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  1. 62 is the best rank we can reach. everyone above have atleast one gold
  2. Rohit disappoints both his fans and haters everytime
  3. we can send Andhra politicians to this event, they really love padayatras. both current and ex cm of andhra walked like 1500 kms and one more guy is getting ready for next term
  4. whatever happened to him? he would be ideal Olympic age by now
  5. ****, i walk really fast. why didn't anyone inform me about this
  6. wonder if sushil is watching this. is he allowed to watch TV?
  7. these comments are good to light some fire under kohli. other wise he'll at his usual bs of how they fought well but bad 30 mins took away the game. it should be made clear that there's no consolation prize here. like Aus 2018, england is missing a couple of key players so if you don't win, you won't be winning any hearts and kidneys either
  8. it only works for spectator sports. who will watch national shooting league
  9. even sam Curran fell off after his breakout series in 2018. he may not be guarantee starter
  10. not 2028, but 2032 since Brisbane is hosting 2032. They already have stadium and hoat countries can pick some sports they want, like how japan picked base ball this time its in the hands of cricket Australia
  11. i have a hunch that defying all expectations, Rohit might score his first overseas century in this series.
  12. Jadeja at no. 3 will give some left right combo in top order. won't have to bat with the tail. can pick thakur as allrounder
  13. Since 2010, in England, teams that won the toss won the match 32 times. Teams that lost the toss won 31 times. It literally doesn't matter in England. If India loses this series its because we got outplayed, simple as Both the matches India won in England, last decade were when we lost the toss
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