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  1. Guy is getting paid for this gig and can't even get his facts right. This isn't the lowest score yet this ipl Murali, not by a long way. the punjab csk game wasn't even that long ago.
  2. Kulcha owe most of their impact to dhonis inputs behind the stumps, it's abundantly clear. He can choke teams with spinners even when he's 60.
  3. Looks like gabbar is going to seal.his spot for the t20 wc this year.
  4. The eyesores are getting a bit excessive now. Practise your hindi vocab somewhere else man.
  5. The ipl needs roy and conway to light up the power plays. Aur 2 team banana padega uske liye lekin.
  6. Magala is such a Nothing bowler. Poyz huffing and puffing to get home says a lot with such a small.score and all the pies and freebies they've had. This guy bowled a 11 ball over in one of the games.
  7. He looks like someone who might be suitable for test cricket as our tm have form for picking the wrong players for the wrong format and then complaining that they don't look the goods. But his issue is that even in that role he is competing with the likes of thakur and bhuvi who are lesser batsmen but better bowlers than he is. There was a time when investing in him would have made sense because pandya was peena crocked and we needed someone to fill that hole which was why him, thakur and dube all kept getting opportunities. But at his age im not sure it makes sense to put mich faith in him.
  8. Manish pandey still.has the rest of this tournament to.make the naysayers taste it. I wouldnt be surprise if it happens tbh. As for the contract that represents the team progression from 2019 onwards that we have underground which is why the likes of jadhav and rayudu have also been dropped.
  9. Completely different format but wouldn't mind Jamieson in this form bowling in the wtc. That probably won't happen knowing how kiwis play against india in the KOs.
  10. This is quicker than I've ever seen siraj bowl. He wasn't this quick in any game he played for india.
  11. Srh have the most underwhelming batting line up by some distance.
  12. Seriously, despite the slow pitch and their issues with facing mi, how are kkr losing this so handily after being half the total for no loss at 1 stage with only 7rpo to get?
  13. Boult only needs to not do a wc 2019 final here. This wont be easy to get. After they were cruising at 1 stage its strange to now say this.
  14. That's not good news, it means we need a new scapegoat for the **** fielding.
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