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  1. But you quoting me shows you care and that shows your mental deprivation
  2. read my post carefully its not about testing its about treatment and what is wrong in cooperating with each other in difficult time
  3. son i did not expected such immature reaction from you in current circumstances, recovery rate in india is 77% and in pakistan it is 92% instead mockery you should take it seriously
  4. Well atm there are only two countries who can help india to come safe out current crisis and those two countries are definitely not russia,usa and israel
  5. Becase being padosi india deserves more of our help than usa
  6. recovery rate in pakistan is brilliant in closed cases 92% of patients have recovered indian doctors should seek guidance from pakistani doctors
  7. actually zahid was taller had more bounce than akhtar i think this was reason batsmen considered him quicker
  8. Son idont know why you hate me so much but remember i care for you my son
  9. rock777

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    That- 380+ show how irresistible i am
  10. son it was just an advice you are acting like if you were f***d up
  11. but what about building walls to hide slums
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