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  1. No Sehwag .. and Gill in ATG test team after few tests ?
  2. Easy to forget old innings and shots.. Rahul dravid pull shots on youtube gave me this
  3. Not sure about South africa and probably Pujara will have a better record than Dravid by the time he is done. Same also with Australia. But how about England, NZ, West Indies... ?? Pujara could not play at all during our embarrassing defeat recently. Dravid played enough fast bouncy bowling and did well. Sometimes he failed sometimes he scored just like anyone else. How about swing now.. What about that? With respect to Australia numbers that everyone remembers because Pujara performance is more recent... I just want to point out that Dravid averages clo
  4. He always looks to be under pressure for some reason. Rarely calm. Pretty sure he will be under some pressure.
  5. Just Wanted to add something.. Pujara makes batting look difficult on Pitches where others score and defend with ease .. This series Gill, Pant, Jadeja, Sundar and to a lesser extent Rohit, Thakur Even Rahane showed that. That's like everyone except the tail and out of form Mayank, Shaw etc. Dravid on the other hand used to make batting look easy even when not scoring much where others just could not last longer. This includes batsman like Sachin and VVS sometimes. I just think it's wrong to compare these two players as the only similarities they have are slower strike
  6. If you think that Pujara is the best Test batsman since 1990 at the same time admitting his limited talent.. there is not much room to discuss batting. This period has Sachin, Ponting, Lara, Hayden, Sangakara, Kallis, Dravid, Virat , Sehwag, Gilchrist, Hussey, G Smith, S smith, Mahela, Inzy, Yusuf, Cook.. pretty sure I missed other names. Chandrapaul could hang around for a long time in tests, has an average to back it up and played some long ugly innings.. Never seen anyone saying him the best windiest batsman let alone the best batsman. I am damn sure unl
  7. Other countries dont have a Pujara, what explains them being able to draw or win tests. its not like India always had a Pujara we still drew test matches. its not about his strike rate or defending ability. He clearly had no clue how to play a decent spinner like Lyon, uncomfortable against quality pace and getting hit too often and was not able to even take a single to rotate the strike for very long periods of time. He scored 8 runs during the entire first session. Imagine that. Washington Sundar played beautifully during the first innings, I wont give a damn what his strike rate
  8. Those days are gone. May be he can do it in India.. but NZ tour and Aus tour he was struggling in my eyes.
  9. I could not stop thinking that if Pujara wasn't around it's possible we could win sooner. Well a collapse was possible too but if the rest of the batting were to fail , it's not like Pujara would win the game for us. Gill was playing with great comfort while Pujara made batting look very difficult. Then Pant stroked away. Even Rahane was at ease. His batting to Pacers and Lyon were both painful to see. It's like he was just literally standing in front of the wicket. Got hit so many times. It's not like Aussies are bowling short for the first time. Others get hit but no
  10. It will be interesting if they try Gill as No.3 and let Pujara and Rahane sit out. Rohit Mayank/Rahul Gill Virat Pant H Pandya W Sundar Ashwin Ishant Bumrah Siraj I know this wont happen but if Rahul can fit in the test side, we are good for future.
  11. Hold on Pujara just did that.. what dis I just see.. He scored like 9 runs from his first 100 balls. Wasn't even able to take a single and now 3 fours with one shot replicating Gill. Did someone send him a msg.
  12. We will revisit Pujara average at home when he retires. On topic Of Cureent players I think Jadeja, Ashwin, Virat, Bumrah and Shami have a shot at all time Indian XI. Bowling before current riches was not much other than Srinath, Kapil and Zaheer for fast bowling slots. Spinners we had a lot but Jaddu and Ashwin will push them out on Batting abilities. Kumble, Bedi are still in contention. Also by the time Pant is done, he might just push out Dhoni.
  13. I have heard that opinion from you before and personally dont agree with that. Dravid averaged 56-58 overall at the same stage as Pujara 32-34 years . Not sure of exact stats but talking from memory. Home conditions you mean flat track player. Pujara averages 47 right now when Batsmen supposed to be at their peak. There is not a shot in the book that Pujara plays better than Dravid. Plus why would I select a player who can only bat in home conditions where every other player can bat as well and cant perform when necessary outside comfort or home.
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