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  1. Nope. On difficult wickets, KL is the first one to go. Essentially he's leaving the tough work to others and making merry on easy pitches
  2. Punjab rested both it's million dollar BBl stars
  3. Can we form two new teams consisting of all the top players that missed out in this edition of ipl(shouldn't include injured ones) and say that they can compete with MI?
  4. But these new teams will still pick from the same talent pool
  5. If he's picked in WC squad, he should only be played in semi final and final
  6. Why do you always scrape the bottom of the barrel for Pandya. Who even counts stats against Afghanistan, that too in a test match
  7. Malan can't be played at 4, he's only effective in top order. Which means either kl/mayank should be sent at 4
  8. So why not err on the side of caution and try to score more than par on flat pitches? They know how hard they had to try to defend 220 against RR, there's no reason to think that 190 is decent score for their bowlers.
  9. I think he gave up trying to win ipl. It doesn't hurt his brand in anyway, even RCB fans are seeing the humour in never winning the cup, so he's not too stressed
  10. what does KL have to do with 180? if everyone batted his way they would be looking at 150
  11. something is definitely going on with DC bowlers. Rabada (twice), Nortje, Stoinis, Ashwin..
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