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  1. @ShoonyaSifar - Maggot, don't tag me the next time. Only a dunce like you would go out in these times physically, get infected and become an agent of infection. I've done more in the last 6 weeks to save lives than probably your entire ilk put together for 7 lifetimes . A useless self proclaimed ZERO like you can only spread filth on a cricket board. Bugger off now..maggot.
  2. @sarchasm i think you should watch highlights and satiate yourself since your kind needs a macabre “distraction “ .
  3. More COVID news ... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espncricinfo.com/story/ipl-2021-covid-19-at-csk-three-members-of-csk-contingent-test-positive-none-of-them-players-1262223%3fplatform=amp
  4. It has nothing to do whether India can provide the bubble or not - this virus is airborne - and can penetrate anything. Heads of some of the most developed western countries have gotten COVID inspite of the best measures.
  5. Don’t wish this brutal merciless virus on anyone ( except the entire CCP, PLA and their families ). But at some point karma does catch up. Carry on the grotesque nanga naach of IPL while the poor in my motherland die. IPL will not complete.
  6. You know yourself well self shooniya sifar, zero, unda...a self proclaimed piece of s*t. Lol. Read this big fat duffer. You probably know nothing about the India caucus and their political donations to the democrats. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/world/ceos-of-40-us-companies-create-global-task-force-to-help-india-fight-covid-244891 And yeah..I am super proud of how many people I've helped.
  7. Everybody appreciates what IPL has done for Indian cricket but at a time when 1000s in the country are dying undignified deaths in the country, IPL as an annual summer cricketing festival is much more than morally repugnant. It is grotesque and in-your face. It takes only a little bit of sensitivity and respect for those dying miserably everyday to feel that way, may not be everybody's cup of tea. BCCI is not doing any favor by doing it's national duty of contributing. It gets state and national subsidies. Almost all major corporates have come out and made generous donations. Som
  8. We called it out much before. Every international player feels extremely guilty of being spoilt silly in a country that is struggling to keep up with hospitalizing demand, yet some posters here continue to disgrace themselves, justifying this tamasha, calling it a "business".
  9. It is nothing but ignorance. These people do not even understand the difference between essential business and non-essential business during national crisis. These posters are a microcosm of why India counts so low in terms of dignity of human life and has the worst of civic sense. Just like money cannot buy one class and taste, education cannot buy one empathy and common sense.
  10. When the nation state is paralyzed because of a pandemic, it is just not the govt's responsibility. Big business and citizenry has to pull up their socks. All non-essential businesses have to be repurposed to the extent possible to fight the pandemic. These are the basics of disaster/crisis management. Ofcourse, people will be likely safe in 5-star/ 7-star bubble - when 1 million times more per capita is expended to maintain that bubble than what a common man get. it also seems fair that so much is expended for a "massive" 300-400 odd people that are part
  11. Resources expended on the entertainment business ( NOT AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS ) can be redirected when the country is faced with a paralyzing crisis. How hard is it to understand this ?
  12. It is actually one “female” poster here. Talks rubbish, calls people Pakistanis when they express hatred for the entitlement at IPL when the nation is in unprecedented dire straits. when one retaliates, she goes to the moderators and plays the “female” card. Really despicable entitled people.
  13. Heart crushingly painful. The only reason I continue to post on this thread is to awaken people who still have some semblance of respect for those with such miserable sufferings. Please do your part. Donate generously. Winning this battle is the most important thing - it needs to be the prime national priority. The govt cannot do it alone. We all need to do our part.
  14. Reasons as lame and insensitive as "providing relief" have been given to justify continuation of IPL. There is nothing ethically wrong in continuation of IPL. Just like there is nothing ethically wrong in going to Vegas or Hawaii for an extravagant vacation when lets say your domestic help or driver of 10 years is battling for his life in the hospital. It is about sensitivity and out of respect for a national health calamity where 100s of 1000s are severely battling for life, many of whom don't have the means or resources to get healthcare aid. T
  15. You may not be an economist, but you talk a lot more sanity than some entitled people here who label others Packis and what not, just because they vehemently oppose the IPL on moral grounds. No first world / developed country would continue this charade tournament in the name of "relief" - when faced with such a catastrophic health crisis. Each one of us is marginal and negligible in what we can do but collectively it still counts. Every single day since March 25th, I've had on an average 40 requests for hospitalization because of falling SpO2 . We are ab
  16. ^ Someone called Shooniya Sifar calling others zilch, oh the irony. Hope nobody in your immediate family ever have to face what millions other have been facing in India. It may be yet the harshest lesson of your shoonyasifar life. Resorting to calling people Packi just for opposing the IPL - imagine the mindset of these people.
  17. You talk illogical and don't even understand the moot point. There is no question of forcing foreign players - we are paying them millions and offering them 7 star facilities - they speak about how privileged they are to get the care they are getting in India , why would they feel " forced" . You don't know jackshite about what I am doing in my private life to help and support in my limited capacity so don't comment on it. I admin 14 pan-India whatsapp groups to prioritize and direct help with hospitalization and O2 supply. The desperation in the messages, deal
  18. Thank you for this wonderful post. If we do not act on a war footing we are going to be losing countless of invaluable innocent lives to this bloody virus. we need to act on a war footing and a crazy vaccination spree. Every ounce of national resource available must be directed to saving lives. ever person I know, has a relative / family / friend who has passed way out of want of help /hospitalization/ oxygen. The true casualties per day are multiple times more than the 3000/day. It is absolutely brutal .
  19. We all have our sensitivities. I have very low tolerance for in your face inequality in our country. There may not be cheer leaders - but the 7 star bubble and extraordinary per capita resources spent on securing millionaire cricketers in what is not even an international competition - just makes my blood boil. These resources if re-directed given the duration of the tournament could have saved 1000's of lives. Every single day there is a statement from some international cricketer expressing guilt at being spoilt in India while there is gloom outside their 7 star bubbl
  20. @Austin 3:!6 I was called rudaali first by @beetle. Not only that, I was then called a Pakistani by her for strongly objecting to the IPL amidst a national calamity in India. if someone is a female poster, they should first talk with grace and dignity. is that fair ?
  21. that is a totally wrong attitude to have. Pakistan is a basket case, a primitive backward state, who cares about them or their suggestions. doesn’t it make your blood boil to see overpaid domestic and foreign cricketers being mollycoddled in a 7 star luxury bubble when common citizens around them are packed closely and dangerously in over stretched hospitals, and many 10s of 1000s dying because of a lack of resources ? how can any well meaning person be okay with this ?
  22. The disgrace never ends. Anything to justify an extravaganza when country is in the biggest crisis since 1947. Now tamasha cricket for the extreme privileged must serve as a national and international benchmark. I am not surprised why life is so cheap in my beloved country.. Where cheap self gratification is rationalized, when there is death, hospitalization and panic all around. Even wild animals have more emotion and empathy.
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