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  1. I thought this was a cricket forum, or is cricket/Pakistan basing forum? It won't be a bad idea to create another forum for the same purpose.
  2. Good to see 20 year old Rashid Khan teaching his junior colleague , 29 year old Zampa.
  3. IPL should continue , for many reasons and one of them is to show the world that a big sports events can be conducted successfully , even during the worst pandemic days, with strict control of the bubble and by following the safety protocol. Covid is here to stay for many years to come and we have to live with that , safely and securely.
  4. Some people always find something negative from nowhere.
  5. Qdk , deceived and distracted Fakhar with his action , so that's against the rule , I think this is very clear.
  6. Indian fast bowling has improved by a great deal since then but overall quality of cricket was better in those days.
  7. It was crazy to see a packed stadium when a new covid surge is a serious threat.
  8. Top two test teams playing in a packed stadium, no better site can be imagined, This used to be the norm in 60s and 70s, not since .
  9. Gavaskar Sehwag Dravid Tendulkar Sanga ( WK ) Miandad IMran Khan ( Captain ) Kapil Dev Akram Waqar Murali
  10. Australia-South Africa has great history of severe rivalry but sadly ( in cricketing sense ) the golden era of South Africa cricket when they had the best team in the world was cut short in 1970 after they beat Australia 4-0. At that time they were beating Australia with big margins , even though Australia had quite a good side, led by Bobby Simpson. Then again they had great rivalry from around 2008 until 3-4 years ago when SA had some ATG crickets in their team, particularly SA had players like, Kallis, Amla, Pallcok, di Villeir , Boucher Smith and Styne .
  11. You guys need to grow up if like discuss something serious, same BS again an gain.
  12. Pakistan-WI in 1977-79 was the closest top two teams in that era or since. Pakistan had world class batsmen who after playing years of county cricket and used to play best bowlers from around the world there had not much difficulty in facing West Indies's all time great bowling attack. Those were the peak days of Majid khan, one of the best ever batsman against fast bowling. Pakistan bowling ( Imran, Sarfraz, Asif Masood, Intikhab, Mushtaq ) was also very good but not as good as was 1986-88 ( Imran, Wasim, Qadir, Iqbal qasim ) . West Indies had great batting and bowling both in 1977 and 1988,
  13. Ghavri used to bowl spin, sometime with longer runup ( some think that was fast bowling ) and some with shorter, without changing his pace .
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