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  1. sandeep

    Its OK.

    That's what happens when penniless settlers go and land-grab half way across the world and then "make laws" to preserve low population density. Nothing to feel jealous about.
  2. Because we don't ban until its the last resort. And try to avoid censoring unless its really a dumpster fire. And stupidity is funny to laugh at. What he considers 'trolling' is a massive self-own goal. Be thicker skinned. Don't let morons get to you.
  3. Because the claim you are making implies somehow that the Indian bowlers aren't good enough to win in these conditions. And that is not the case.
  4. what a loser. Go root for the team that has to cheat to beat the likes of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh at home.
  5. No we didn't. If we had, this would have been a draw. Batting misfired, badly. Bowlers were undercooked and didn't get it together until NZ had 100 on the board in the 1st dig. Batting misfired again on the last day. The simple fact, although it sounds overly generous to say it right now - is that relative to skill and ability, Indian team massively underperformed. And they still possess the skill and ability to deliver better outcomes, even in these conditions.
  6. sandeep

    Its OK.

    And I find your shtick of conflating lies and presenting it as if its my opinion, provocative and intolerable.
  7. But kiwi bowlers got to attack vulnerable batsmen on a fresh pitch without the scoreboard pressure of a sub-par total behind them. Indian bowlers didn't. When India were 60/0 in the 1st innings, there was a lot of chest-beating from NZ commies about NZ bowling making the "same mistakes" as they often do away from home. Its very easy to fall into the trap of extrapolating based on a small data-set. I believe folks are allowing their disappointment at the loss that shouldn't have been (primarily the batting's fault), by unnecessarily denigrating the bowling. The bo
  8. If Boult wasn't a left-armer, he'd be replaced right away with any of the 3 Indian pacers. A lot of what makes this NZ attack so potent in these conditions is how they bowl as a unit and have complementary roles and skillsets. If India had bowled first in this test match, this could have played out very differently. If the NZ batsmen had to front up against our bowlers without the luxury of knowing that that India only had 217 on the board, or a sub-par 4th innings total, you might have been singing a very different tune.
  9. sandeep

    Its OK.

    Its the typical effigy burning problem in Indian fans mindset. Lack of objectivity and inability to take into account context. what did you expect from this team especially after they had zero warm-up leading to this winner take all test match? We have always been poor starters in away tours, even in friendly conditions, forget challenging ones. None of the criticism is on that. Folks just want to vent their disappointment and frustration by taking potshots at random players - "sack bumrah" etc.
  10. Stop putting asterisks, I'm saying barring tour-ending injuries to multiple bowlers, India is winning this series. What say you? :)
  11. sandeep

    Its OK.

    Nobody's "undroppable". But if genuinely think that Bumrah is a candidate for being dropped, then I'm going to end this 'discussion' right here. Its a waste of my time.
  12. sandeep

    Its OK.

    you either don't get it, or have mal-intent in purposefully not getting it. I have called out the problem as I see it. If you refuse to acknowledge it, that's your choice. As to your whiny rant on 'timing' and what you find 'annoying', if you are a sensitive schoolboy who finds opinions and perspectives that don't mirror yours, "annoying", then you have some growing up to do. Again, your choice.
  13. Windies and S-Africa both offer friendly conditions to pace, but in SA, NZ's swing merchants would not be as effective as they are here. And in Windies, there would be grip on offer to our spinners. Anyway all of this academic hair-splitting. Point is that the conditions were almost completely home-like for NZ here - its the equivalent of India winning the WTC against a non-Asian team in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. Agree 100% on this part of it.
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