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  1. I don't think we will win both. But if we win, it's great. However, I would take a win in WTC Final and a competitive 3-2 type series loss Vs England.
  2. My major worry is that the law of averages might not work for us. I read it somewhere and posting below. This is India in England in last three tours:- 2014:- England played Sri Lanka before India toured them. Sri Lanka won the series 1-0 and we lost 3-1. 2018:- England played Pakistan before India again toured them. Pakistan drew the series 1-1 and we lost 4-1. 2021:- England played New Zealand before India are touring them. NEW Zealand won the series 1-0 and let's see what we do this time. I have high doubts
  3. I think the boat has already passed for Rohit. When I think of best test players with less than 20 hundreds in modern era, the names that come to mind are Pujara, Elgar, Latham, Azhar Ali, Matthews etc. None anywhere close to ATG. If I look for great ODI player who have 20+ test hundreds to their name, then there is Kohli, de Villiers, Taylor (almost there) and Warner. I am not sure if Warner and Taylor are even considered as ATG among them. Rohit is comfortably behind them all in tests.
  4. Shouldn't IPL also count in T20s preferably. He has 6 times IPL winner.
  5. Rohit need to hit 20 test hundred in his entire career to become an ATG.
  6. Not in WTC Final but at some point, they should give Vihari a go too. Maybe even as openera also.
  7. Boult has to play. Due to rain expected, there will be overcast condition and Boult can end Rohit's test career right there.
  8. Prithvi Dhawan(c) Samson SKY Kishan Pandya Pandya Bhuvi(v/c) Sakariya Saini R Chahar
  9. Broad is certainly below Ashwin as test bowler. Anderson has an edge maybe because of 600+ wickets but I think a few more overseas performance should do it for Ashwin also.
  10. So, he rates Kapil and Anderson as ATGs but not Ashwin as of now.
  11. I rate Ashwin highly. But I still feel that there were occasions or matches overseas which he could win us but he didn't for whatever be the reasons. I would stick my opinion that Ashwin is in same league as Kumble. But if Ashwin does well overseas in coming years, I will rate him higher. His batting is good enough to be termed as bowling AR.
  12. Manjrekar has been exposed here lol
  13. Ashwin is same level to Kumble as test bowler. His state are inflated by bowling on rank turners.
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