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  1. Misbah's believes a player is chosen ( just like US Supreme court Judge ) for life, He should not be dropped or rested till he dies of old age and only then a new player is given a chance. No wonder guys like Hafeez, Malik, "30 year old " chacha Iftikhar are still in the loop and hardly any new player is given a chance even against the team like Zimb, at home wickets. Misbah is the worst thing ever happened to Pakistan cricket, hands down.
  2. Very good and balanced post among so many " extremist" views of all sort, great job. I learnt a lot about state of Indian fast bowling stocks through your post. I like Saini a lot, he is a great talent and should have been a regular fixture alongwith Bupra and Shami for two years now. He can walk into any other country's playing eleven in Tests and ODI. Among the young ones, Tyagi is another exceptional talent , much ahead of Marvi and Nagarkoti. I hope he will be fast tracked to international cricket, ODIS in near future, no later than 2 years. As far Pakistani young pacemen, Nas
  3. There is 81.2 % chance for Trump to lose the election.
  4. I think the way Majid Played in 1976-77 twin tour of Australia and WI and faced Lillee, Thommo, and the famous WI pace battery , without helmet and then scored a test century before lunch in the first morning of a test match again Richard Hadlee , he got to be the best ever batsman against pace.
  5. May its better for Tyagi, not be exposed too much to T20 at this young age, he should be playing more FC and hopefully ODis in near future, great talent.
  6. Even his "doctor" Conley is a DO and not an MD
  7. How is Tyagi shaping up ? Has he played any game in IPL yet ?
  8. For God sake , what are you talking about. No one likes to pay taxes but there there is a limit how much you can make deduction under the law, beyond that you got to pay. If I do what Trump has done. , I will go to jail in no time , IRS is THE most powerful government agency in USA. I hate Dems, they always raise taxes but what Trump is doing made me sooooooooo angry as I pay about 40% of my income in Taxes even after taking all possible deduction and paying professional fee to an expensive CPA for that. I hope he loses the election and face the consequences of his corruption a
  9. Agree, I don;t wish anything but recovery for him, but its hard to feel bad for the guy who is responsible for sooooooooo many deaths due to his stupidity and arrogance by denying the science and the virus. Good to see he has company in this forum also, he is not the only one wo denies the corona virus as a serious health issue.
  10. First class


    Please educate me, how is it anti-hindu ? I read some history about the era , nothing was wrong ?
  11. First class


    Half way through it looked very interesting and I read lots about history of Marhatas, after watching rest of the movie, it was not so great .
  12. First class


    Have not been a big ban of typical Indian love stories since my school/college days. But this film Panipat looks good, has not finished it yet, but worth watching. I looked and so far not incorrect historically too.
  13. In Bishnoi, Tyagi, Jaswal and Akash, you have future international players and couple of others too, possible .
  14. With India now the best cricket playing nation, their players will always be under great pressure due the the huge expectations of over a billion people. They are expected to win all the time. They definitely need some professional help to cope with pressure.
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