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  1. Murali Vijay Suresh Raina too has that cheeky handsome look.
  2. Very slim. vs India (H) - Won only 1 out ot 4 so far. vs Australia (A) - Will most likely get pummeled 4-0 or 4-1 vs West Indies (A) - Extremely tricky. Lost 1-2 last time around. But WI have gotten worse so they may win vs New Zealand (H) - Will lose again like they did this year vs South Africa (H) - Will win vs Pakistan (A) - Will probably lose
  3. They'll definitely tour. After the Azeem rafiq, Tim paine saga they won't risk it.
  4. We have to play extremely poorly for that. Even after the draw in kanpur, we'll definitely get atleast 80% of the available points against, NZ (H) , BD (A), SL (H) and Aus (H). Already took 50% of the points in England with one game still to go. Unless we completely **** the bed and get sweeped 3-0 in South Africa , we're good to go.
  5. All these sides will most likely send weakened sides. And not much of a practise before the series' because of security concerns. Pak will sweeep all of them.
  6. Final would most likely be at Lords. (according to reports)
  7. Would like to know how the resident pak posters rate their chances of reaching the final. @First class @Autonomous @cric_fan @badmash @Finer
  8. Looking more and more likely now. We should be reaching the final easily thanks to the England series but poyzz look the most likely to finish 2nd. Or heck if we get a few surprise results , they could even finish at the top due to - Extremely favourable scheduling - Home series' against Australia, New Zealand and England. Away series against West Indies (drew 1-1), Bangladesh (leading 1-0) and Sri Lanka. Overall improvement in the last one year or so with the emergence of Shaheen and Rizwan, Babar and Hasan ali improving drastically in red ball cricket, a good solid
  9. Really? Better than his 100 at the oval?
  10. Which one was better? Rohit scored against a better bowling attack and after we lost the first test so probably more important one but in terms of sheer quality and dominance, this knock by Mayank wins hands down. Made it look extremely easy.
  11. Says a b@ki.... on an Indian forum. Can you "literally" make that up or no?
  12. Pakistanis have this age old habit of making everything about them. Don't know when they'll realize that they're extremely irrelevant and the world doesn't resolve around their insignificant qaum.
  13. @Austin 3:!6 He's not even the best Test bowler in his own team. Hasan Ali is more effective due to his superior old-ball abilities. Shaheen is lethal with the new ball but equally bad with the older one. Liton was toying around with him on day 1 in the last session.
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