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  1. In the perfect world the plan for Captain Rohit should be: * Win the 2022 T20 World Cup then retire from international T20's, age will be 35. * Win the 2023 ODI World Cup then retire from international ODI's, age will be 36. * Win back to WTC finals in 2023 (age 36) & 2025 (age 38) then retire from Test Cricket. Rohit will be hailed as India's greatest ever captain, currently Virat is India's greatest ever red ball captain and Dhoni is India's greatest white ball captain. P.S. Rohit can maybe also add 4 more IPL titles and finish
  2. Both: If everyone fit, line up should be: Rohit Shaw Dhawan Kohli KL Jadeja Thakur D Chahar Bishnoi Shami Bumrah
  3. Rohit Shaw Dhawan Kohli KL Jadeja Thakur D Chahar Bishnoi Shami Bumrah
  4. Shaw Rohit KL Kohli Pant Jadeja S Thakur D Chahar Bishnoi Prasidh Avesh
  5. Dravid was given too much credit for under 19 world cup win. It is down to quality of players such as Gill and Shaw. Dravid is defensive and more suited to coach test match team, not short formats. I believe Virat would have quit because of his early interactions with Dravid.
  6. You never know in Indian cricket: https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/arjun-tendulkar-named-in-mumbai-s-ranji-trophy-squad-1294778
  7. Shaw Rohit Dhawan Kohli Rahul (WK) R Jadeja A Tendulkar (or any other fast bowling allrounder, India have tried everyone else, you never know) R Ashwin R Bishnoi M Shami J Bumrah
  8. Shaw Y Jaiswal Gill S Iyer Vihari R Pant W Sundar/V Iyer A Patel Bumrah Prasidh Siraj
  9. Rohit KL Gill Kohli S Iyer Pant Jadeja Ashwin Axar Umesh Siraj
  10. Well technically there is a Odi WC or T20 WC or WTC Final or Champions trophy every year until 2031. In the immediate future, 1Test Vs England at Edgbaston 2022 T20 WC 4 Tests Vs Australia at home 2023 WTC Final if India qualify 2023 ODI WC
  11. For Test Cricket: 1) Always pick players that are cross format players, they are more skillful and have a higher ceiling. 2) Rohit Sharma should have played more test matches than Rahane, in future don't make similar mistake. An example of this could be picking Vihari over Gill. Gill should be the one given longer rope due to higher ceiling/potential. 3) Always pick players who have no issues against the short ball. 4) Develop left handed batsmen, too many right handers. 5) Pick a attacking number 3 (Gill) rather than a defensive numb
  12. Rohit KL Gill/Agarwal Kohli S Iyer/Vihari Pant Surely Pujara and Rahane should be dropped now.
  13. Virender Sehwag Rohit Sharma Viv Richards Sachin Tendulkar Brian Lara Garfield Sobers Adam Gilchrist Mitchell Johnson Wasim Akram Shane Warne Dale Steyn
  14. I think KL Rahul needs a few more matches at home: 42 Tests Played 14 Tests @ Home 28 Tests @ Away/Neutral Comparing to Rohit who averages 46: 43 Tests Played 18 Tests @ Home 25 Tests @ Away/Neutral
  15. KL Rahul S Dhawan V Kohli SKY Pant V Iyer B Kumar R Ashwin Y Chahal J Bumrah P Krishna
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