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  1. I will reserve judgement on Bumrah until he gets his break in the subcontinent. Steyn & McGrath were great in the subcontinent too. I'm sure Bumrah will come good. Rabada has only been Okayish in the subcontinent. Shami was looking miles better in the last test series in India. He has to improve his record in the series against Pakistan.
  2. Only other bowler in that class after 2005 was Steyn according to me.
  3. If Lyon ever writes an autobiography, his experiences against India should fill more than half the pages.
  4. Probably because both Multan and Rawalpindi were one sided and Pakistan hardly managed to challenge India in these games. There was a bowler called Fazl e Akbar who was just toyed with
  5. On a day that was meant to be pure joy for the cricket fan , are these questions worthy of being discussed? We have loads of time to dis our players when they perform poorly. Lets give them a break today. Live long Kohli ! Live long Rahane!
  6. We did not win in Southampton in 2018. That was Nottingham. Today's win is #1 in my game watching experience .
  7. These tweets should be made 3-4 years after retirement instead of 3 -4 yrs before. Ashwin's stellar performance should be the focus now and not his tweets. Champion player!
  8. Gabba fortress smashed to smithereens by a bunch of rookies
  9. Me after every session: The next session will be crucial and series deciding. Great test cricket.
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