among the population PS - On a side note, is RaGa following Roger Federer hairstyle to cover up the bald spots
  12. I didn't say that human population should be reduced. Why should I get rid of myself Since you were the one to make that comment, you should do the honor first. Reducing human population means killing no matter how you slice and dice it. So are you gonna be a hypocrite and blame others for overpopulation while you sit on a pedestal or you are gonna switch yourself off Some elitist mindset you have. Can't say I'm surprised because you also believe in global warming and environmental "issues" Edit: Don't act like you are busy. You have plenty of time to spend on ICF. Have I wasted enough of your time now
  13. Are you paid by GM companies. Why are you so insisting on GM foods being a cure all. Haldi is grown in nature not a GM product. Chocolate, coffee and tea are highly processed by man. Hence they should be avoided. Others not so. Take your PHD and dump it in the trash. That's all its worth. What are you trying to say with that statement - that we should all take your word for it because you served time in college. All research and ted talks are done to promote the agenda of those who paid them. Cancer started in western countries and to urban centres in India and may get to throughout the world. Don't be a tool for GM products which gives a slew of new diseases like cancer
  14. GM foods are no good either. If even an insect won't eat the produce, you can imagine the implications on humans. Of course, humans can eat it without any side effects immiediately but will get new diseases like cancer in the future. This is the real motive behind GM foods. Google monsanto, a company that used to manufacture weed killer is now the ones with GM seeds. All these local politicians and farmers association heads are paid by them via NGOs and sometimes even direct bribes. They have offices in India and they even planted some GM brinjals against the Supreme Court order. This event is tragic but don't come up with this GM sh1t as a solution. There are better ways to solve this. Keep wild animals away from humans and that is the best we can do to protect both species.
  15. desi "standup comedians" are totally not funny. Even rusell peters jokes dont stand the test of time. If I watch his clips now, its not funny and downright tacky
  16. I'll have to take your word for it because I don't do twitter. tweeting is for birds
  17. 08-10 was 95% but he was more of a accumulator plus hitting shots down the ground which is more like Kohli. Peak Sachin in my opinion is 1998 Sachin. He gave up captaincy at the end of 97 and started with the bashing of Pak in 98 then Aus in march and april and demolising SL and Zim late that year. His record that year was the most ODI runs in a calendar year. Don't know if it still stands. Seeing how little ODIs teams play these days, I think he still has that record. That Sachin in IPL would be devastating
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