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  1. Tbh I actually found myself cheering for him at the end there, he fully deserved it. He was the only NZ bowler who bowled well lol. Plus his lines and lengths were immaculate, and made the batsmen play a shot on most of his balls. He was able to maintain his intensity and control throughout 48 overs out of 110.
  2. So with Kohli coming in for the next game let’s see the potential players he could replace: 1. Pujara? But then who will play at no 3 2. Iyer? Will be stupid to replace the first Indian to score a century and fifty on test debut 3. Jadeja? Management cannot make the case for dropping a bowler to strengthen the batting since Jadeja has out scored Rahane in this test match lmao. (In addition to picking up 5 wickets) 4. Mayank/Gill? Possible, might ask Che Gujara to open. But then again, who will play at 3? 5. Rahane? Yes, The most obvious candidate
  3. Lol apparently the Bangladeshi supporters were chanting “Matthew Wade” when Shaheen was bowling
  4. https://www.deccanherald.com/sports/cricket/contribution-doesnt-mean-100-in-each-game-rahane-on-his-form-1054074.html
  5. Well played Shahrukh but Karnataka got screwed over by some crappy umpiring
  6. You sure about that? This is what happened the last time both Amir and Shaheen played together against Rohit Sharma in the UAE: https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/asia-cup-2018-1153237/india-vs-pakistan-3rd-match-super-four-1153251/full-scorecard
  7. That’s pretty rich coming from a country that cried fixing even when their rivals won against some other team in the World Cup
  8. Is Nalkande quick? Picked up 4 wickets in 4 balls today
  9. Ohhh bhai let them try whatever possible they think is right. Please just bring a trophy home some how. Chahe jo karna he kar lo
  10. If India’s credit rating improves to AA or higher: Moody’s he toh mumkin he
  11. Selfishly bat out overs by all by themselves in bi laterals giving middle order minimal match practice, pad up their stats real good, and then completely flop in crunch games. Poor middle order gets most of the blame. This is killing Indian t20i cricket right now
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