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  1. Reminds me of green Sikkim - "100% organic state!! No chemicals!! No pesticides!!" It should be more like "No productivity!! Less food on more land = less sustainable!! Everything is a chemical, including cow dung!! Not sustainable!! Unaffordable!! We're poor, we're struggling, upper class is eating our unsustainable, luxury food, while we must import from other states!!" https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2018/08/15/how-is-indias-organic-only-farming-experiment-in-sikkim-going-peering-past-the-propaganda-not-so-sustainably/ In Poklok-Denchung gram panchayat near Namchi, the headquarters of South Sikkim district, 85-year-old Nar Bahadur Rai is a disappointed farmer. With his son, Rai grows maize, ginger and cardamom on their two-hectare (ha) farm. Since 2011-12, when they stopped using synthetic chemicals, their ginger production has plunged to only a third of the amount they used to grow when chemical use was permitted in farming. A fungal disease called sheath blight has affected their ginger crop and Rai has received no assistance from the government. “Why are we not given any medicines for our crops? The government gave us only some manure for a short while. What is the point of the officers going for trainings if the farmers do not learn anything?” he asks. Around six kilometres away, farmer Revathy Sharma faces other challenges. He grows pulses and maize on his small farm of about 0.6 ha. His pulse yield has fallen drastically since he switched to organic farming. “When chemicals were allowed, I could grow 280 to 300 kg of pulses and now, after 4 years, I barely manage to grow 80 to 85 kg. This year, I am expecting a slight improvement with a yield of around 100 kg,” he says. Sharma cites low productivity and the susceptibility of crops to pest attacks as the reasons for this fall in yield. The experience of farmers like Sharma and Rai shows that despite earning the “100 per cent organic” tag, Sikkim’s transition to organic farming is yet to become successful.
  2. Not to keep quibbling, but haven't total ODI scores been creeping up over the decades? If that is the case, individual and partnership averages would also be increasing. Oh well, interesting stuff.
  3. The only thing that gives me pause with some stats (avg being one) is the one-dimensional nature. Can we really compare average across eras? Would it be better to normalize it on some basis - maybe the cumulative opening batting average during that era? Even that won't be ideal - with only 8-10 teams, it can get skewed easily. Am sure there are some high power-stats that will give a better idea.
  4. Did they check the expiry date of that mikchar before eating it?
  5. My most hated players - I hope the scrap heap awaits them: (1) SPD Smith - I hope he shot his wad today and stinks the rest of the way. Or I hope he gets a call saying he had a baby and leaves the IPL. (2) R Ponting - yeah, I know he is not a player, but I hope his team crashes and burns in spite of good performances from the Indian contingent. Or I hope he gets word of the birth of a love-child from a scandalous affair or something, leaves the tournament and his team becomes tolerable. (3) D Warner - I can't wait to see this guy fail. He has a nice guy image, but something tells me he's a crook. (4) S Curran - I will never forget how we let this debutant beat us. Not his fault that we stank it up in that test match, but I still hate him. (5) S Watson - am not a CSK fan, he is an Australian, he is one of their mainstays, so fail. (6) M Ali - his innocuous off-spin and sub-par batting seem to elevate themselves against India. Woe be to him. (7)
  6. I think you are being too harsh om Manish Pandey. For his fielding alone, I would keep him off this list.
  7. More than likely, he has shot his wad for this year's IPL.
  8. It may not reduce the eventual total number of cases, but it slows down the spread some (flattens the curve). This eases the pressure on hospitals.
  9. (1) Pant's batting is a little disappointing. He overdoes the unbalanced hoick between square leg and midwicket, and looked uncomfortable overall. As he has shown in tests in Australia, he certainly has the ability. One cannot hit a 150+ against world class bowling without great ability, but there's something lacking. Just hope he gets it figured out. (2) Ponting's pouty outburst when Iyer dropped a catch was priceless. Pity it didn't stay that way at the end. He is the one and only reason I am looking for DC to crash and burn. The sooner the better.
  10. MSP is staying. Farmers still have the option of selling at MSP. Middlemen who were marking up 8-10% commission on either side of commodity transaction are fearful that their game is up. The APMC monopoly was a drag on farmers and abolishing the monopoly is akin to PVN-Manmohan liberalization of industrial/service economy in early 1990s.
  11. Time for the SOFTWARE NERD cup! May the festivities begin.
  12. It's not. More than anything else, it gives farmers the freedom to sell their products to whomever they want. They will not be at the mercy of the government mandis anymore. Some politicians don't like the loss of power and are stoking the protest flames.
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