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  1. @rangeelaraja my son stop whining papa still love you
  2. Naughty boy normi nice jock by the way will you help me in reconciling with son raki05 like a good kid
  3. son kyan naraz hu mujh say kaise manaoon tumhe bolo na?
  4. thanx for compliment if you. Actually @Jay is very dear to my heart
  5. My son calm down down all this whining will not win you a medal. I am worried about your health please take care of your self and your anal sphincter
  6. Typical Indian fan thread, no logic, no grasp of the game just driven by emotions
  7. @sandeep my son you better stick to moderation, ipl and chitchat section as fast bowling is not your cup of tea
  8. Son please don't be disrespectful to a modern great of game
  9. Nice to see you rakie my boy hope you are doing well in covid times
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