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  1. You can keep on going round and round. But the fact is you did not create a world class bowler since Akram, Akhtar, Waqar retired . Asif could have been that but we never know as he did not play enough. During that tenure Indian bowling have outperformed your bowlers by and large when different conditions are considered. And I don't think bottle cap made Akram, Akhtar, Waqar great bowlers, they had the talent by default. But to come here and claim Aquib Javed is better than any Indian bowler is sheer arrogance or even worse plain ignorance of the game.
  2. So how many have you produced since last 17 yrs post 2005 when ball tampering become more and more difficult?
  3. Lol. He will do worse than Wahab Riaz today because rampant ball tampering is no longer possible.
  4. Don't worry guys. When it comes to selection in big tournaments and series, Bhuvi will play ahead of Chahar, Prasidh and Siraj won't be even in the team, Bishnoi need to wait for 5 yrs , front three will be Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli with KL coming in the middle. We are too deep into seniority complex.
  5. It works in Pakistan, may not necessarily work in India. Shoaib married a 21 year old girl in his 40s after retirement, Kohli may not have been that lucky with a match. Kohli minted everything when at his peak, both on field and off field , so there can't be any regrets. It's a different topic that he is a dud player now and should think of retirement.
  6. Kohli will remain an average batsman for the rest of the career. He has lost the hunger, still into ego/politicking mode and don't exhibit any humility and guts to get back to his best. I expect Kohli to completely move out of cricket as he won't be able to make his way into adminstration or management.
  7. I think Ganguly did not drag it either. He lost form like Pujara or Kohli, lost his place , came back for an year and half, performed at a relatively high level and then moved out after restoring his pride.
  8. I can agree on the demeanor but as far as captaincy is concerned, Dhoni is one of the worst test captains India had in last 4 decades. He is infact infamous for going with the flow and not able to push for results.
  9. Are we trying to make it a fight against a country? We are really sorry losers, are not we? The monkey child comes up with **** show in front of camera again and now his monkey fans will sing in his tune. I just wish these players showed a fraction of that zeal while batting. When I look at the scorecard apart from Pant , none of them showed application or courage to score runs. And we consider DRS at fault for our misery? Just because we have bang idiot at the helm, does not mean that we have to act like one and start believing in imaginary conspiracy theor
  10. And there is no doubt about that from day one. Section of the media who otherwise dislikes Kohli tried to put in a political angle and portray him as a victim just because they have certain disagreements with the central government. Bottomline this same media would have kept their mouth shut if this would have been a non BJP government but tried to score political points by piggybacking on the Kohli issue. Otherwise they know that it logically does not sum up that Kohli would not be consulted in advance by BCCI before announcing a new LOI captain.
  11. Kohli gets full credit for that 5 bowler strategy and I applaud him for that. Rest everything has been whymsical selections, protecting mediocrity through mediocrity and favouritism to his buddies. Had it not been the case, Siraj would have played lot earlier , Ishant should have been shown the door , Mayank should have got more years specially when he was in his peak, atleast one of Rahane or Pujara would have given way to Gill/Vihari in middle order, Pant should have got a consistent run in LOIs much earlier , Dhawan should have retired by now and many more. The only player who c
  12. Kohli is as good as the best Asian Test captain as Babar Azam is the best T20 player. The stats only tell half the story. The relative strength of Indian cricket team and lack of quality opposition as opposed to pre 2010s should have resulted in far greater accomplishments.
  13. How does all this make him a candidate for a good captain? We have seen what a disaster Kohli has turned out to be as a captain inspite of being the best batsman for a good part of last decade. There is no indication at this point that Pant will be a good captain and yes while some of the leadership qualities can be learnt on the job , Pant is yet to showcase anything that makes him a distinct candidate for captaincy more so when he has only secured his Test position with much more to be proven in LOIs.
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