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  1. It's a real shame that Chahar and Varun does not play ahead of Chahal.
  2. Not being negative. I am just stating the way it is. Babar is a brilliant timer of the ball and his ability to play late and dissect the field is really world class. But to add qualifiers that he is young and 26 in the context of how good a player he is, invariably takes the discussion to his age.
  3. Lol. Pressure of his body weight and that heavy ass that he needs to move while bowling. After the spell, was even covering his face like a nayi dulhan before the f***.
  4. That sounds ok but I am finding it hard to understand what should Mahal be proud of? Maybe his ability to bowl no balls at will.
  5. I am not actually. I pretty well know the philosophy of the senior Indian players. 70 against any team in 6 overs is a very alien concept to Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli. Going by recent trends KL also feel the same.
  6. Will Rohit and Dhawan or Kohli score 70 runs in PP against this SA bowling. I think not.
  7. Looks like Magala has food waiting outside. In a rush to finish the match.
  8. The end of Kolpak hopefully should revive the SA cricket. Their players will play IPL but will have competitive national teams when playing bilateral series. I am.pretty sure this SA team will lose few matches against Zim team and will definitely against Afghanistan team.
  9. Why does Magala bowl when he can't bowl? I mean it's like asking Pujara to bowl even though he does not have a clue.
  10. When age fudging is rampant in Pakistani cricket with many senior cricketers admitting post their retirement, I find it difficult to believe that he is 26.
  11. Why do you think he is legit 26? When Pakistanis themselves say that they reduce their age by couple of years on an average , I am not sure Babar will be 26. He is likely 28. Ofcourse that's nothing to discredit him as a batsman. He is still a world class batsman and have rightly got the number 1 position.
  12. It's not fixed unless there is proof of it. KKR chickened out and another testament why DK did not make it to international cricket . Inspite of the talent when the going gets tough he loses the plot. That innings against Ban was the exception and not the norm. He can play the role of a finisher but not good enough to do it against tough oppositions consistently, will choke more often than not.
  13. Think this js a genuinely good innings by Babar. Yes the bowling was weak, but he still executed his shots well specially those controlled late cuts are good one.
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