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  1. Not sure if Siraj was fit. Many were saying Siraj was not fit.
  2. Just for fun I looked up Kapil's stats. There is no point even thinking of Pandya in the same thought process of Kapil the Test player. Hardik has not even managed a test career yet. So, I thought lets look at ODI figures to see if Hardik lives up in any way. Kapil made his ODI debut at 19 and by the time he was 24 years old he captained Indian to our famous 1983 World cup win. By that time his career was 5 years. His batting average was 26 and Strike rate of 108. His strike rate was beyond insane for that time. filtered 1978-1983
  3. From Cricinfo comments - Prabhakar: "Toss delay creates more anxiety in me. Dropping Pujara or Rahane is equivalent to dropping Dravid or VVS of previous era. Interesting selection and future ahead"
  4. Dravid was neither meek nor submissive. You are just making a statement or can you explain it. On topic, Rahane and Pujara are basically both not doing well right now but Pujara looks worse in his struggle. Rahane plays confident good looking strokes but gets out without making a meaningful contribution. Pujara is struggling for survival or gives that impression.
  5. So the guy has likely earned more from IPL than being in his national team. My rough calculation is over $7.5 million USD.
  6. I like the team by @express bowling but its not gonna happen. When Kohli comes back he will make a few changes for the heck of it but there is zero chance that both Pujara and Rahane get dropped. There is only a small chance that one of them is dropped. Mayank is the most likely to go with a make shift opener. They wont drop Iyer for optics even if they want to. Gill Bharat/Saha (Sacrifice them, who cares) Pujara Kohli Rahane Iyer Jadeja Ashwin Axar Umesh Siraj if fit else Prasidh (Ishant is more disposable
  7. MI will likely get another WK for cheap. SKY is a better keep than Kishan IMO with the bat (at least on current form).
  8. I don't see why it is a problem to spend half your money on 4 players who you are going to play every match. CSK, DD, MI, KKR are going to play those players every match. They are literally the top teams and will mage to get other players to build a good team.
  9. Rahane wont be dropped. Mayank is clear easy target. Bye Bye Mayank. Mayank may never come back either.
  10. Yes ..lol Just before that series he had an excellent tour of England.
  11. Cant believe how that is so ?? He has diminished but to say virtually finished is far fetched. He won two MOM awards with the ball in the world T20 before this test. In this test also he took 5 wickets. He does need the pitch to help him a bit and wont be taking too many wickets on pitches that are not friendly. However that is a case for anyone except the very best of bowlers. He is not in the league of Ashwin and probably a bit below Axar but he is far from finished with the ball. He will likely get to 300 test wickets before he is done.
  12. @Chakdephatte Do you know what a troll post is? Weird.
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