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  1. So how would this actually be? Like...can we see us whimpering at 50/5 at Old Trafford and then switch to thigh slapper batting on 122(130) in Pallekele?
  2. I know it's great over there but my question was more in regards with us being on their red list and the banning of Indian flights.
  3. This is why you shouldn't talk about having "class", you retareded scum...
  4. Well now I think they absolutely deserve this embarrassment.
  5. What a circus show! And we all thought BCCI was a profeshanal organisation.
  6. I don't give a * about all that. Just stop wishing death on someone for no reason like braindead morons...
  7. What? English please...
  8. WTF ! Get well soon, you retard!
  9. We would not have "laughed" at you if you had 3 million plus active cases. Your bhikari board couldn't manage the bubble even with cases lesser infection than South Delhi...
  10. Well well well... It was good while it lasted.
  11. Oh wow so that's it for this IPL I reckon... Maybe out of the World cup contention as welll
  12. Ofcourse you don't have to prove it. Now crawl back to your hole, rat.
  13. Too many padosi trolls pretending to be Indians over here.... Fukkin lowlives...
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