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  1. I think Sachin is the fittest modern Indian cricketer. He used to bat with a really heavy bat, was one of the fastest runner between wickets, a superb outfielder. His longevity is a testament to his fitness. Kaif and UV are also underrated, before arrival of these 2 in Indian team, fans used to look up to Jonty, Gibbs, Ponting. But overall I think Kapil Dev was epitome of fitness. Fitness is not just looking like a skinny wrestler, styling a beard in a way to hide weak chin and to elongate face to look slim etc. Likes of Kohli and KL would be portrayed as Mughal villai
  2. I would say - 1. Do not jump to conclusion after few innings and compare new players to legends of game. 2. Invest in really young players, no point in debuting 27-28 year olds. Always add age fudging in consideration. Otherwise shelf life of new player would be 5-6 years max. eg. Shreyas Iyer. 3. SR matters even in tests, Pujara was a burden on his team, his slow batting puts pressure on other batters to keep scoreboard moving. Such batting style gives an opportunity to opposition to regain the control. 4. Do not back players with glaring lack of abili
  3. and OP why you have issue with this image? You don't believe same sex couples could love a child? If it's the kissing part, some nationalities are very affectionate like Latin Americans, it's very common to kiss your family members. Even greeting strangers with a kiss, it's the equivalent of extending a hand in India. Your mind is corrupted with hyper-sexualization.
  4. To say I am tolerant or intolerant puts me in an authoritative position by default. Who am I to judge, allow, disallow others? It starts with controlling your sisters and mother in name of family honour and ends in controlling strangers just because they have a different life view? Cute little brother being proactive where elder sister is heading to or invading her digital privacy is seen as good behaviour instead of being shunned. Tolerated? Who tf are you lol? Just mind your own business. You do NOT control others. If you believe in Dharmic relig
  5. Religion is keeping India poor and underdeveloped. I was born into a Sikh family and now I am an atheist. Indian Punjabi’s like Pakistani Punjabi are very radical including Hindu Punjabi’s, I have lived there and have seen violence and killings by gau mata rakshaks and what not. Murdered guy seemed to be mentally disabled. He reached for Kirpan (sword). He may have died of asphyxiation after being surrounded by mob. It’s very common. It’s a possibility I could be wrong. North Indians in general have very different mindset, don’t fool you
  6. You need to forget this word BMI, it's most useless health index. Some people have higher bone density, and bigger frame. Go with body fat percentage. I have done IF, 8 day water fast, Keto. I would not recommend any of these if you are anxiety prone, which I am and it gets soooooo much worse that you can have panic attacks for no reason. I warn you, you will be cold even in summers and will want to grab a jacket. Worst of all is your breath, keto breath is no joke. Forget about your partner kissing you lol. Also I am a person who gets a lot of cramps even on a normal diet and it g
  7. Who cares at this moment. Even if we believe he was chucking, he couldn't win single handedly matches for Pakistan. Indians handled him well, he played so few matches overall. OTOH Saeed Ajmal along with Hafeez were daylight robbers, Pakistan was Zimbabwe level team for many years (before arrival of Babar, Rizwan, Shaheen, Hasan) and these 2 chuckers were their only ray of hope.
  8. I think Pant will go the route of Ishant Sharma, a one series wonder in Australia. Shubman Gill is the one who will be ATG.
  9. I always boggles me how Dinesh Karthik, Writhiman Saha and that Biryani guy (Dhoni's friend) played so many games for India, he has to be THE worst player I have seen in Indian colours.
  10. I want a stable Pakistan, as India does not have capability to hold back 200 million people who have nothing left to lose. If Pakistan becomes unstable a war will be their final swan song and rest assured we will see total destruction of bordering states. No country can intercept missiles at that short range. I want Pakistan establishment to fail, I hate their institutions. But I don't have hatred for a normal Pakistani. I have empathy for every human being, religion has been a curse for Indian subcontinent. Most Pakistanis are good people, like this kid -
  11. Arresting serves no purpose. IMO we should follow three wise monkeys maxim, people who tweet controversial comments could be ignored but instigators with an agenda retweet and highlight. Imagine if we do it in real life, one persons hears something derogatory then word spreads. It is called chugli, afwaah etc. This happened to that SL manager in PK. People have their biases and prejudice and people who retweet have aha moment when they find such tweet and feel validated. Rush of dopamine kicks in, it's less of desh prem and more of hatred for someone. Same is true vice
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