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  1. Away batting averages Azhar Ali - 43 TOM latham - 37 Ravi Jadeja - 31 Bhuvi Kumar - 28 Ravi Ashwin - 27 Rohit Sharma - 27. Comparison with other average Indian openers :g Navjot Sidhu - 33 Farokh Engineer - 33 Chetan Chauhan - 33 If this guy is an ATG then I don't wanna watch test cricket
  2. The lack of talented test players in India is a serious concern, only Shubman Gill (maybe Shaw too) looks like a good future prospect but apart from him we have nothing. Also Vihari shouldn't replace Pujara, both are strokeless wonders. We need someone else at 3.
  3. As of now he is competing with Bhuvneshwar Kumar as far as away batting average is concerned. Batting average away from home : Bhuvi Kumar - 28.83 Rohit Sharna - 27.27
  4. No drop until now, two brilliant catches by two Indian greats.
  5. Ehhh..... I thought he is an overrated bowler who gets wicket only bcoz Kohli is captaining the other side. But Looks like he picks fifers even when Kohli isn't in the opposition. Kuch to gadbad hai.
  6. If after all this we make a comeback, all those against Kohli should leave this forum if they have a semblance of self respect.
  7. Here we go, same old same old. India is going to win/draw this match and then we will win/draw the test series vs england under Kohli. Wait and watch.
  8. Chalo beta, aa gaye aukaat main. Abhi ruko aur rona padega. Sabko aukaat yaad dilayi jaegi, ek ek ko
  9. Each and every test away from home against a good team qualifies as a crunch situation and Williamson has been average.
  10. Hey Kane, why waste your reviews? Let me take a review myself.
  11. He will make you eat your words and I am quite sure about it. Lala Ji turns it on when it matters.
  12. If the pitch is seamer friendly and the conditions are dangerously overcast then even three pacers would be enough, no need of that extra pacer. And if the conditions are mildly pacer friendly then there's no harm in selecting Ashwin and Jaddu.
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