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  1. Congratulations to Pakistan fans worldwide -big moment for them. And a victory in style. @First class @Autonomous
  2. Difficult to make 150 hard in these conditions. But yes, bowlers failed to do something special, especially upfront. Primary reason for the loss is the 36/3 in the power play. That sliced off 20 runs from the eventual total and the rest of the batting failed to make up for that. With dew on this track, anything south of 170 was always going to be an easy chase bar collapse. Good complete performance from the greenbros for a change - previous games, all India had to do was wait for their *up, this time around Pak batting improved enough to overcome a 150 chase in e
  3. If openers hadn't shat themselves, this would be a different game. banjo everybody out here bashing their favorite scapegoats.
  4. At this point, we are in trouble of ending up with a tournament ending run-rate differential.
  5. welcome to the 'eyes open' club - have been harping on it for 5 years now.
  6. better than Pak batting has been in a decade. But not top class. Sub par total and lack of pressure flattering them. Indian bowlers are fighting with 25 short.
  7. confirmation biases get amplified with emotions, especially negative ones. objectivity goes out the window when mirchi lagti hai.
  8. 100 in 72 balls. No wickets, but the asking rate is creeping up slightly. Simply not enough on the board to make a game of this at this point. Need wickets. a bunch of them.
  9. talent doesn't matter, only performance. India failed to perform with the bat. They can still pull things back with the ball, but they fluffed the easier part and now its long odds.
  10. Pandya is not 'half fit'. I'll take the word of the team, captain, coach, players, medical staff over teh emotional rants of armchair self-appointed 'acumen' on the question of his fitness.
  11. All these keyboard warriors who make the loudest noise are the earliest ones to "surrender". phattus banjo.
  12. Have we played against Pak since 2018? I mean, its a sub-par total, and likely a loss, but if we get some wickets pak can crumble under pressure. But need them soon.
  13. I see bigger problems with Rohit and Rahul putting up crap time and again and KLPD-ing the team.
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