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  1. Harshal won't bowl with new ball & will bowl in middle overs & death & eventually take over the spot from Umran... As he was supposed to be middle overs enforcer & probably start off the death overs proceedings by ending his spell by 16-17th over. Harshal is probably more one dimensional than even Boovi who at least bowls the new ball. I will be happy Umran getting some 5-10 T20 bilaterals & try to get into the ODI lineup. He could be monster in the middle overs for us. Likes of Harshal Boobies Chahars will never provide him any sort of run in T20 for
  2. Ram Charan was decent... That Ajay Devgun cameo looked more realistic than whole movie. He probably was best actor in the whole cast. 1st scene when 1 guy beating down whole bunch of crowd was complete LoL. I was like WTF. Although movie does captures the emotional idea behind the movie very well. Connect is there. Cinematography was very good as usual for SSR.
  3. First 2 seasons were top notch literally. Underrated gem. Do watch Justified as well if you can.
  4. Conditions suited NZ back home as well... Where they were steamrolled by Shakib less BD & Saffers without Nortje. ENG are too sh*** that's different matter though. 6 games of division 2 county games means zilch anyway. 1, 4 day warm up is enough for acclimatization purpose. Rest is upto the skills. These players have toured England may times now. Likes of even KP are constantly questioning the quality of county cricket now. People scoring runs on those early IPl pitches in Wankhede & Pune would have faced lot more difficulty than on those pancakes with pat
  5. Vihari has century & 50's on juicy Jamaica & Antigua surfaces.. Pujara barely puts bat to ball there. Those pitches are tougher than even English surfaces. Vihari batted with courageous defense & batted with the Tail to give us a 240+ lead in Joburg. I'd say Pujara isn't even 10% of what Vihari is right now. Gill was our borderline best batter in that one off Test final in 1st inns.. The one who totally messed with the lines of Kiwi bowlers initially. Those are soft pitches & Gill has the shots to do well there. Plenty of backfoot players have done we
  6. Ultra level finished Azhar Chachu Ali is scoring double tons in County cricket tells u all about the pitches & pathetic bowling in division 2. Gujara again conned his way into Indian team Murli Vijay style in 2018 Aus tour where Murli saab scored runs on pancakes of Essex county. Reality check was that ball was barely touching his bat in Aus. This was his swansong. All hope rests of Vihari & Gill to score runs in that Warm game vs Leicester county team. Otherwise we are doomed.
  7. Not confirmed yet I guess or is it?? Either way good luck with that.
  8. Looks like they are scared of losing another bilateral series to Saffers that's why Trundlers & experienced seniors. Barring Arshdeep & Umran no debuts. What's the point of Rahul & Pant playing those two T20s in Ireland over the warm up game?
  9. People are over the moon with selections of Boobie Arshdeep Harshal Patel on my TL. Umran even playing 1 game will be a achievement I think.
  10. Playing XI Rahul Kishan Shreyas Pant (wK) Hardik DK Boobie Harshal Chahal Umran/Avesh
  11. What are Rahul Pant doing here?? Isn't that they are supposed to go to England? In test team as well. Tripathi very unlucky. Happy for Umran Malik.. Boobie always was going to be there.
  12. Pasoori is art... Total vibe
  13. While operation barbossa was a gargantuan failure... His blunders in Dunkirk & battle of Britain make him look like a fool & mediocre at best. Look if the German did not stop their advance but they proceeded to eliminate the Dunkirk pocket. This would have eliminated most of the British Royal Army. It would also have eliminated the remnants of the French Army that would later become the Free French forces. If the Nazis had immediately invaded Great Britain right after Dunkirk. The Royal Army left most of their equipment on the beach at Dunkirk, plus they were in shock.
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