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  1. Typical low class chewtiye, why don't you try a better one
  2. Where are those chewtiyas who said India will lose by 100 runs
  3. Useless bowling attack which helped SL beat Eng. Talk some sense dude
  4. I find it so funny for those chewtiyas who have never ever held a cricket bat in their hands, had already decided SL victory once they crossed 250.. Lol
  5. Rohit could have scored his 4th double century had we batted first
  6. India vs OZ final which India will win by 30-35 runs
  7. Have you seen this guy bat earlier? He is seriously talented. Next big thing in SA cricket.
  8. India may finish at top thereby avoiding Australia / England
  9. What difference does it make? We just have to win two matches to win the trophy. Din we lose to kiwis in the practice match that too badly? Why underestimating them?
  10. Who told you we will lose today? We are winning inside 45 overs just bookmark it
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