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  1. Majestic

    Just WTF

    Here is presenting you one of the classic choke battles we have seen between any two team in recent times. It was like a marathon between these two teams on who wants to lose https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/ipl-2020-21-1210595/royal-challengers-bangalore-vs-kings-xi-punjab-31st-match-1216531/ball-by-ball-commentary Looking forward to these two teams playing once again as we will get to see some classic chokes going hand in hand.
  2. They should play Bishnoi instead of Adil Rashid and strength their batting a bit more. Pooran should be at 5 and not 4 and play Gayle and Markram both
  3. Majestic

    Just WTF

    Whenever Mayank Agarwal is leading scorer of Punjab team, his team finds a way to throw the match into the gutter. Whether it was opening match vs DC last year, or his 99 in one of the games this year where he captained or that Tewatia match last year or today, his team puts his down more than anyone else.
  4. Majestic

    Just WTF

    Move on from RCB, meet the greatest chokers of the game, Punjab Kings.
  5. Symonds was a match winner but he also had the luxury of playing in a strong team. If he played for a weak team, things could have been different for him. I won't rate him higher than Yuvi.
  6. Not good enough. He is Nitish Rana level mediocrity but Rana is more fitter than him.
  7. KL Rahul Rishabh Pant Shreyas Iyer Suryakumar Yadav Only these 4. Gill needs more time as he is still to improve his hitting game but in a few years time, he can take that role. However, I think in a few years time, he should be focussing on taking the no.3 spot instead of no.4 as those spots will become vacant by that time. Others mentioned names in OP are openers and aren't versatile enough to bat at 4 or 5.
  8. You are right about that time but it was just one or two match and then later on Kohli backed him and gave a lot of chances too. His failures in England, Australia and then even at home all led to him getting dropped from the test team by 2018. He was given enough chances and even in ODIs, he was not doing anything special. The break helped him, he had a dominant IPL season and then played a few game changing de Villiers esque knocks in ODIs at no.5 plus kept gloves too and now has done well in his comeback test series. I still feel that he is mentally a bit soft and starts panicki
  9. It depends on the nature and the value/importance of the tournament. As example, Champions Trophy is basically a cheap downgraded version of World Cup. When Australia were winning World Cup back to back from late 90s and 2000s, they failed to win the Champions Trophy and it was won by other teams mostly( SA, NZ and then shared by India/SL and I don't even remember who won the next). So, winning a Champions Trophy does not hold any major significance. Next comes on line is World T20s. As the nature of the format is, on a given day any team can beat any team in this tourn
  10. If that happens, everyone will then become the next Johnny Bairstow, who is a proper flat track bully these days and gets bowled out every while.
  11. Ravi Shastri deserves all the credit especially for that legendary win in Australia 2020. A WT20 or Champions Trophy or even WTC Final win either of the three aren't comparable to the win we had in Australia 2020 series in the absence of Virat Kohli and a number of fast bowlers which were injured.
  12. KLR is arguably the most versatile Indian batsman of this generation. In terms of display of range of shots, he is better than Kohli and has a tight technique and defense like Kohli too. Rahul's problem is his head and lack of clarity of how he should bat in certain situations. The skill sets are there. He has a bit of ABD in him in terms of talent level. Iyer is a good batsman and an upgraded version of Rayudu but doesn't have as high a ceiling.
  13. Pant is everyone's favourite on this forum so he will be automatic pick for future captain in ICF. However, I think it is too early to consider Pant as captain of all formats. Even in future, if he is playing all three formats, it is not gonna be easy from workload point of view for him to captain in all formats. I think at the moment, Rohit is the best choice and 2-3 years later, we need to sit and decide at that time who can take over as the next captain after Rohit.
  14. Based on the cricket that has happened over four tests, every neutral would agree that India were a better team of the two and deserved a scoreline of 2-1 win.
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