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  1. Being a bit stout isn't an issue as such for a game like cricket especially. But 1 position where it hurts you most is as a keeper. Guy shouldn't keep if he doesn't have the body shape for it.
  2. I shudder to think what pant or rohit would look like 5 years after retiring.
  3. People said dhawan is past it and not suited to t20s. It is a game for young tailunted dashers like shaw, gill, padikkal, pant etc. We are seeing ample.evidence of that.
  4. the only process he should worry about now is the oppo and dream11 ads. this reminded me of the times he always blamed the bowlers for our failings as a test captain, never mind that he himself was a big reason for it.
  5. On another day ncn would have gotten out softly. Unlucky.
  6. Won't. you take away his biggest asset if you do so. When he gets going few can actually match him. Nobody in india can.
  7. I don't remember him ever being rated that highly but even at avg of 130 kph earlier In his career I don't know if he would have been spamming slower balls. This is a disease even bhuvi has picked up. I'm curious to.know how he bowls in red ball cricket tbh, dude doesn't even look like he moves it that much unlike dinda and vinay kumar.
  8. Samad made sense at that stage. He was already set and if anything should have come out before Bairstow for the super over. Srh and kkr are both teams who haven't got.their combinations right IMO.
  9. Indeed, it says a lot that what should ordinarily get my pulse racing has me barely interested. That's how accustomed to it I've become.
  10. Dudes like a glass hammer. Slogs and tears a cruciate. Bowls and pulls a hamstring. Just channeling clubber lang doesn't make you durable.
  11. Jadeja for the last over is Another 1 to add to the list of harebrained decisions that beggar belief in this tournament.
  12. This kind of innings the likes of.padikkal, gill.and Shaw have not played yet for all.the flak.he has gotten here. Maybe eventually they will be ready.
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