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  1. Sweep & slog sweeping are perhaps best shots these days against any spinner in limited overs.. It's a bit hard to do against Rashid as he is too quick consistently but you can pick n choose.
  2. They would have played both Murugan & Ravi Bishnoi here.. Bishnoi might have bamboozled both KW & Jonny here. Pathetic selections from PKMB
  3. Reason why I rate Rizwan ahead of other Pak batters is coz he fires when team needs him. He is literally the guy making the difference across formats for Pak in whatever little success they have achieved.. But Paindo Pakistani public will drool over Barber Hajam no 1 ranking
  4. Punjab bowling attack is making 2016 RCB attack look like second coming of Marshall Ambrose
  5. Chennai has been a absolute shocker at first they prepare a dead pitch in 1st test with ankle height bounce & then a raging turner (albeit on TM request) terrible venue overall. Takes me back to 90's & now The IPl. Should've gone for Hyderabad or heck Pune which successfully hosted ODIs in testing times.
  6. Good looking cameo ends from 20 year old.. In walks 19 year old fella
  7. Good thing is Zimbabwe are building a young side after a long while... Quite a lot of players in early & mid 20's. Hopefully they start being decent again. Lol at Poyzz for going full strength against them.
  8. Dropping Gayle for good will be great call for Punjab. Get Malan in over him. Pooran should be backed.. Has been unlucky today. Good to see henriques playing today.
  9. This will be a right time for Pooran to strike form. PBKS need it badly.
  10. I remember his 5 wicket haul 3-4 years ago in South Africa... And also his hostile Spell in Barbados where lanka won. Easily the fastest lankan pacer I have seen after a long while. He is injured most of the time though.
  11. Ridiculous pitches Indeed makes up for very poor viewing quality wise. Can't wait for WTC final already.
  12. This Chennai leg looks like has been going on forever. Terrible pitches. 150 here will be tough but with Punjab bowling they need to target 160 min.
  13. Zimbabwe fielders have dropped a few chances today.. It might come back to bite them in such a close game
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