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  1. I don't trust us with RAT at the helm of affairs. If we win the toss and, bat first and pile the runs - I trust us to squeeze England with the spinners. if we bat 2nd, I think we will choke under pressure.
  2. Or would it not have mattered since the conditions took quality of spinners out of the equation - Root with better figures than Ashwin in the 1st innings ?
  3. Yuvi is a LOI legend for India. But on more than one occasion he has shamed India with his stupidity and thick brain. First by supporting a MC like Afridi, then by giving fodder to the opposing team and international community to criticize the pitch even more.
  4. I hope we don't make the mistake of creating a 'patta wicket' for the 4th Test. Given our propensity to loss toss in key games and choke in knockouts, it would be a repeat of Test #1
  5. Rahane needs to be dropped. RAT needs a kick up his backside ( unfortunately bevda is a p^^^y, when it comes to RAT ) Dravid needs to be called in to work with these clowns. Utterly brainless batting.
  6. And this "good word(s)" is the grey area under whose umbrella corruption is a strong possibility.
  7. I am the last person to believe in conspiracy theories, but some of the utterly non-brainless foreign player selections at astronomical prices makes me wonder if there is a "setting" between the " gora experts" and foreign player(s). Technically speaking since there is a bidding process more one "expert" each from 2 franchises need to be involved to keep bidding up the price to the levels we have seen last few years and especially this year for totally non-deserving players. Given that franchise owners suffer from " safedi ki chamkaar" , this is a decent possib
  8. Horses for courses. We must play only one spinner - Jaddu and drop Ashwin. Lords has never been great for spinners historically and around June the the pitches do more compared to Aug. Shami has totally sucked in 8 test matches in England avg almost 48 a wicket. I would play Siraj in place of him. 5 bowlers would be - Bhuvi( if fit), Bumrah, Ishant, Siraj and Jaddu as all-rounder. Bhuvi can bat as well - crucial in close games. So having batting till 8 is covered. I just don' think Rohit has the technique for red ball in English conditio
  9. NZ has always been a pain in the backside for us in major knockouts. We hammered the 2 top teams Aus and RSA in 2000 ICC Championship to be outplayed by Kiwis in the finals. They also knocked us out of the 2019 Semis and if not for the stupid rules "co-won" the 2019 WC as well. They have a set of very very effective pacers in Wagner, Boult, Southee - who can be unplayable in NZ conditions. England in early summer around June will be familiar conditions like home for the Kiwis. Will India be able to get the Kiwi's off their back in a major game once and for
  10. This pink ball experiment won't last long. Mark my words. Pink ball becomes too much of a lottery for the bowlers in certain conditions. Better to use & change white ball after 37-40 overs ( and have colored jersey for D/N Test cricket ) than use the pink ball which makes no sense.
  11. So, instead of the pink ball, why not change the color of the jersey from white to some other clearly distinguishable color for D/N test cricket and continue with a more heavily laquered white ball ?
  12. Why Pink ball for D/N Test cricket, why not white ( which is used for D/N Odis ? )
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