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  1. Are you talking about the likes of Haris Rauf, Hasnain etc who make umesh yada look like McGrath?
  2. Kohli is incapable of starting such projects.
  3. Yeah... looking forward to Pujara c Butler b Broad 15(109)
  4. My predictions... Group 1 1. England 2. India 3. Afghanistan 4. South Africa 5. TBA (most likely Bangladesh) 6. TBA (Ire/Scope) Group 2 1. Australia 2. New Zealand 3. West Indies 4. Pakistan 5. Sri Lanka 6. TBA (Ire/Sco) England beats New Zealand India chokes against Australia England beats Aus in an epic final....
  5. Ghalib ayya....ni manasu ni aanandimpa cheyadaniki ee kala chala bagundi.
  6. Nah. They're mentally too weak to pull off something like that and most importantly not good enough to beat top teams consistently...
  7. Please tell me you're kidding. There are no "subcontinent conditions" when it comes to T20 cricket in India and surely not in Oct/Nov. There are going to be roads, roads and then some more..... There is no way this poyzz team has more batting firepower than a full strength WI, NZ or Australia. South africa too is debatable...
  8. Just checked the groups and they're in the same one as Australia, New Zealand and West Indies. One of the other two teams will most likely be Sri Lanka who mauled them 3-0 in paxtan last time around...
  9. Their "cornered tigers",."unpredictability" chewtiyapa is the biggest jumla in world cricket. A close second is "Indians are best players of spin bowling".
  10. They can't chase 160+ against a decent bowling attack to save their lives. Look at the way they huffed and puffed against SAF reserves a week ago. Babar Azam is vastly overrated in this format. He is good in Tests, great in ODIs but he lacks that extra gear to go all the way up in T20s. And on wickets where 180 is the par total, he can be a huge huge liability esp in the middle overs. Grandpa Hafeez is definitely better than him with his current purple patch and the one that opponents will be wary of. Babar won't be hurting anyone with his 55(42).... And their bowling is below par too.
  11. Don't give a fukk... 30 wtc points is all I wanted... It'd have been extremely disappointing to not see india in the lords final after what we did in Australia. I mean it could still be...
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