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  1. Kl having a long format Renaissance is good news but I'm.hoping it doesn't mess with his head for the format we need him for most. There's certainly a middle order slot available for him once the likes of rahane, pujara etc retire or are moved on. He seems to be having a clear head now even if those technical issues he had in 2018 haven't gone away.
  2. Yaar, eham mauke pe thoda kam pad rahe hai. I don't know whether it is a n experience issue or talent issue. Still can't be too greedy for the moment i suppose. Seeing a loss in the last minute was disappointing.
  3. it's not surprising at all, anyone could have told you the type of bowler he is would cause problems in England which he is most suited to. That ball which got Root was a beauty and he was getting good shape all day. Do not be surprised if he becomes a part of the team in SENA tours as the seam bowling allrounder as long as Pandya is not an option. Kohli gets bagged on here no end but he deserves credit for the 2 reviews he took yday which were quite important.
  4. the 2 quarters i saw had plenty such incidents. we actually scored in the 3rd and the umpire decided that it wasn't valid coz the free hit wasn't taken from the right spot randomly. You ignore it all after a point.
  5. Absolutely buzzing, the bent and arbitrary refereeing makes it even more sweeter. This feels as big as the Gabba win though in historical context it's most definitely bigger.
  6. I'm not, you didn't understand what I meant. For all his flaws kohli is good at giving it back to the English and Aussies. We need that here
  7. Need a kohli like personality in Hockey to kick up a fuss. Our hockey teams don't seem the complaining sort even when they may be hard done by.
  8. Gotta say the game the way it is with these shithouse rules and enforcement Theres little reason why id ever want to watch a hockey game if india isnt playing.
  9. I don't want to be seen as a salty, tin foil hat toting partisan so why was it overturned ? That umpire didn't look impressed with the referral herself.
  10. Kuch samajh nai a raha hai bc. A similar incident got given as a pc against australia. Why was it overturned ?
  11. they may be a crappy batting side but not sure we are much better. Their bowling is better suited to exploiting these conditions than ours is though so a lot will depend on how we strike with the new ball.
  12. track and field in india has traditionally been dominated by athletes from Kerala. Don't know to what extent it has changed now.
  13. blowing too much smoke up the team's ass won't work in our favor. The 2 Australia series wins happened when we were underdogs with the Kohli non-availability only helping matters in that regard. We went into the WTC final as favorites and couldn't last the best part of 3 days even if we did go in underprepared.
  14. commentator yday mentioned something about the discus and shot put under performance, though i didn't catch it on air. They didn't look like they were anywhere near their best for whatever reason.
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