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  1. If we can see of the first hour tomorrow morning, we will be good. Specially want to watch Rohit and Rahul.. Our most watchable bats in this line up.
  2. Great first day for India. I think this is one of the better first days that Indian team has had for a SENA tour during last 20-30 years. First we got them cheap at 183 and then we batted through without loss. Job well done.
  3. I get it. We just redirect the frustration at the wrong avenue. Siraj goes for two boundaries and suddenly he should not be playing and we were better off with Ishant Sharma. Jadeja bowls 3 overs and we judge he should not have played. What I mean is every ball, every over, every hour will not be perfect.. opposition is allowed to play well too. need to keep our frustration for the big picture, genuine bad stuff and not be too impatient with our team.
  4. So ENG are all out for 183. It is an excellent result by all counts. Not sure why the rush of pessimism and frustration shows here at each passage of good play for the opposition. Now is this too much?? Will the junta come back and say we should have dismissed them for 120 if out guys go out for 150? Bet at the start of the day everyone would have gladly taken the position India are in. Our problem this series will be our ability to score and not in our ability to take wickets.
  5. He needs to bowl more. That is how he will get into the rhythm and create opportunities. Definitely helps over rate and lets fast bowlers have some rest. Spinners wont create miracles in tests by bowling 3 over spells.
  6. Damn.. Siraj is already out of favor. Why do we have to judge and write off so quickly. Every time we cant just say the missing person would have done better.
  7. Lol.. we will wait and see Lot of competition .. Pujara, Rahane, Virat, Thakur, Shami, Bumrah..
  8. Jadeja is a must in test XI. Drop anyone else if you want Ashwin. Does not matter who. Jadeja averages more than top order batters with the bat over the last 3 years or so. I always want both of these spinners to play for India in every test. He has just bowled two overs and its day one. too early to pass judgements. I feel he gets under bowled in away conditions.
  9. Why so much Panic. we will bowl them out alright. Run out missed but $$hit happens. What I am worried about is if these guys can score 300 plus runs. If we can score 300 plus first innings runs, then we will be ok.
  10. How can ex-cricketers like VVS Laxman say that India will start as favorites. These guys are delusional.
  11. Can Siraj injure Pujara and Virat as well. Solves lot of problems. Thanks for the services outside the match but you need to get Virat out to get into playing 11.
  12. Rohit Pujara Rahane Virat K L Rahul Pant Jadeja Ashwin Thakur Siraj Bumrah That should be our line up. Bench Shami and Ishant for first test. Dont drop Jadeja as he has taken same wickets as Ishant while scoring 450 runs at 50 average. This while missing the home series against England. Dont drop Ashwin as he is the highest wicket taker in last 10 games compared to every bowler in England right now. Plus he always has the probability to run through sides on any pitch. He also has scored 300 runs duri
  13. Send Pujara, He is our Night watchman, day watchman and is virtually coming in within the first 15 minutes way too often anyway. Ideally I do not even want Pujara but he will start the series for sure.
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