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  1. He will come good, needs two three years experience before he gets into our national team.
  2. 70% at least but then he is also 120% of the bowler Hardik is
  3. Nah, he is not. You will find out, just wait for a year or so. There are only two quality spinners in India, Ashwin and Jadeja.
  4. It's about runs and strike rate not sixes. Afridi isn't the greatest T20 batsman, reliability is a big thing, Pooran falls short on that front
  5. Good lord. It just takes three sixes to become best in the world.
  6. RCB used to win matches even in the previous editions but they were more luck and individual brilliance based victories, this time it looks like they have actually found the balance that they were looking for and the pitches have played an important role in this. Buying Jamieson was a great move, the extra bounce which he gets is always tough to negotiate especially in Indian conditions. Harshal Patel took everyone by surprise and Siraj is now a way better white ball bowler than what he used to be, looks like success in tests has really helped. If Virat Kohli works out a way to play spinn
  7. Freak..... It's a shame that the most talented ones are usually not the most dedicated or temperamentally strong, with this freak ability he should have broken all kinds of records . In reality he averages the same as Younis Khan in test cricket.
  8. The pitches are fine the FTB'S should learn how to bat. Matlab bas ball balle pe chahiye inhe, ther shouldn't be any spin or swing.
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