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  1. You are the one writing off a player as "not clutch", which the facts do not support.
  2. I love Sundar and want him groomed as a potential 3 format player, esp with the ODI WC coming up in a few years. I have been hyping Sundar for more than 2 years on the forum. But you don't need to attack another player to praise Sundar. Is a test match winning 5 wicket haul in England not considered clutch? Is a fighting 90 scored in a hard fought away test series in South Africa not considered 'clutch'?
  3. I'm still groggy due to allergies -just realized, no Bhuvi in a squad for England series. :(
  4. looking at the 3 opener options - Rohit, Shubman, Mayank - that would sound great to England bowlers and fans probably. No Pandya? I guess his bowling isn't anywhere close to being test match ready.
  5. T20 losses can happen, but 99 all out is something you would not expect even a Ranji side to pull off against the hapless Zimboks.
  6. Shardul's about 20% of the batsman that Hardik is. There's simply no putting more lipstick on that particular pig of an argument.
  7. so the 90 in SA and test winning 5-fer in England is also scraping bottom of the barrel. I mean, I don't want to overrate Pandya the test cricketer, because he is at best a squaddie in 17, not even in 14 or 15. And maybe with a bit of luck and better fitness, can be part of a possible test XI. But the guy offers possible value - there's simply no denying that.
  8. yeah back to the usual gratuitous personal insults, glad to see froggie sticking to his froggyness claiming "Shardul thakur is no different than Hardik Pandya" as cricketer. This is right up there, with toffee kumar being just as good as Sehwag.
  9. I dare you to make a thread where you claim that Thakur and Pandya are no "different" as cricketers. And get anybody to agree with you.
  10. BOM were 10 runs short, that's about it really, these noballs suck but they don't matter.
  11. Brisbane wasn't white ball cricket it was test cricket. Please link to ODI or T20 games that Thakur has "won" for India. I don't need to bother to list them for Pandya.
  12. Merits of Pandya don't matter - its all about the co-incidence that someone else praised Pandya early in his career, while he didn't. And now he will try to 'prove' himself right till the cows come home. Milestones will be racked up but for another 10 years our frog in the well will show up like clockwork everytime Pandya does something less than great on the cricket field. Its just pathetic really.
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