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  1. Too early to judge anything. We were 60/0 in the first inning at Southampton in pretty much similar conditions.
  2. Same old negative batting allowing the opponent to have a mental edge. On a wicket like this, I'd rather be 70/2 in 24 rather than 33/0.
  3. Well which tailender doesn't? Even Boult hurt us multiple times.
  4. You can already see Robinson ending this series averaging 18 with 15 wickets.
  5. Feel that one wicket will open the floodgates. Way too much movement available.
  6. Not much swing for Anderson. Done and dusted?
  7. So how many medal prospects are left? I know there's women's hockey bronze game but anything else? Wrestling?
  8. Lol it's a play and miss and Agarkar says well played by Rohit.
  9. Weather looks okay now. Hope it stays the same all day.
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