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  1. Buttler out of form plays this way lol. Not a single 6 so far.
  2. Pandya ko barabar tabi fisalna tha. It has gotten Buttler going.
  3. Padikkal has to take advantage of being a leftie against Kishore and Rashid.
  4. Buttler is playing an innings which people would pan Kohli or Rahul for. He has to make it count soon. I liked samson's approach today.
  5. You won't have more than 2-3 of the quality that Kohli used to be at his peak at any given point of time, they don't grow on trees even if the talent pool is there. If you do you will be an ATG side like the Aussies of the early 00s.
  6. We have to keep in mind that the bar has been raised significantly to play for India as a pacer now. Guys who would have walked into previous Indian sides but won't right now as the crown jewel in our attack is up there with the best bowlers in the world and there are many who can get it upto 140 and bowl there regularly while presenting a threat. The kind of bowlers we need and will play shall belong to 3 categories. 1) Bowlers who have pace and can bowl in all conditions and formats because of their skill level allowing them to take the pitch out of the equation. Batting ability is thu
  7. I don't normally like to watch CSK win but that 2018 final where Watson took apart both him and Sandeep Sharma was quite gratifying.
  8. A second string side will do well to beat this above team.
  9. I had to do a double take when I saw him hit 151. I don't remember him having hit anywhere close to these speeds during the other games.
  10. His best game so far against GT was at Wankhede. Speed guns were accurate in that match.
  11. He did okay but 4 wickets really flatters Lord and his performance today.
  12. I think the likelihood of someone over 6'3" bowling military medium but getting steep bounce like Holder or Jamieson is higher than them bowling at 140kph and getting the same bounce. It's harder to sustain those speeds at that height and size.
  13. There was a brief period when Bhuvi himself was regularly hitting 140. Might have been around 2016-17 I think.
  14. Indian umpires all seem like chomus who lack self confidence and keep second guessing themselves. Ek bhi dhang ka nahi hai. I generally have good memories of Venkataraghavan, everyone else is forgettable.
  15. His international loi career was dead after the 2017 ct. That corpse was reanimated after the 2019 wc where he played good knocks but in losing causes and that along with desperation for an all rounder has led to undue faith and trust being placed in him. Not even for the right formats since we have a bad habit of picking people for their form in some format to play in some other format.
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