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  1. The problem with gill is that as of now he isn't a t20 batsman, kinda like kohli of 2008 but he"ll get there after one or two seasons of ipl. He should be a part of our test side.
  2. So you are basically saying that no bowler should ever be a captain just because there is fear of injury. I think it's a pretty obtuse stand Also really unfair to the bowlers. Actually bringing in Bumrah as captain will be a smart move as it will help in creating a bowling culture in india. We have always been unfair to our fast bowlers and it needs to end. We need a fast bowling figurehead.
  3. Well age is not on rohits side, he will be 36 in 2023 so i dont think he should be the next captain Secondly, bumrah can get injured but how does that depend on captaincy. We can have a standby whenver he is injured but the guy is sharp and also he is the only player who has a fixed position in odi team apart from sharma/kohli. Wasim, waqar, pollock, hadlee, dev, botham, imran, holder are some examples so its not like this will be the first time.
  4. I think ishant will be available and even if not the TM will make sure he is in australia coz i dont think they will take a chance with someone like umesh in such an important series.
  5. He is already twice the batsman Martin Crowe was but yeah needs to improve captaincy in the shorter formats.Actually he should let go of the captaincy in lois,that would really help him as a batsman too
  6. Shaw Pant Shubman Gill Yashaswi Jaiswal(although just a couple of matches) Shivam Mavi Kuldeep Yadav Hardik Pandya
  7. I dont care about ipl trophies,as much as i have seen Rohit,he is a very lousy captain.We should promote Jasprit Bumrah as the next captain,time for india to finally have a bowler as odi captain.
  8. Did sachins big average helped india in the 90s when we were getting schooled by even zimbabwe. The fact is one player can't win you matches you need a proper team for that. He is performing as good as anyone, yes he doesn't have a fifth gear but that's just one weakness, he ticks all other boxes. I am talking about having a fixed spot in the team, as of now he isn't even the backup wktkeeper in any format. Yes it's important, but he can play the role of an anchor bcoz he ticks all other boxes. As for afridi, he was a GoAT t20i allrounder but
  9. I admit that it was rude to say that samson is a hack and maybe his supporters didn't like that but i"ll stick to everything else i said, babar is miles ahead
  10. Now this explanation is ridiculous. So basically even if babar azam ends up averaging 50+ in all formats we won't be able to compare him with his highness sanju samson just bcoz he plays for pakistan. Lol FGS brother atleast think about it, that guy is consistently getting praises from all over the world, getting selected in icc world x1 making hundreds vs cummins, starc, boult etc. He is literally carrying pakistan on his shoulders and here i get to know that i can't even compare him with a nobody like samson who can't even carry his state team let alone india. He is not eve
  11. Let me spell it out for you,(i dont freaking care about kerala or up or bihar ) at the end of their respective careers sanju samson won't even be fit to tie azams shoelaces.
  12. Kaahe ka talent yaar, maaf kardo bhai. Time to set a new definition of talent. Babar azam is what i call a real talent, no fancy six hitting no outrageous shots but the guy can play in all conditions and doesn't look uncomfortable against top quality bowlers. That's what a real talent is not these lallu panjus.
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