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  1. If I remember correctly even in 2020 IPL Bumrah came into his own mid season. We were complaining about why he wasnt being given the new ball in the first few games and thereafter he hit form for the remainder of the tournament
  2. Boult has bowled some magnificent yorkers in the last couple of games
  3. On second thought maybe dew has something to do with Bumrah's bowling today
  4. Yeah he hasn't bowled those really surprising slower balls either. The slower ones have been very ordinary
  5. Pant is key here. Dont think these conditions are ideal for Stoinis or Hetmyer
  6. Chahar getting an absolute pasting here. Very swing dependent
  7. Ok fine don't bring him back to the T20 side. But what makes this a tukka performance?
  8. I am not arguing that Dhawan(or anybody for that matter) should have a guaranteed spot irrespective of performance especially in the shorter formats. But good performances should be celebrated with equal zeal. If Kishan or Shaw had played this innings today we all would call for their immediate inclusion. I'm just saying that prioritizing current form should apply equally to everyone even if someone is past his perceived sell by date.
  9. Is that only Dhawan's fault? Didn't play in 2014 and 2016 T20 WC games we lost and 2019 SF. Didnt perform in the 2017 Champions trophy final but scored quite a few in that tournament.
  10. We criticise him heavily when he underperforms. Today he has batted beautifully. Lets celebrate that. I mean the guy has done some very good things in international cricket without being celebrated as much. Has a very cool attitude as well. As i type this he is gone. Has set up the match beautifully for Delhi though
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