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  1. Rohit (have to say he is extremely lucky but someone should judge his performance regarding age as well) Gill Pujara (let's see if his reflexes are good to handle spin now) Kohli Rahane Pant Axar Ashwin Kuldeep Bumrah Ishant Ashwin had a mediocre test in Chennai last time so added Kuldeep as well for variety.. Axar is better than Sundar as a bowler I reckon plus left arm spin is English weakness. Rohit had two back to back mediocre series so far.. Vs Bangladesh & now Aus. So his performance should be reviewed criti
  2. Kuldeep & to an extent Chahal's dip in form is the result of our pacers inability to pick wickets in Powerplay. Most of the time in last year or so we saw.. 70/0 in 12th over & Kuldeep or Chahal came in to bowl.. Which Pathetic really to have everytime spinners bail us out. So those pointing out Kuldeep's return in year & half need to look at how our pacers bowled in Powerplay.
  3. Lol Yasir is pretty quick for a leggie & getting spanked left right n center against every team. Kuldeep has done well in Tests till date barring bowling on a green Lords. If you have a killer Googly & bowling in range of 80-82 kph you will be successful.. Which Kuldeep actually is. You need to back him though.. Leggies won't control the run rate but pick Wickets.. Warne developed most of his variations by playing many games.
  4. Axar will not be a bad option tbh.. But will they go with him after what Sunder did? Jaddu is so so vital even more than Ashwin in India. Kuldeep is sure to play I reckon.
  5. Two full days left.. It'll be a minefield on Day 5. If lankans bat the whole day tomorrow & score 270-280 with 40 odd lead. It will be tough for Poms to survive.
  6. Sadly that's true.. Pant has already won India a game in Australia with his batting which Kohli hasn't done in his career. It would take some ba** though to drop him. Pant scored 159 in Sydney in 2018 & RAT still dropped him at home though.
  7. Washy at 21 > Jaddu at 21.. India have invested for a long time in Jadeja. Nearly 8-9 years I guess.
  8. Lol run out at the end of Play.. Lankans will be relieved to get Root out. This is going to be a thrilling game. Lankans will push for a win I think.
  9. Root is good to watch damn.. 2nd back to double on the cards. He has stormed himself back into Fab 4 with Smith & Kohli showing little decline.
  10. I was watching Buttler keep in the 1st test & was flawless so far.. Root said he is improving. They are not resting him for his keeping anyways. Some stupid rotation policy or something. Same with Bairstow who had also batted well against us last tour. Nasser has also bashed this policy on SKY I heard. Buttler is not average the knock he played against Pakistan with Woakes was brilliant. He has smacked us a ton as well last England tour I reckon. If we serve Flat decks like we did vs Saffers he would have had a impact. Root Bairstow Stokes Buttler.. That's a formida
  11. Series is gonna be tough & England are clearly shooting themselves in the leg if they are resting impact players like Buttler & Bairstow who both play spin well & can score at a fair clip. It's gonna be a batting shootout I reckon.. But Eng are not helping themselves with stupid selections. Sibley Burns Lawrence type guys will be no match to us but Stokes Buttler Bairstow & root will be. Horrible policy adopted by English selectors to rest impact players.
  12. Yeah those were disgraceful pitches... Peak Johnson got smacked in those tracks. Smith made merry & so did Kohli.. I actually don't rate the centuries these two piled up on those pan cakes. Barring Brisbane each track was for stat padding. Sadly for Aussies we came back with respectable 2-0 defeat
  13. Goodness.. Root has looked flawless this tour. In his last tour to India he was second Highest run scorer behind Kohli. We have our task cut out.
  14. I think in this day n age with so many LOIs coming up & WC's.. It'd be a miracle if Bumrah plays enough tests especially home games to get to 250 test wickets. I'll be happy if his career avg stays 23-24. Shami.. Can get to 250 easily I reckon but not beyond that.
  15. Shakib has a double ton in NZ. BD doesn't get to tour big countries often. I too think his prime his over but he is/was one of the Top A/R of this decafe
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