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  1. sandeep

    Fcuk China

  2. Outside the mudpit spin paradise, they stand exposed. They should have adjusted the roster once IPL was shifted to UAE.
  3. No question on supporting young players, and the word on Gopal is that he can bat decent as well, making him an interesting prospect right off the bat on paper. But ask Amol Mazumdar or Pravin Amre how tough it is to break in to the national team, or a Badrinath. Sometimes timing doesn't help players.
  4. We aren't talking about you. Guy has bowled game after game, year after year with Banglore's baby boundaries, with RCB shithouse bowling 'attack'. And delivered. Just because he doesn't give you what you expect every damn time, doesn't mean he's bad at handling pressure. Success for spin-bowlers in white ball cricket is a mixed bag, even the good ones are going to get spanked. Often.
  5. While attempting to move goalposts is the obvious move when called out on one's foot-in-mouth, at least try to make it a sensible one. You can base an opinion on batting technique, tactical choices, etc from what you see on TV. Judging a human being's "fitness levels" based on a 2d image that can depend on so many variables, camera angle, focal length, tv 'widescreen setting', lighting etc isn't quite the same thing. Champ.
  6. And Jadeja's T20 batting record isn't that much better than Ashwins either, especially if you discount the stat-padding. My best Indian T20 squad has Ashwin in it, without hesitation. He destroys lefthanded batsmen a lot more than Kuldeep does.
  7. He gets a lot of 'hate' because his skinny, 'average' looks don't reflect the aspirations of some of the wannabes. Its perception based prejudice is all. Guy is a quality leggie who has proven himself over and over again. Underrated. Golu Kuldeep escapes that sort of bias, because his skillset has the "exotic" factor that makes him a 'special' player. I love them both, but pound for pound, in t20 cricket, Chahal is comfortably a better option. Its not even close.
  8. I don't dispense fitness verdicts based on random images on TV, without having any facts in front of me. what about you?
  9. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-09-25/china-pakistan-uighurs-xinjiang-silence Iron Brother China abusing muslims, even Pakistani muslims, and Imran Khan "doesn't know anything about it".
  10. So much hate against the 80s 'stache is no good Coffee bhai. I would bet that your dad most likely sported one of those back in the day.
  11. Virat and his 2 farmhouse buddies own the top 3 slots in white ball cricket and protect like its their jaagir. KL Rahul should have been given one of those slots with the assurance that it was his to keep over 20+ games, unless he pisses it away. But no. Let's make him keep wickets if he wants the opportunity to score runs in white ball cricket and win more endorsements. Team's interest can go bhaad mein.
  12. I love when fans apply fitness tests based on what they see on TV. Banjo kuch bhi.
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