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  1. Abhishek Gill SKY Hardik Samson Sundar Tewatia Mohsin Avesh Umran Yuzi Arshdeep Harshal Kishan Kuldeep It’s very important that Abhishek Sharma be given a go and tested, because if it comes off he can help the team balance by a LOT. An Explosive Top order bat who can give 1-2 overs of left arm spin will be a huge asset in the big Australian grounds. Just look at how Maxwell has done wonders for his National team in terms of providing balance in LOIs
  2. The quality of non-international domestic players in County division 2 is incredibly awful. Stokes hit a 150+ score at a strike rate of almost 200 in his first match with 17 sixes. Anybody with even the slightest bit of international experience is running amok here Don’t forget that Pujara failed in the Ranji trophy recently. It’s time to move past him for good Moreover, Iyer and Vihari have done nothing wrong to warrant dropping. I’d go with this team: Rohit Gill Vihari KL Iyer Pant Jadeja Thakur Bumrah Shami
  3. So now MI get to replace the washed up pollard with Stubbs without having to buy him through the auctions? What blatant daylight robbery
  4. Tyagi, Sushant so many young and exciting prospects being blocked by Bhuvi
  5. Bump. Mohsin, Dayal and Khaleel have all looked very good this season
  6. Damnit I don’t trust our dumbass selectors they might bring Che Gujara back into the test side
  7. Good call. Lower order of Shabaz-Shami-Siraj-Umran?
  8. I would like to add: @maniac Has high cricketing acumen
  9. Nothing comes close to Nolan’s trilogy - the music score by Hans Zimmer is impeccable - the dialogues are incredibly well written - screenplay is perfect - best ever casting of any DC film series. The actors portraying Batman, Joker, Bane, Ras Al Gul all did very good jobs - character writing and screentime is perfect
  10. Abhishek Sharma Shaw Pant (c) Hardik Parag Krunal Axar Harshal Bishnoi Umran Arshdeep bench: Tripathi, Khaleel, Avesh, Shreyas, Chahal, Samson
  11. GHANTAAAAA Shaheen is yet to reach the level of Jaydev Unadkat
  12. Frauds bhuvaneshwar and Hahane are the biggest beneficiaries of the nice guys quota in Indian cricket
  13. They actually brought him back in the auction at a reasonable price
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