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  1. Used to be a big hockey fan, but after the sad demise of Pakistan hockey, lost interest. Really very very happy to see a sub-continent team making a comeback to the top level. I hope Indian team goes all the way, good luck.
  2. Oh FGS, either you have not seen Azam Khan playing, or you're just new to this game called cricket. Its a bit different from wresting. This fat kid Azam Khan would not be selected by a decent club. He is nothing but an embarrassment for any domestic or international team he would play for. No performance in PSL or any international game he has played for. His only qualification is having an influential father, ex-captain and the coach of PSL team Quetta , Moin Khan.
  3. KPL was a very low profile league, thanks to BCCI's stupidity, its getting free publicity. I don't think Gibbs is lying , he won't be risking a huge lawsuit for defaming a very powerful organization. A really dumb act from BCCI.
  4. Pay a visit to a good eye doctor.
  5. Razzaq is an idiot, plain and simple, worst among Pakistani cricketers.
  6. I thought this was a cricket forum, or is cricket/Pakistan basing forum? It won't be a bad idea to create another forum for the same purpose.
  7. Good to see 20 year old Rashid Khan teaching his junior colleague , 29 year old Zampa.
  8. IPL should continue , for many reasons and one of them is to show the world that a big sports events can be conducted successfully , even during the worst pandemic days, with strict control of the bubble and by following the safety protocol. Covid is here to stay for many years to come and we have to live with that , safely and securely.
  9. Some people always find something negative from nowhere.
  10. Qdk , deceived and distracted Fakhar with his action , so that's against the rule , I think this is very clear.
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