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  1. Where have I " abused" the quran. ? I have only quoted verses that discriminate against non-muslims and talk all sorts of nasty things about them. Does that sound like an " abuse" to you, fruitcake ?
  2. Ashfaq / Ashraf / Ashrafullah - whatever your real name is.....democracy is also there to correct historical wrongs that have been done with the majority. Babri masjid was not actively used for prayers, yet in a 80 % Hindu majority country, at the most sacred site of Hinduism the peacefuls had no sensitivity towards this fact, infact they had the KHUJLI to pretend as if Babur was some sufi saint not a barbaric invader. How would muslims react if a mandir was planted on the Kabbah site after bulldozing it ? The million dollar question for all muslims who
  3. India is a civilizational state which is the binding factor - not a purely religious state. I hope you know what a civilizational state means.
  4. Yeah, live in your bubble in cuckooland. This renaissance of Hinduism and Hindutva and reclaiming ( within our own nation ) our own past and true history is essential to push back against the cancer within the country that dreams of creating another Pakistan from within India. Those forces are backed politically. And what is going on is an attempt to do a 180 degrees on minority appeasement. —-to majority appeasement and consolidating the Hindu vote bank for once and for decades and decades to come. To a point where… if you don’t appease Hindus an
  5. Sorry you don’t make any sense. One has got to be sick and perverted to celebrate “victors” who brutalize your ancestors and forcibly convert them. Aurangazeb beheaded Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh. No Sikh celebrates Aurangazeb because Guru Tegh was a revered figure who fought to protect Hinduism and Sikhism. It’s only the sick peacefuls who celebrate such “victors”.
  6. While the entire subcontinent was Hindu -- why is it that the oldest Hindu temples are found almost exclusively in South India ? Thats because Mughal rule for the longest time was in north and central india - not in South India. and Tyrant invaders like Babur and Aurangazeb razed several of the most revered Hindu places of worship in North India. By one account more than 30,000 temples in North India were razed and mosques were built on top of them These evidences are going to keep coming up. They were not allowed to come out to main "communal harmony " i
  7. You are mixing nominal growth with real growth. 10 -11 % nominal growth for India is par for course with about 4-5 % inflation. If INR does not depreciate much against the USD.... apply rule of 72 to see when doubling happens..... 72/10. In 7 years nominal GDP should double for India at the bare minimum. Which means we get to about $ 7T in 2029 and $ 7.5T in 2030. The key is a strong INR. If there is massive demand to invest in India over the next few years....INR could appreciate against the USD and we could see much higher GDP figures.
  8. India will cross $1 trillion dollars exports within the next 4 years. Reasons: 1) China has lot the cost advantage, companies also want to diversify away from China. India will benefit from it partially sharing the spoils with Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh 2) I see alot of online- marketplace businesses flourishing over the internet where Indian service providers get paid by foreign customers for services especially in the field of education, taxation, accounting and other outsourced activities. I am most optimistic about this industry.
  9. https://dutchreview.com/culture/innovation/second-largest-agriculture-exporter/ Netherlands exports nearly $100B of agricultural products itself. It’s agri export market is Europe obviously. If India neighbored Western Europe we would be exporting multiples of that. Geography matters. Also for a tiny size Netherlands has ridiculous levels of productivity in farming - they produce and export highest margin products. Most of India’s farmlands are occupied for our own food security - stable foods like wheat, rice, pulses ..etc.
  10. Abhijit Chavda is not ordinary YouTuber. He is a scholar theoretical physicist. According to him, for donkeys years the same number has been published for India - fissile material to make warheads for 120/130 nukes. How is it possible that a country of India's resourcefulness has equal or less than Pak which is touted to have 130/140. In a sense, It is a smart tactic to underplay your capability. Abhijit does some research and puts our number at 1000- 2000.
  11. India's export growths in services has been excellent. India has not fully taken advantage of globalization like China has - but India likely be #4 on this list in the next 5 years, crossing Japan and certainly in top 3 in the next 10 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_exports List by World Bank[edit] This is a list of countries by exports of goods and services, based on World Bank's data.[1][2] Rank Country Exports (millions of $) % of GDP Year
  12. Dr. Anand beautiful exposes in 2 minutes the SHAMELESSLY HYPOCRITE appeasement in India by some political parties. Again the inherent problem is not the people the root cause is that Islam is not meant to coexist with other religions. We hear Islamophobia a million times but the book that preaches Islam calls non- Muslims as Kaffirs in a derogatory fashion, talks about how they will suffer in hell…etc etc. what sort of phobia is this then ? Moderate Muslims don’t even have the honesty to bring this up. Because it would be blasphemy…. And according to th
  13. Intimidating a police officer like a goon and then the skull cap comes out to play victim card after being arrested. Very similar to how Salman Khan conducted himself. The skull cap all of a sudden comes out when you are being arrested for crimes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - us Hindus are living on borrowed time in India. The rate at which this violent cult is being abetted for political gains by the scum of India’s political class. We are in for a major civil war within 3 decades which will lead to further partitions of India
  14. All your former military chiefs leave the country after retirement. They live kingly lives, way way beyond what their salaries could afford. How would that be possible without loot money ? Pervez Musharraf in Dubai living in some of the most expensive properties in the world in prime Dubai, Kayani owning small islands off Australia's court, Raheel Sharif in Saudia, and we already know of papa john Bajwa. Yet it is only your political elites that get accused of corruption. 100s of Major Generals and Lt Generals would have looted 100s of
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