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  1. I am ok with that. something is better than nothing The replied posts count will be much less compared to regular posts. Specially when the regular post count is very high.
  2. Is there a way to mute posters on this forum ? I know some other forums you can ignore users.
  3. Ashwin is a great bowler in Tests. I am not sure why he bowls with this funny action in T20. His running, fielding were already funny and now he wants to provide comic relief through bowling
  4. Not true - Quickly on top of my head the following pairs were all superb players. No fraud. Steve and Mark waugh. Any Flower and Grant Flower Edit - How can I forget Ian and Greg chappell
  5. The Pandya brothers are fierce competitors. Similar average and Strike rates so far. HH Pandya 4* 4 0 35 15 8.75 33 106.06 0 0 1 5 0 KH Pandya 4* 4 1 26 15 8.66 24 108.33 0 0 0 4 0
  6. Not sure how we can achieve this. If only 1 of ROHIT/VIRAT plays then we can get more balance in our side. We also need only one of Dhawan/Rahul
  7. yep, Buttler wicket was the most important in this match. I think Jadeja should get some chances up the order for CSK to see how he does with the bat when there is more time. His contributions in the field are very important to ignore.
  8. Jadeja I think will play for his all round abilities. He is not a power hitter is established. That is not even a debate. Neither is Sundar a power hitter. Sundar and Jadeja are both good batsmen but just not the T20 type at no.7 Last match Jadeja took two catches and affected a very timely run out. Plus bowled an economical spell. Today he has taken two catches and two wickets. Just hard to find a proper superior replacement who can hit at 150 SR consistently, bowl tight overs and field well (at least not drop catches). I dont have an opinion now but may b
  9. He is not performing in T20I though. But if he continues to play like this in IPL he will be in the squad.
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