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  1. Obviously he doesn't get to play enough tests against big teams. He still hasn't played even one match in Australia for example, even though he's playing for more than a decade. Still he took a matchwinning 10fer against australia and even made 84 in the same match. That's the most all-round performance in this era
  2. nope https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/115880/no-deal-with-sky-sports-yet;-bt-sport-channel-4-in-frame-to-broadcast-india-seriesNodealwithSkySportsyet;BTSport,Channel4inframetobroadcastIndiaseries
  3. how are kohli and smith in same bracket? there is an 8 point differential in their averages. there is less gap between kohli's and root's than kohli and smith's in tests, smith is in his own tier. Kohli-root-kane are in next tier in that order
  4. I think Nas/Atherton have exclusive deal with Sky. This series will not be telecasted in UK through Sky apparently
  5. Jadeja is not a good allrounder in LOIs. His bowling is just not good enough on its own in ODIs/T20s and he is not a top order batsman either (although I believe he is good enough to play in top order right now). Stokes can make english ODI team as a batsman alone and his bowling is a decent bonus. Shakib can make into BD team on his bowling/batting alone
  6. This is an assumption you are making.. that if India stops playing tests with lanka, they will play 3 test series with BD and Pak or play with ireland and afghan.. thats not how it works. There is no huge demand from Lankan fans that their team should play minimum 8 tests every year no matter the opposition. Sri Lanka vs Ireland test match will result in financial loss regardless of whether india plays with lanka or not. If only revenues are considered, its better for sri lankan board to stop playing tests all together and only organize bilateral LOIs.. only reason they don't do it is to not l
  7. its pretty hot in Sri Lanka too. Plus he took wickets in UAE in the past
  8. just 11 more. He will be playing two pink ball matches, one in india and one in Aus.. very much possible
  9. These tiered systems, relegations only work if there are 20-30 teams. Test cricket is niche in terms of how many teams play it.. it has always been between unevenly matched sides since its inception. Since the beginning of test cricket, strong teams have been giving out drubbing to weaker teams regularly. There has not been a single time in the history when there were 5-6 evenly matched test teams in the world. Closest was in mid 2000s when australia-SA-india-SL-Pak all had good teams.. and even then Aus was clearly in its own league. Even SA couldn't compete with them
  10. how is this not boring? India can win with a B team against current sri lankan team in any format. If unevenly matched sides means there shouldn't be games at all, india wouldn't have got a single tour to any SENA country in 80s and 90s. How will any team improve in that system?
  11. so you want india to only play series with england-australia-newzealand. Even then, they shouldn't be played in India since we already know inida will win. So essentially India should only play in england, australia and newzealand.. and can play home series with australia. why even continue to play tests at that point
  12. specialist bowlers, yes. Kallis played 166 matches. Jimmy will probably cross that too
  13. johnny is playing pretty good here, should have been selected for indian series
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