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  1. Did Bishop just call him Umesh khan?
  2. Wow. They're actually gonna go through with their pet project of making KL Rahul the all format captain aren't they? God bless Indian cricket in the 2020s.
  3. True. The core of the team is still very much Dhoni's.
  4. Is there a way to block/ignore posts of specific posters here? (on mobile version) @Austin 3:!6 @sandeep @Trichromatic
  5. At this rate we may end up revisiting dhoniconda.
  6. Well if you go down this road, it's quite subjective isn't it? I can say the same thing about GT and rule them out .. GT -> the sleepy kit, a yucky captain
  7. Cook, Root and Stokes are better players than anyone in the England 90s team. And don't even get me started on the bowling attacks. Anderson, Broad, Woakes, Moeen are atleast two levels above Caddick, Mullaly, Gough etc. As I said, try harder.
  8. Lol what a sorry list. caddick, Butcher, Gough lmao.
  9. I'm beginning to believe @Jay lol.. This guy might just be another one of the many closet paxtanis on this site.
  10. Eng and Nz were garbage back then. Beating them at their home was the equivalent of beating West Indies in WI these days. Try harder.
  11. And i told you exactly why. County cricket is considered some sort of "highest form" of red ball cricket outside test matches, no matter what division it is. That's why you constantly hear the "oh he should have a county stint to better his technique" bullcrap.
  12. What compete? You're talking as if they have a 80s WI type pace quartet in their ranks lol. Except Shaheen none of their fast bowlers is proper world class. I don't know why garbage bowlers slash blatant chuckers like Rauf and Hasnain get overhyped so much on this site.
  13. Because County cricket is the best thing since sliced bread. The reason England are producing world class test cricketers in droves. Playing county cricket helps in becoming a better batsman, better bowler, better human being and also better at lasting longer in bed. Only world class players like Pujara, Shan Masood, Criag overton and Lasan Ali can ace it.
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