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  1. Most worrying aspect in this IPL are: Prithvi Shaw's fielding and footwork and everything about Rishabh Pant.
  2. Tried to bounce Gayle in his first three deliveries, went for slower stuff when that did not work. Should have tried fast fuller deliveries. Anyway good learning curve
  3. Deshpande trying to bowl short to Gayle and playing into his hands
  4. 144.9 surprise bouncer from Sams. Has been bowling 132-133 all along. That came out of no where. Good thinking
  5. 146.8 Rabada. Mayank lost his shape a little bit while attempting the pull
  6. Bumrah and Shami on song while defending middling totals might unsettle many a side. Saini and Bhuvi are good death bowlers too but maybe just a step behind
  7. Shami's real value will be understood once he is gone. How did we not play him as our third pacer in the semifinals still baffles me
  8. Just tuned in and checked the scores. What is going on? Two super overs and now another super over.
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