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  1. Corrected. It's too late, I know, but if there is a way to sneak him in. Like maybe one of the others has a baby or something?
  2. Agree, in theory. But unfortunately, we have a superstar worship culture and are quick to insult/deride anyone who was not an alpha and the best of the best. "What did he achieve as a batsman or bowler that he can teach these other guys?" Will our own top superstar players respect and cooperate with someone who has never played a test, no matter what his coaching credentials are? Or if he tries to rein them in or coach, will they go with "tu kya sikhayega? I've already achieved more than you, idiot!" Until we lost that attitude, good coaches who were not superstar players - l
  3. Not being a Djokovic fan and wanting to see some newer guys succeed, I was glad when the match ended the way it did. Smashing racquets and generally acting like a spoilt-child is not pleasant (ironically, I am a huge fan of Johnny Mac, so whatever). On a related note, I have been so out of touch with tennis for such a long time (effectively after the Sampras days) that my mind kept saying that Andrei Medvedev was in the final. I realized it couldn't be true, so I looked him up on Wikipedia. Come to find out the dude was born in 1974, played in the 90s, retired in
  4. Probably got infected independent of each other. About 8x lower chance than a situation where physio/players were unvaccinated. And about 25x lower chance that they become seriously ill.
  5. Not surprising at all, if they are all vaccinated. First, the players are all likely fully vaccinated. Vaccinated people have only 1/8 the chance of getting infected compared to unvaccinated people. Second, the physio was likely fully vaccinated. If a vaccinated person is infected, their viral load is the same as unvaccinateds for 1-2 days but then drops whereas it rises in unvaccinateds. So, vaccinateds are much less likely to transmit the virus. Anecdotally: Two weeks ago I worked closely for 4 hours in a barn (harvesting and processing field crops) with a guy who had just
  6. Good OP and thread. Rahane, in his early days, batted elegantly and went about his business with a lot of humility and no fanfare. Yeah, people complained about his "body language" and such, but the same calm, collected body language brought success to the team when he led them in multiple difficult conditions. Let us not forget that the most memorable victories for Indian cricket came under his watch. I wish public wouldn't let their recency bias cloud their overall judgment of the guy. Is he an ATG? No, of course not. Was he a good, solid test batsman for the first 2/
  7. Such parity is not unexpected when a series is 2-1. It's not like one team is up 4-0 amid such statistical parity. And when you think about it, their margin of victory in H'ley was bigger than either of India's margin. That evens it out some. So, nothing really surprising here - the teams are somewhat equal overall. But, if you look closely, you may conclude that hitting sixes (17-3) is the biggest difference
  8. Rotating fast bowlers so they are fresh is the key here. When you have talented depth, you plug and play. Right now, Bumrah and maybe Siraj get 4-5 matches at a time. The rest get 2-3. We need to use them sort of like baseball teams use their pitcher-rotation.
  9. Completely disagree with the premise of this thread. This is not corporate, where if your manager pisses you off, you quit and join another company. He is representing a sports team and, from all accounts, is completely loyal to the team. He may be frustrated, upset and even angry, and may have communicated his opinion in private to the TM. But, in the end, he should be (and seems to be) a good team person and not wash dirty laundry in public - as long there is no hush-hush crap going on, as long as the reasoning was communicated clearly with him and his value to the team was emphasized, h
  10. Win or lose, the man has reached epic boss levels. When I talk to my grandchildren about cricket, he will be a main character - along with VVSL, Pant, Jadeja and Washington Sundar. My favorite clutch performers.
  11. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Indebted to him for sending 66 back.
  12. Maniac bhai, I am offended that you missed tagging me - go back and count the number of times I posted Thakur gifs on ICF and tell me who the biggest Thakur fan is :-). The man is a national treasure. Every time he bosses his opponents around, it is time for one of these.
  13. In his interview, Kohli says that the team relishes being in this situation. A situation when the whole world is doubting them because it motivates them. This is a very flawed perspective for Team India at this point in time. It worked in 1983. India was truly an underdog. They did not have a track record of ODI success and were less talented than at least 4 more teams in the World Cup. No one gave them a chance, but they kept proving everyone wrong by playing as a team and overcoming all odds. It worked in 2001. Australia was a juggernaut, coming in with 16 str
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