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  1. Nailed it. Selectors gave a good chance to tm to pick a young xi. But tm botched it. We may have still lost badly but at least would have seen which youngsters can respond well to pressure. Now, they will play in a dead rubber ... meaningless.
  2. Have we considered that it is desperation, and not greed. It is impossible to judge their individual circumstances. Not every Gujarati can thrive doing business in Gujarat. Some people may have tried hardest but their circumstances (someone fleeced them? large family with no chance of a big inheritance? no capital? loan shark threating them over unpaid money?) may have put them in this desperate situation ... and then they have relatives in Canada or USA (who are living the dream life with kids in med school etc.) who say "Just get here, we'll take care of you."
  3. Seniority and Experience - the two most important predictors of team success. Sincerely yours, Bhartiya Cricket Babu
  4. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(22)00100-3/fulltext Hope this guy is right -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use the term pandemic to refer to the extraordinary societal efforts over the past 2 years to respond to a new pathogen that have changed how individuals live their lives and how policy responses have developed in governments around the world. These efforts have saved countless lives globally. New SARS-
  5. Fair point. But is that a compelling enough factor for captaincy success?
  6. S/W analysis of the contenders (in order of preference): (1) Rohit Sharma Strengths: Has recently performed very well as a test batsman, even under difficult conditions abroad. Seems to have a very personable leadership style that allows others to play freely - a nurturing style. Weaknesses: Availability issues - dang, the guy is hurt a lot, and his injuries seem to be related to lack of general fitness. In this day and age of athletes playing cricket, am just not sure that will cut it. Will he be there for every match? Too much power in on
  7. Nothing more to say. I hope that this allows him to stay focused on his batting and contribute to the team's success as a batsman. At his level of physical fitness, he has several years left in him, if he can sort out his technical flaws.
  8. Youngster batsmen getting chanc .... wait, something doesn't sound right.
  9. "They may be dropped when they're old and hunched over -- like this" In all seriousness though, I can't fathom what could've triggered this sort of OTT behavior from the Indian team. I haven't been watching the matches live nor much of the highlights, but no matter how bad the DRS decision was, this is not the first one they have encountered. So, how did they lose their collective minds here? A couple of things: (1) It was said that RSD would bring some sort of "dignity" to the team that RJS did not have. I call BS on that entire premise. (2) I s
  10. No doubt. Also, it does not spread via direct human-human contact and so, somehow, we don't "mehsoos" it in the same way.
  11. Pretty solid list. No debates about Pant and Bumrah. Ashwin is debatable depending on conditions. Kohli is a definite contender, but debatable. If someone woke me up from deep sleep and said, "Chal uTh, all-time India team banaate hain ...", I'd be like: "Pehle Pant ka naam likho. Baaki kal subah dekhenge."
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