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  1. GM foods are no good either. If even an insect won't eat the produce, you can imagine the implications on humans. Of course, humans can eat it without any side effects immiediately but will get new diseases like cancer in the future. This is the real motive behind GM foods. Google monsanto, a company that used to manufacture weed killer is now the ones with GM seeds. All these local politicians and farmers association heads are paid by them via NGOs and sometimes even direct bribes. They have offices in India and they even planted some GM brinjals against the Supreme Court order. This event is tragic but don't come up with this GM sh1t as a solution. There are better ways to solve this. Keep wild animals away from humans and that is the best we can do to protect both species.
  2. desi "standup comedians" are totally not funny. Even rusell peters jokes dont stand the test of time. If I watch his clips now, its not funny and downright tacky
  3. I'll have to take your word for it because I don't do twitter. tweeting is for birds
  4. 08-10 was 95% but he was more of a accumulator plus hitting shots down the ground which is more like Kohli. Peak Sachin in my opinion is 1998 Sachin. He gave up captaincy at the end of 97 and started with the bashing of Pak in 98 then Aus in march and april and demolising SL and Zim late that year. His record that year was the most ODI runs in a calendar year. Don't know if it still stands. Seeing how little ODIs teams play these days, I think he still has that record. That Sachin in IPL would be devastating
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    Thanks to @Trichromatic@Cricketics@varun and Ravi. Have been missing ICF all these days
  6. True but have you seen youtube. They are censoring videos because they contain some element of truth in it. Youtube is now a cesspool with make up videos and gaming. It has replaced TV. Its used to be to broadcast your personal opinion. Not so anymore. And with all things owned by the elite, the same will apply to twitter. Most twitteratis anyway use them for political motives meaning they are here to divide people whether they know it or not. Twitter will be a bigger dumpster than youtube. I don't usually say mark my words but mark my words
  7. There is no corona all lies said by media and medical staff. join the kaanspiracy theory thread
  8. Its either them or the freemasons but twitter is part of the elite agenda. They can create news and fake videos that are believable to the common people. I don't trust these social media
  9. Its nothing but time pass for people who have time which is aplenty due to covid19 lockdown. everyone knows gates works for the nwo and health issues with 5g is all over the internet. will they stop installing 5g towers. probably not. lets all celebrate our life while we still have it and not fret over this unless you want some masala
  10. This made me not visit this site for a while. Please admins look into this and resolve this issue @trichromatic
  11. HIMYM and BBT are boring not funny at all and BBT is sometimes cringeworthy. I saved my time by not watching it. Every now and then I was forced to watch it when I was with friends and it was like torture
  12. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/complete-lockdown-for-four-days-in-chennai-madurai-and-coimbatore-tamil-nadu-chief-minister-says/article31423203.ece Why did he say 9 PM on 29/4 and why not till 6 am on 30/4. Its not like we would be out partying like a rockstar after 9 PM. Anyway we will party hard inside our homes
  13. If you look at overall standings, I would pick WI who I picked anyway due to the demolition job they did in the 80s. In the last 20 years, I would say SA gave India the most trouble. They whitewashed us in 2000 and several drawn series where they drew the first blood and we had to fight back to level the series.
  14. Bond, Steyn, Warne, Akhtar, MJ were more impact bowlers. Lee's test record is average. Lee is an ODI great. You can see it in not just their average but also in the strike rate. Bond and Steyn have amazing strike rates. Warne had a good tour in his last tour in 2004. India was his nemesis but against SL and Pak he was exceptional. I would point it to our amazing batters when he was playing. Warne actually outperformed Kumble in test matches in Aus. He is able to extract turn where others can't. Murali is another guy overrated by his wickets tally. He was piss poor in Aus and Ind and ok in SA where SA batters were clueless against spin. Anderson doesn't have the same impact in alien conditions and his longevity is the reason why he has so many wickets. Forgoing his ODI career and picking mostly home tours and important away tours is a reason he has been able to play this far. This by no means reduces his bowling prowess as he is deadly in favorable conditions.
  15. These bowlers are damn near unplayable in their favorite conditions but not so if its not in their favor. Compare with someone like Marshall he was good everywhere. Mcgrath and Warne are too but their playing style is different. I would rate Steyn over Anderson anytime even though Andy has more wickets.
  16. My pick is WI but your selection of SA ATG XI is dodgy. Smith and Gibbs over Graeme Pollock and Barry Richards. come on. Pollock and Richards averaged around 60 and whitewashed Ian Chappell's side 4-0 which was a good side too. Its a shame they couldn't play due to the apartheid. Barry played shield cricket in Aus and is rated highly by his contemporaries. Ian Chapell rates him quite high My SA XI would be G Pollock Kirsten B Richards Kallis ABDV B Mcmillan De Kock Proctor Steyn Rabada Donald In the WI lineup I'll add Roberts at the expense of Garner in tests. Roberts was the one who started it all and was a mentor to young fast bowlers coming in to the setup
  17. I don't know about other Chennaiites but I'm saying like how it is . He is not only mediocre but his complaints are very funny. I'm sure Kapil may have indulged in keeping him away but this one for the right reasons. His bowling is not that dissimilar to Gavaskar's but Sunnyji is a class batsmen and this guy is a specialist bowler
  18. She's a good chess player. She plays blitz chess like Vishy Anand. No pitch is tricky for her. She will come out with all guns blazing, right? @Mariyam
  19. Yograj is a mediocre seamer. Saying he is average is giving him complements. He looks more like Robin Singh with his military medium pace and Robin was a good enough no.6 for a while. For a player playing as a specialist seamer, this is below par. Maybe he was par for our 80s team. His son bowls better and has picked up crucial wickets and he is only a part timer not to mention his ODI batting skills which was awesome. With him and Dhoni, we sealed off wins that we usually choked under pressure before their arrival on to the scene especially in tournament finals.
  20. @Mariyam 1. Do you miss the 90s era in hindi movies? Full of fun and storylines and less cheap gimmicks and raunchy material 2. How are you so good at chess? early interest perhaps. Do you follow major players of the past such as fischer, tal @FischerTal kasparov, anand, etc. Also who is your best player 3. What is your job duties. I heard you studied law. Did you help with their underworld dealings. I know they were upto something Rather poor and were made the scapegoats
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