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  1. If there's a bit of swing on offer I expect Trent Boult to run through GT.
  2. There were talks of Pandya being made the captain. Didn't even get the VC position. BCCI showed him his real status in the team.
  3. The GOAT ASIAN TEST COACH. Cred now needs to do an ad with the GOAT ASIAN TEST CAPTAIN.
  4. Looks like the speedgun is rigged. No way can Mohsin bowl 150.
  5. Desi mindset of blaming things on luck. I know that Mathematics is difficult for some guys but I still expect common sense.
  6. Pandya the aggressive t20 mercenary shows his quality once again when playing at no. 4.
  7. You are made the captain of a team when you are actually amongst the top performers consistently and play regularly. Appointing someone who plays international cricket once in a blue moon and gets magically fit before IPL will be death of meritocracy. Combine this withi his mediocre performances, let alone captaincy he needs to first earn a permanent place in the side.
  8. I rate him highly. It's just that I rate Viv way higher.
  9. Yeah, but count only the ones not played against D grade attacks and I am in. Pandya will have to take a rebirth to emulate Yusuf's heroic century in SA.
  10. I watch cricketers to see their cricketing skill not their mannerism. On field and off field antics in front of camera don't determine a persons' character, the most humble guy in front of camera can be the biggest piece of **** in reality.
  11. Yusuf Pathan Avg 28 str rate 114. Nothing but a journeyman cricketer, no one puts him anywhere in the league of greats or even good players. He was twice the hitter Pandya is. The reality is that Pandya hasn't even come close to Pathan's level so let's just not use words like "uncommon" and "rare" for players like Pandya. @Vijy Asif Ali averages 26 at 122 in ODI's, that guy is not even good enough to grab a permanent spot in Pakistan team. Buttler is an odi great, let's not even mention Pandu in the same sentence.
  12. Anyone who thinks Bumrah shouldn't be an automatic selection in all 3 formats of the game should be kicked out of ICF. Lol at some one season wonders being hyped to the moon.
  13. The GOAT. The kind of player who would have gotten 30 crores for one season. Franchises would die to have someone of his caliber. Abdv is what we call a poor man's Richards.
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