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  1. Well atleast we know that Rohit can win with good teams. With Kohli there's no such confidence either
  2. How does that work really. You got first 6 months covered with ipl and 3-4 home tests. So icc can only schedule tournaments in last 6 months (there will be a tournament every year this decade) which will take a couple of months space. Bilateral LOIs to prepare for the tourney will be a couple of months. So test tours just 2 months per year? That means to complete entire cycle of tours take 5-6 years And we're not even factoring the rest period for the players. This is not sustainable. If bcci feels that 4 month ipl is the way to go, just move on from the test format. This slow dea
  3. Australian home season doesn't start till October. Kohli and Rohit will have to play Aussie rules if they tour Australia after ipl
  4. I hope Cricketers themselves ban him for life
  5. 16 points still on the table for mi
  6. Wouldn't that increase domestic inflation. Especially with anticipated fertilizer shortage for next season
  7. If they did that we'll blame lack of practice for their failures
  8. Nothing wrong in accepting donations for hospital
  9. Till 2018, Pkr was artificially inflated by pak govt by using loan money. Seeing GDP in $ value is misleading
  10. Didn't yogi change some labour laws in up to accommodate manufacturing? India can definitely provide even cheaper labour in certain states
  11. Happened a lot of times in India at state level. You just buy out MLAs/MPs, public support don't mean jack until next election
  12. Serpico

    KGF 2

    Yes very hyped
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