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  1. banjo "shaivism" "vaishnavism", but no 'connection' with rest of Bharat or Hinduism. I mean, the height of moronic blinkers. I have a lot of time for atheists, and agree with much of what most atheists' critique of religion. But fools with delusion arrogance of superiority often feed such 'facts' to themselves.
  2. Is Germany a "country"? Is Italy? You seem to be looking for 'proof' of modern 20th century nation-states in antiquity - and that just provides proof of your ignorant 'agenda'. You are free to cherrypick and believe what you want. Don't expect others not to laugh at asinine assertions though.
  3. I have visited more than a dozen over the years. I don't suffer from a gaaavthi close-minded mindset. Some are free to feel 'cocksure' in their ignorance, its all good.
  4. Konkani people (Konganar), Kannadigas (Karunadar), Odiyas (Kalingar), Bengalis (Bangalar) and northern India (vada Aryar). what religion did the "sangam era" tamils believe in? Sampoorna kumbho na karoti shabdham ardho ghato ghoshamupaiti noonam vidvaan kuleeno na karoti garvam gunairviheenaaha bahu jalpayanti
  5. bullshit. classic aggrandized frog in the well claims extrapolated from personal anecdotes.
  6. Its not just about one 'religion' - its culture. why is Namaste a universal greeting across the subcontinent? why is the sari ubiqutous as traditional wear, of course draping styles are regional, but the sari is supreme - except where its been forcibly eradicated in the converted masses that partitioned themselves into separate entities. Bharat was always there as an idea - from the Himalayas to the peninsular tip. One doesn't become some sort of 'bigoted hindutva' drone by recognizing that obvious fact...
  7. I am not sure if I am fully supportive of historical rebuilding of temples all over the place, however, your attempt at false equivalence of 'hindu kings destroying temples too' is a completely fabricated talking point and a marker of ignorance. The sheer number and scale simply does not compare. Its pure conjecture, extrapolation and done with malicious intent. Its another thing that well-meaning innocents like you and me bought this fake propaganda hook line and sinker - simply because we absorbed it at impressionable ages.
  8. where did I say she rebuilt the Shiv temple? You questioned why the Marathas didn't "do anything" about temple destruction and rebuilding - that's what I responded to... She did a lot on that front...
  9. you need to read up on Ahilyabai Holkar
  10. looks ..........fugly.
  11. Look, we are not going to be as deeply acquainted with all the nitty-gritties of pakistani siyasat soap opera, so always willing to listen to corrections as long as they are factual. But explain to a layman observer How Imran's ouster is any different from how Nawaz Sharif was shunted out ? before you say "but kurrupshun" - you and everybody knows how many corrupt "electables" were part of Imran's 'selection' route to becoming PM. There's not that much difference in either efficiency, governance, or corruption levels from what a dispassionate outside observer like me sees it. Su
  12. Waugh was past his prime and played politics to survive.
  13. Brief read through on the interwebs make it a slam dunk case. The facts aren't really debatable. This should have been addressed in the 1950s.
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