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  1. Hetmyer is due a big knock. He would smack the hell Outta Hazelwood and Siraj who are not good death over bowlers. Also, Hettie is very much capable of getting underneath of Harshal as he is a proper death over hitter which Stoinis wasn't.
  2. Majestic

    IPL 2022 11

    IPL 2022 best XI as of now :- Buttler+ KL Pandya(c) Livingstone+ MIller+ DK(wkt) Hasaranga/Rashid+ Harshal Mohsin Umran Yuzi + Denotes overseas player. No overseas fast bowler this season
  3. If you are striking at a rate less than Shreyas Iyer who atleast came to bat in first over every game due to non openers, then there are enough reasons to worry for. Pandya S/R 132, it worked for GT but won't work for Indian team.
  4. No time better than this for KL to setup. I expect a whole lot of drama and the 'C' word happening from both end in this game, should be good for entertainment.
  5. Yeah luck went their way because the captain was changed
  6. Could be that we may have some another script than RR winning this game. The script be like Tewatia vs Mcoy in the final overs and Tewatia smacking the West Indian in death overs.
  7. I think the best teams to face in knockouts are Royal Challengers Bangalore, Lucknow Supergiants, Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals. Gives you more confidence going against them in knockouts. The teams you would avoid facing are Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. With Rajasthan, it is tough to say, depends purely on team quality, the current one looks their best on form since 2009.
  8. Riyan Parag and Devdutt Paddikal also.
  9. Yeah, there is sameness in bowling. Quite a few death overs bowlers but no guy who picks wickets upfront. I think we are ultimately resting our hopes on Mohammad Shami and Deepak Chahar to pick the wickets with new ball in T20 World Cup. Problem is neither of the two guys can be relied on death overs.
  10. Surprisingly or not, Royal Challengers Bangalore have qualified to playoffs most number of times (8) after Chennai Super kings(11) and Mumbai Indians(9) but they are yet to win their first IPL trophy. They also qualified to final thrice which is third to CSK(9)and MI (6) and same number of times to KKR(3), SRH/Deccan chargers combined(3). Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings have all reached IPL finals once.
  11. Teams with most Playoffs qualifications:- 1. Chennai Super kings - 11 2. Mumbai Indians - 9 3. Royal Challengers Bangalore - 8 4. Sunrisers Hyderabad/Deccan Chargers- 8 5. Kolkata knight Riders - 7 6. Delhi Capitals - 6 7. Rajasthan Royals - 4 8. Punjab Kings - 2 * The new teams, Gujarat Lions/Titans (2016,22) have qualified twice in playoffs while Lucknow(2022) and Pune(2017) also have qualified once. The below grid illustrates the teams that qualified for playoffs by year wise till 2021 :
  12. It was never gonna happen that he would have been dropped after the performance vs Sri Lanka couple of months ago. As long as he is performing at a same level as the likes of Pant, SKY, Kishan, Samson etc, he won't gonna be dropped. Others need to up their game for a spot in Indian squad like SKY did when given the chance.
  13. Pujara mostly scores vs spin and blocks vs pace, what is so special about it? He is only good in Lords, Sydney, Oval type wickets, not suited to the wicket that say, the one in which WTC was played in the early England summer. Vihari is same but Vihari has more shots vs pace than Pujara. Go with him if Gill is not ready, back your young guys, don't go back to oldies just because of an odd performance in low quality county cricket.
  14. Another important question here. Is Shami dropped or rested from T20 series because they mentioned only VK, RS and JB as ones that are rested.
  15. He should have done that when Shaw wasn't available.
  16. Playing XI for final test vs England :- Rohit KL Vihari Kohli Gill Pant(wkt) Jadeja Shardul Shami Bumrah Siraj
  17. The playing XI for first game :- KLR Kishan(wkt) Shreyas Pant(wkt) Pandya DK(wkt) Axar Harshal Bhuvi Malik/Avesh Yuzi
  18. I would have liked if Shaw was picked ahead of Ruturaj. Also, Samson should have been picked too.
  19. Shreyas is among the top picks in this squad, probably 4th most important player after KL, Pant and Yuzi.
  20. Not saying to pick him but just that in T20s, he is a better option than Ruturaj IMO who is a slow starter and not so good in accelerating vs pace and also struggles vs left arm pace. I would prefer Jaiswal over both of them though.
  21. Try playing Ruturaj in middle order, the guy will struggle as hell. Atleast Paddikal has played few good knocks even after batting at a position not where he would want. Paddikal's problem is the final 7 overs where he struggles to accelerate but outside that, he still scores at a good enough clip. DDP being a left hander will be my pick over Ruturaj given that India are already having scarcity of left handers in the team and especially guys who can play left arm pace.
  22. Paddikal is still better than Ruturaj in T20s. Ruturaj is extremely slow and can't play left arm pace to save his life.
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