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  1. About a year or so ago, I think I brought up Sundar as a future ODI and test prospect - I think it was in one of those next ODI WC threads by @Ankit_sharma03, and you jumped all over me with your usual shtick. How the worm turns ( so predictably).
  2. naah, the pitch was bit too flat on D1 and D2, and Root played well. Nadeem disappointed bigtime, and then our first innings batting was a bit complacent and unlucky(Pujara). I'm not going to make silly assumptions about the professionalism of the team, especially with zero evidence.
  3. No it won't. T1 was a perfect storm of so many things - the way pujara got out freakishly, the silly shots played by top order. If our first innings batting lasts one more session, its a draw. First of all, its unlikely that England can put up another 550+ score, regardless of track, and second, I do not think its possible that India will gift away their batting like they did in T1.I1. Don't be a scaredy cat, it aint happening again.
  4. Yusuf Pathan retired today - a bonafide domestic giant of the game from Gujarat. Not a peep from Zen on him.
  5. what'd you expect from the England captain and coach? To man up and confess that they committed a completely obvious selection blunder on a dry turner? When they have an easy available excuse to deflect the blame? Classic England.
  6. That's the one! I'm more of a 'Baroda' boy than AMD in terms of time spent in Gujjuland. But fond memories of visiting both places over vacations from Bombay/US.
  7. There is a place in the "Maninagar" neighborhood, name escapes me - I binge eat their dabelis when I'm there - spicy-sweet awesomeness. My Maasi lived within walking distance, but have now since moved away. Btw, you aren't eating bhel, pani puri etc in A'bad. You are eating gujju mutations of those things. Sorry, but it is what it is.
  8. Yograj Singh's son tweeting without thinking. its the ball not the pitch that caused the mayhem. I am so surprised that so many ex-cricketers and cricket 'experts' in the media are failing to point out the obvious.
  9. Haven't been in a few years, but that "waterfront" is a concrete eyesore and quite overhyped I mean I get that clean concrete sidewalks seem "refreshing" in contrast to the urban disaster that most Indian cities and public spaces are, but the standards really need to be set higher. In terms of historic sites, there is a beautiful step well - Adalaj Vav, that is worth a stop. The famous mosque has beautiful 'jaali' work if that is interesting to you. The step well was top class for me. Time permitting the Sun Temple at Modhera is not too far a drive - I loved visiti
  10. AMD, home of the nasty "pineapple sandwich" at Manek Chowk! My gujju posse does a great job with native gujju food, but they massacre and mutilate the F out of anything non gujju. And gujju love for "maaayonis" and "cheej" is something else. Many a great Bombay street food has been ruined.
  11. Pommie crybabies know there's not much to complain about, but they are just making a play to ensure that the headlines for the first day talk less about their 38/8 collapse, their decision to play 1 inexperienced spinner on a dry turner, and decided to throw the journalists a bone with a manufactured 'consistency' controversy.
  12. I guess I see your point, but unlike Arnold, Imran is more of a failed politician who allowed himself to be used - Arnold won a legit election, and Imran simply cannot claim the same.
  13. Not so sure about this - especially in his latter day career as a politician. He spent 20 years unsuccessfully trying to win elections, couldn't. Until the PakMil rigged things to have him become puppet PM while they run the country. I wouldn't call that an "achievement". Quite the opposite. Not to deny his personal charisma, or his motivations - I do not doubt that Imran Khan has good intentions about trying to "make Pakistan great again". But he's failing horribly at it.
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