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  1. India vs England Semis. Tough match up. England has been India's bogey team. 2017 WC Finals and T20 2018 Semis. Hopefully, it's a different result this time around. Waiting for Mandana and Harman to click in this crucial one. Perhaps they haven't been able to adapt to the slower wickets. Shafali and Mandana duo at the top would be crucial. Let's go gals. All the best
  2. Two Test series a joke of a series. Can't seem to digest the seriousness of this series. Only minnows like Bangladesh are dished out the minimum 2 Test series.
  3. Shafali needs to stop signalling four when fielding. Once, she actually saved a boundary but signaled a four. Runouts were unfortunate. Waiting for Mandana,Harman to fire as well making the top 4 quite dynamic. Good victory in the end. I think it was closer than the final score. Bangladesh had a great start, fought well in the end, and Ind did well to pull them back.
  4. Haven't watched a bollywood movie in ages. In fact, don't watch movies any longer but catch if they are outstanding be it English or others. Punjabi movies are good for their romcom value.. But TV shows is where it's at. Have binged tons of shows. Some good Bollywood movies I recall: 3 Idiots Manorama Six Feet Under Swades Sultan Chakde India Lagaan Dangal Rang De Basanti Can't recall others now. P.S All you virgins out there and married ones will get schooled by your partners and made to watch Bollywood movies. It's not i
  5. Punjab already has a movie industry. Bollywood can be used as a proxy to promote the stolen Punjabi songs which are then 'remixed' and 'Hindified', losing all their natural flair. Win Win
  6. Laung Laachi, from the movie, Laung Laachi, Singer: Mannat Noor,Lyrics: Harmanjit Credit to the popularity of Punjabi music. Long live Punjabi music.
  7. The duo of Shafali and Mandana opening is an exciting display of batting. Striking ability of Shafali is superb at this stage. Mandana can play the long innings as well along with attacking cricket. This duo can light some fireworks for sure
  8. Nice comeback by Veda with 3 fours to bring some momentum back into the innings
  9. 2nd runout of the game. Disappointing
  10. Harman's chosen the worst time to be out of form here. Fails again here..needs to string a couple of good scores here. And Jemimah's run out as well. 4 down
  11. Ind/Bang tonite. The last match was a huge win for India against Australia. Mandana out of the game, Shafali continues with providing a blistering start but doesn't carry on but can't fault her. Jemimah needs to carry the team without Mandana. Need to up that NRR if it comes to that.
  12. Can't find the previous thread. Mods, plz merge if you find the original one. thnks
  13. Kohli went fishing there. That was flipping too wide to be chasing in these conditions. Anyways, I expected that sort of a dismissal from him. For an 'important' series, why is this only a 2 match series?? Pity
  14. Aussies 82/6. good comeback by Ind. yadav 4 wickets. gotta bowl more spin here as Reddy going for runs.
  15. Qualifications for the Ranji knockouts is unfair. While top 5 teams from the Elite Level make it, 3 from the Plate group also make the despite being a rung or two below the Elite Groups. Other issue is it disregards that the Elite Level has two separate groups but just looks at the top 5 across the two groups. It needs an overhaul. J&K was in the Plate group (level below Elite Level) As for Rasool, he would've been competing for the allrounder spot which had tough competition. Many others missed the cut.
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