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  1. Belgium is dominating Aus in the Hockey finals. They totally crushed their group stage - even more so than Aus. Belgium deserve to win gold
  2. dude, yoga is an ocean. What routine do you practice to fix this ?
  3. If we can somehow win 2 golds - Neeraj & Aditi for Javelin and Golf respectively - It would permanently turn around India’s olympics fortune.
  4. Aditi can win us a gold in golf. Going great guns
  5. Is there no effing feedback mechanism to punish these bastard cheating refs ?? We would have beaten Belgium too if not for that harami Aussie referee. now on to the girls …
  6. Neeraj is a Gold Medal winner in Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. Just need 1 more good throw on the big day.
  7. The distance that Neeraj threw in final qualifiers (86.xx ) would have been a Gold Medal award winning effort at World Championships in 2019. If he can replicate this in finals - we can still be have atleast 1 more medal.
  8. This should be fun , India's Neeraj tops his group in qualifiers while Nadeem topped his group. Neeraj threw a monsterous first throw to top the group.
  9. Certainly. But the MC referees will screw us again.
  10. We need to watch for a sudden attack mode by Belgium. They go into a shell and then go ballistic attacking Almost as if like a plan.
  11. Why don;t you just get the hell out of ICF and move to Pee pee. You are far far far closer to being from Pak than India. What keeps you here other than being a troll ?????
  12. MODERATORS ..please can you throw @Franco Vazquez OUT OF THIS thread ??????
  13. MODERATORS Need to ban @Franco Vazquez from this thread ASAP.... he is on these threads to jinx and wish ill for India. As a Paakey he should have no business of being on this thread.
  14. How do you treat Balochi ? Why is there BLA ? Why is there PTM ? Why did you treat East Pakistanis ( Bengalis ) so badly that they wanted a different country ? Why do normal Afghans HATE Pakistan and Pakistanis ? If you are care so much about "treating Kashmiris well", why is the state of PoK ( what is idiotically and laughably call Azad Kashmir ) so pathetic ? What was the % of minorities in Pak at the time of partition & what is it now ? Minorities were less than 12 % of India's population in 1950 and are over 20 % now. Whereas they wer
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