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  1. Curran will come n bowl anytime now. Crucial is to keep scoring off him. If we give him extra respect he will bury us. Play late & target square boundaries.
  2. RAT is so so fake.. He can only fool his blind fans.
  3. What's the status of Aditi Ashok now? After round 2
  4. Agreed... Our standings will take a jump as well. I have expectations from Wrestlers. Bit unfair to expect Gold from Neeraj... Will be be Awesome if he pulls it off but his opponents are tough especially the German who is a freak.
  5. Eagerly waiting for Round 4. Aditi is doing well so far. Away from all the spotlight
  6. Rain.. India 145/4 till stumps.
  7. Need at least 3 days to get a result. Both batting line ups are poor.
  8. Same here I don't like him but I do admire that he is very talented at a young age. Nothing beats my hate for B Mac & du plesis
  9. Need a quality spinner everytime. In England in August you can't leave out a spinner. Ash & Jaddu both bat as well
  10. Chalo Survived somehow. Should bat positively tomorrow.
  11. Is Rahane even real.. The moment he starts Captaining we turn the Tables. He is the GOAT captain like I always say
  12. Kohli has already started pi*** he is sitting at tge dugout lmao.. Upto Rahane The GOAT now
  13. At present on the field Curran must have the highest IQ out there.. Only Rahane the GOAT kaptaan could conjure something.
  14. Jaddu ain't as Talented as Curran with the bat. At Curran's age Jaddu was a dud. Still he doesn't has Curran's range
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