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  1. The far far bigger implication is that PoK is the ONLY border that Pak has with China. 2 big outcomes of getting back PoK. 1) If & when we wrest back PoK, Pak and China will no longer be neighbors that share a border. 2) India will now have a border with Afghanistan at the Wakhan corridor !! It will be a tri-junction between India, Afghanistan and China. Just like the Doklam trijunction on the east between India, Bhutan and China.
  2. Foreign teams that have toured India and done well on rare occasions have hired a local Indian or two as tour consultants. I think Sridhran Sriram has done a lot of work with Australian spinners of the past like Jason Kreja, Nathan Hauritz...etc. They have produced some outstanding spells for Australia in India. Should India do the same for foreign tours, pay them handsomely to give away some vital tips that can help the team succeed ? Wasteful expenditure or case of too many cooks in the kitchen ?
  3. Man, no disrespect but why do comment on things you know nothing about ? Do you understand macroeconomics ? India's depreciation is largely healthy and controlled .. it is due inflation induced by high periods of growth. When an economy experiences high economic growth, aggregate demand increases at faster rate than aggregate supply, as a result prices go up, resulting in inflation. Higher relative inflation causes depreciation of the currency vs. what it is being compared to ( in this case the USD ). Every fast growing developing c
  4. Mechanic bhai, Kaunse school mein itni dimaag se paidal comprehension ability upaj hoti hai ? Nobody is comparing anywhere on this thread and not the least in the OP. The thread is about the fast collapsing PKR , a warning signal of the demise of Pak economy and their state of being. An analogy about their fast depreciating currency was made to INR to indicate the level pain for the common man there.
  5. https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/records/229904.html Record #1 : 96 Test wickets in a calendar year ( 2005 ) Warne played as many as 15 test matches in 2005 to accomplish this....which is almost 6.4 wickets per match. It is an extraordinary number. England does play 13 odd test matches per year these days - yet it will take an absolute freak once in a lifetime performance to beat 96 test test wickets in a calendar year. Murali has gotten closest with 90 test wickets....he did it in a mere 11 test matches in 2006. R
  6. When Imran Naya Pakistan Khan took over, in Aug 2018, the PKR was at 123 to a USD. Now PKR is at 177 to a US dollar....all this in a mere 3 years. Just for context, 1 USD was 69 INR around the the same time PKR was 123. Currently, 1 USD is around 75 INR. If INR were to have depreciated by the same % as the PKR did ( 123 to 177 ) in that timeframe, the rupee would have gone from 69 to almost 100 INR to a dollar. Imagine the economic hell and chaos that would have been for India with our import dependency if 1 USD was 100 INR right now !! Pak's i
  7. Shaw Vihari Sarfraz Khan Vihari is not particularly young. Should SKY be selected for test cricket based on IPL performances ?
  8. @raki05 The equation is simple yaar. It is as below. Equation 1 : Afridi = TALUNNT In this case, damaaad has inherited the sasur’s TALUNNT. Now you may say it is biologically impossible to inherit TALUNNT from sasur. At this point I will direct you again to Equation 1 above again. You see it is an infinite loop.
  9. Need HIM ASAP !! He would have given a dressing down to the team and top order batsmen for drawing a home test against NZ.
  10. Seems you are tired of winning . What matters is us winning and whitewashing teams at home. As it is with IPL, many leading cricketers are far more accustomed to flat Indian pitches, weather, crowds...etc.. Why make it easier for them ? I hate the bloody NZ side, they are nice on the face but absolute thugs in terms of how they prepare pitches depending on what side is touring and doing whatever they can to have all the home advantage. We have been the best touring test team over the last 10 years, so it is not as if preparing dustbowls at hom
  11. https://sports.ndtv.com/india-vs-new-zealand-2021/rahul-dravid-gives-rs-35000-to-groundsmen-for-preparing-sporting-pitch-2629356#pfrom=home-ndtv_lateststories I hate to say - the win at all costs, white wash and smother visiting teams era has gone. Dravid is not that type of mentality. He will instill self belief and technique in the batsmen at best. Nothing more. Even as a player he lacked a ruthless - every game must be won mentality - that for example Anil Kumble has. Dravid paying the groundsman for a pitch which helped Kiwis fast bowlers and did not spin a
  12. Yeah, I remember this well. He used to write on cricketnext.com, a portal he founded.
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