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  1. Location and real estate also plays a part. Southern states enjoy more stability and security, and hence more prosperity as well due to not being next our haraami padosis.
  2. If there is no law and order in Bangalore and Karantaka and streets are flooded with cheap drugs for sale, I can guarantee you that the IT city will go up for toss. Understand how the drugs are pushed through border with a purpose, and corrupt elements do not care and are pushing it to the youth. Yes people are to be blamed but so is law agencies.
  3. Pyaar ek Mauka hai.. Paxtan mein democracy ek dhoka hai.
  4. inse bade hypocrite nahi dekhe meine.. Din me islam raat mein haraam
  5. Lahool Willa Quwaat.. Ye Riyasat e madina ke thekedaar kya sab kar rahe hain..
  6. Salman Butt Nasir Jamshed Lou Vincent Sharjeel Khan Azharrudin Hansie Cronje Chris Cairns Ata ur Rehman Mohammad Asif Mohammad Amir Danish Kaneria I have got 3 seamers, 1 spinner and two allrounders. Two left handers at the top and then Lou Vincent and Sharjeel at 4 down. I would not bet against this team.
  7. Teacher be like : write your name kids after writing name : blasphemous kaboom!!! There blows the class
  8. " A day without humiliation is a day wasted." - PM Imran Khan
  9. The road route is nice. Apostles.. meh. There is a town called Lorne which is worth a visit.
  10. Waise hi Ande Ke Burger khaa khaa ke thak gaye honge.. All 3 would be demanding there cut.
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