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  1. This guy pulls no punches. His brutal honesty, and non-PC answers are exactly why he will never get to be the captain. He is like an enforcer. A legendary one.
  2. Maybe we are just fracking with their minds.
  3. Wouldn't they have practices with it in the week leading up to the match? Or is that not enough preparation?
  4. You know someone is getting old and insecure about their legacy when they start a sentence with "Hamaare zamaane mein toh ..."
  5. Standing behind a window with vertical bars and leafy curtains, Rajesh Khanna melodramatically answered this question to Sharmila Tagore.
  6. Was looking for a reason to hate on the Poms. Got it now! Effin desperate cheats. It is one thing to be mistaken when it just happened, but to keep insisting after the clear replay and surrounding the umpire etc.? Totally uncalled for.
  7. In the Super Bowl, they came up with a creative way to fill seats. I think you could pay like $100, send a photo and they'd make a cut out of you and put it on the seat. I would love to see this used as a way to raise funds. Send INR 2500 and your photo. Your cut out gets placed and the remaining funds go towards a welfare project in Ahendavad.
  8. Mainly because, while he had some ridiculously great spells, he also had just as many ridiculously bad ones. Someone needed to rein him in and show him how to be consistent. Never happened.
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