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  1. That would be true if the match was at Lords or another one of those grassy knolls. Seems like Southampton will be a patta or - at the very least - not a meadowland pitch with 6 inches of grass under 6 hours of cloudiness.
  2. He was the real deal. One should never discount the devastation caused by injuries. Once a player - esp fast bowler - is injured, it takes extreme resolve and a good deal of luck to come back and perform at the same level.
  3. No wonder he keeps getting picked for LOIs :-)!!! Debut knocks are etched in memories for a long time!
  4. Thank you, Tim. The intense pleasure of an epic beatdown was beginning to wane, but you my man Timothy, have single-handedly ensured that the endorphins are back. Today I will waste 2 hours watching highlights of Pant, Shardul, Sundar, Nattu, Siraj, Gill, Vihari, Pujara and Ashwin beat you down. Again.
  5. Any time we discuss selection unfairness, we must also factor in injuries. It is hard to go back in time and track when someone was hurt and when they weren't picked, but it bears consideration. KL Rahul (early in his career), Karun Nair and Varun Aaron are some good examples.
  6. Reminds me of the Rachin Ravindra videos from a decade ago.
  7. Move to PSL. Or BPL. Or better still ... to some legends T-20 league. Half of them are 40+ anyway.
  8. Flatters in yellow, deceives in blue. We've been deceived a few times, anduke.
  9. Australia, NZ, China, Japan and some SE Asian countries are going for a complete elimination, not mitigation, strategy. No effin around with "let's learn to live with the virus." Of course, there are trade-offs and all these decisions are of the 51-49 type, but it appears that, in the long-term, this approach will bring the best results: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)00978-8/fulltext
  10. Was he injured when he was dropped and just never did enough to take his place back .... until now?
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