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  1. Healthcare in Naya Pakistan vs Purana Pakistan People on social media are comparing newly appointed health minister Qadir Patel with highly trained and qualified Dr Faisal Sultan https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/952309-healthcare-in-naya-pakistan-vs-purana-pakistan
  2. Facing corruption of billions and just released from jail on bail , Sharifs and Zardari's with their Patwaris and Jyalas leadership are desperate to involve IK in at least some sort of corruption but too bad, they are not able to find anything . Even the LHC and IHC waiting anxiously to take any case against IK but the problem is that this Tosha Khana BS has no legs , what Ik did was totally legal . But paid up media and Patwaris cannot keep quite to their political death , they have to talk about something and hoping they will find something . Ik is an honest man , everyone knows.
  3. Shehbaz Sharif's new cabinet , introduction https://www.facebook.com/iqra.aziz.7334504/videos/526586645663369
  4. Good decision , he is 34 , time to make some money for retirement by playing full time franchise cricket, nothing wrong with that. God luck to him.
  5. You guys love to give Pakistan Army too much "credit" and reason behind everything bad ever happened in Pakistan . Army is no sacred cow , I agree, army has done many things which has not been good for the country and has been too much involved in the politics which is not their business at all , but the main culprits for the mess Pakistan is in are the corrupt politician and precisely two families , Sharif and Bhutto , they could easily sell their mother if the price is right. They are the cancer for the country and treatment is nothing but their resection , hope not surgically but medicall
  6. My all time favorite , pure , hardcore beautiful Punjabi, 2 legends 1 masterpiece no one can match this. For years, whenever I listen this masterclass , ( almost ) brings tears in my eyes, not sure why.
  7. When Pujara scores runs and Hasan Ali takes wickets in county cricket , its nothing to be excited about , not a good news for their respective national teams , Their time to play international cricket has come and gone, they should not be considered gain , selectors should look to the future and not the past.
  8. Once you're gifted with pace, you can learn other skills with time and experience , but you cannot learn pace.
  9. US ambassador removed by IK ? I expect an intelligent question from you.
  10. Another massive turnout at IK's jalsa, this time in Karachi, used to be PPP/MQM's strong hold . After two Jalsas , first PPP and then MQM decided not to join the government . Now father is the PM of Pakistan and son the CM of Punjab No opposition in national and provincial assemblies PML also now don't have another party to share the ministries Now the most corrupt family in Pakistan , can have it all, that's what you call democracy , Pakistan style .
  11. Its quite obvious US wanted IK to go, this is not the firs time US interfere in Pakistan's internal affairs but never very openly like this time. I'm not making it up , National security council of Pakistan said that . There are evidence that the opposition were in contact with US embassy , that much I know.
  12. Conspiracy means something very secret, Ok it was not a secret but open interference by USA and here is the declaration of PSC including the army, https://www.dawn.com/news/1682723/nsc-decides-to-issue-strong-demarche-to-unnamed-country-over-threat-letter
  13. Typical Indian Journalist , not a big fan of IK,
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