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  1. Non-playing member of WI contingent popped a positive test.
  2. You’re putting too much weight behind one innings. Way too much.
  3. icf brain trust "thought process": England batsman has a great knock, he's the greatest thing ever, will set all the batting records in the history of the game and team India is fcukted. Shikhar Dhawan hits back to back centuries in IPL, winds up 2nd leading run scorer in 2020 edition and leads 2021 edition upon suspension of play. That loaf is going to wind up being selected and team India is fcukted. This hack is just another in a long line of hacks. This time last year, Tom Banton was going to be the next superstar. Leading into the year it was Dawid Malan
  4. Have we gotten srt100's take on how this proves India is a bunch of reckless idiots while almighty Australia is the greatest place on earth?
  5. Did you expect them to divert top players from the ongoing PAK series for a practice match?
  6. Hack that road pitches make look like the next Viv Richards.
  7. Zampa with the very rare diamond duck, run out before facing a single delivery.
  8. What a catch by Allen. Make sure you see the highlight clips for that one.
  9. Pooran looks pretty average with the gloves this series. Well, that run out was definitely above average.
  10. Cricket at its most fundamental level is a game of scoring runs and taking wickets. There is nothing inherently valuable about boundaries other than their contribution to the accumulated run total. If a match is tied after super over then it would make more sense to use wickets taken to decide the winner over something as stupid as boundaries. Might as well let the two captains go out to the center of the oval and play a game of "rock, paper scissors" to decide the winner.
  11. Some of us could not give a toss about football. It appeals to those that have difficulty forming complete thoughts.
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