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  1. Chahal will not have a long career. He looks malnourished, Carefree and is one dimensional. Looks like he has hit peak and on the decline.
  2. Sucks right now..May be play more domestic.. figure out his game and try to make a comeback.. Also he doesn't look fast at all.. was bowling 126-128 km the other night. Right now he is a gift to opposition.
  3. Kohli better than Sachin in Tests.. Cant believe this sentiment. Sachin faced the whos who of bowling greatness other than a few early ones .. Washim Akram, Waqar Yunis, Allan Donald, Shaun Pollock, Glen Mcgrath, Ambrose, Walsh, Murali, Warne .. Even the likes of Ntini, Vettori, Sohaib Akthar, Bret Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Jimmy Anderson, Vaas, Gillespie.. The list is too long. The grounds were different, Lot of Swing and Seam bowling, More hostile conditions.. All that along with handling the insane amount of expectations, media coverage, adulation with grace and dignity..
  4. This comparison will end nowhere. While Kohli overtakes Sachin in stats, Just doesn't match the aura of Sachin. Also opposition Quality, Rules, Playing conditions, Team India situation have all changed from the time Tendulkar played bulk of his matches in. I See so many players with 45+ (Even 50+) average today as if 45 is nothing. In those days (90's) 35+ was a good average and 40 was excellent. Anything close to 45 or above was exceptional and rare. Also Tendulkar was widely considered a dominating batsman with a strike rate higher than most of his peers. Players lik
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