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  1. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/sourav-ganguly-reacts-to-report-of-him-wanting-to-send-show-cause-notice-to-virat-kohli-not-true-101642818835253.html This is classic Ganguly. Leak news ( via Bengal's local press ) and sell outs like Boria Majumdar and then maintain plausible deniability, saying its "not true" No wonder India won ZILCH under this snake Ganguly, the only memorable victories we had under him were when there were absolute freak individual performances - be it Harbhajan and Laxman or Yuvraj. We blamed sexagenarian & septu
  2. David Gower: 1:40 to 1:55 Easily the most balanced and pleasant English commentator for a long time ( much more so than Botham, Hussain, or David Lloyd) . We too kicked the 5th test in England that counts in the WTC cycle for IPL. And now we have 2 more IPL teams....
  3. Nothing is obvious. The greats of the era that has just gone by - Sangakkara, Ponting, Tendulkar - played till 38,39 and even nearing 40. Kohli has the fitness to play for many years. ( if only selection was based on fitness ) His dip in form is irreversible and will only further regress from here. He has not been batting consistently for atleast 2 years if not more. Don’t Know any other batsman that has done that and picked up a peak batting form. Plus what has happened now - he is mentally just not there.
  4. I am willing to bet that his retirement from cricket is coming pretty soon. Maybe after a disastrous outing in the 2023 home WC, after which he will be dropped. I think he is going to retire from all cricket sometime next year or early 2024, going out after a spate of performances that are like Rahane's.
  5. Ganguly is a selfish egoistic filthy political mind. As treasonous as Shashank Manohar’s actions were that he wanted India to lose to Australia at Nagpur - Ganguly got “injured” in protest and skipped the test match in Nagpur. Ofcourse we lost. But his chickening out said much about his third rate character. He is extremely selfish and a devious as a snake. He does not belong to any professional organization …tells you a lot about BCCI. Minus the financial resources - BCCI is far worse than effing PCB or WICB in terms of internal workings. The g
  6. I feel we are in a worse situation than we were in 2000 when Tendulkar quit captaincy or when we had the 2007 ODI WC debacle. The biggest reason is that we do not have good (young and long term ) captaincy material in the team. I don't want to talk about KL. He just evokes disgust because of his woke mannerisms and pusillanimous body language. He is a mediocre/inconsistent performer & I do not think he is even an automatic selection in the side. Rohit is almost over the hill & not a long term solution. Unfortunately, Dravid too is not a dynamic indi
  7. BUMP !!!! End of 2021/ Beginning of 2022. Here we are. Bang on... Astrology does not fail. Astrologers do.
  8. Yes, it is early days. But Dravid is not new to a coaching role in India. It is also mighty unfair to think he can rehabilitate material like Rahane and Pujara ( they have been over the hill for a while ) What worries me is that I don't think he is the sort of character/coach who can inspire a team ( maybe I am being judgmental / prejudiced ) ...but I've had this feeling for a while.
  9. Mr. Crooked, I know in your world even mendacity is a virtue. I said Bumrah goes missing all too often not in spell, not on day, but in an entire test match, when a breakthrough is needed. I backed it references to his past performances in his relatively short test career. It is not nearly the same as saying someone should be dropped. A 5fer does not change that fact about Bumrah
  10. ....Or will a fighting 50 in this innings buy him one more series ?
  11. FFS, I used your own word(s), you said Rome and Paris are more "historic" . On what basis are they more historic ? You can weasel out now but you did use the word more historic for the capitals of those two former colonial capitals. Please go look up the meaning of historic in any dictionary - it means "more important in history " or "famous". Calling former colonial capitals as "more important in history " or "famous" when your own county ( presuming you are Indian ) has a far more glorious civilization for several millennia when these colonial capitals were in the dark ages i
  12. Unfortunately, If you have a colonial slave mindset, the white man's world will always be "more historic", even if your's is a 5000+ year old great civilization. If the white man in Europe preferred endless glittering steel and glass skyscrapers, your mind will condition to think that it is what defines a beautiful city. Even in your critique/ apparent abhorrence for skyscrapers, you mention Dubai and Malaysia, none of the major North American cities - many of whom are full of steel and glass jungles - Toronto, Vancouver,Miami, NYC, Chicago ...etc etc. They are a sig
  13. 70 % of his wickets are home wickets just like his one sided batting performance and dud performances in SENA countries. He was the quintessential flat track/home track bully who was an absolute FLOP in tests in SENA countries.
  14. None other than Sanath Jayasuriya. Averaged 25 odd in Sena countries over a 20 year cricket and 110 tests. Colombo and Sharjah FTB
  15. @Mariyam I think you are talking about the views on this video from 1.35. This is on the sea link. I agree with you, I got the same feeling when I lived in Jersey City which is literally 2 stops to Lower Manhattan. The BIG difference is Mumbai still does not have too many steel and glass skyscrapers. Most of Lower Manhattan skyline is steel and glass. It looks more alluring. There are several 100 250m + towers under construction in the lower Parel area I believe. In my experience the best views are from Girgaum Chowpatty and not the sea l
  16. He is the new mai baap of PCB. Ramiz Raja a question for you - Agar BJP sarkar ne BCCI ke through aapki cricket ka tetwa dabaya toh, Aqeel bhai kya ukhad lenge ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aqeel_Karim_Dhedhi
  17. And Bumrah, doesn’t surprise. I really think the team mgmt needs to work gently with him on this aspect. It is unreasonable to expect that he will run through sides often. But one expects the leading bowler to at least to be able to provide breakthrough or two in a 5 day game when wickets dry up. He averages close to 27/28 in the second half of his career so far as already expressed in a previous post. So let’s not propogate the myth about 22 bowling average. Yes, he is an exception for us given our legacy of fast bowlers is not
  18. Will the 50s save the backside of Hahane and Pujara ? I think they will play the 3rd test no matter what. I don't expect any of the batsmen to be dropped. This TM is meek.
  19. Pat Cummins has been way more consistent over the years. Averaging sub 20 for several years back to back. Avg year 2011 1 2 44.0 8 117 7 6/79 7/117 16.71 2.65 37.7 1
  20. His bowling average has increased significantly since 2020. The first 12 test matches and the last 13 test matches. There is a remarkable difference in lethality and consistency when a bowler that averages 22 vs. 27 odd. Mat Mat Inns Overs Runs Wkts BBI BBM Avg Eco SR 5W year 2018 9 18 379.4 89 1009 48 6/33 9/
  21. What a naive comment …even Bumrah has played a mammoth 2 test matches in India in his entire career. Cummins performance in India has been pretty good, better than Bumrah. And elsewhere, he is way more consistent than Bumrah. You can only perform where you play.
  22. I seriously hope Bumrah makes me eat crow by winning us the match tomorrow, but have very little hope. While he is extremely lethal when on a wicket taking spree —— When he is ineffective in getting breakthroughs he simply struggles the entire test match not just a bowling spell or two. Have seen this far too often.
  23. Bumrah is not in the same league as Cummins in terms of consistency. The WPM differential between the two is significant and it tells a story.
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