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  1. https://twitter.com/asultanahmad/status/1045657821868695552
  2. New server teething issues... Hopefully sorted out soon...
  3. can't like/react to posts...
  4. Its a valuable influence tool. Asia cup generates major $$ for 'host' board. Everybody knows its Indian participation that makes it the jackpot. On th question of whether the PCB is in "favor" or not - beggars really can't be choosers. Its blunt, harsh, but the bitter truth for the PCB. They've taken an "offense is the best defense" PR strategy in trying to host cricket at home. Plays really well to the home crowd. But it has poor chances of actually working.
  5. sandeep

    Food thread !!!

    My personal favorite in Bombay is Ram Ashraya, in Matunga. The absolute best idli sambhar anywhere. Its walkable from my in-law's home in Dadar. One of the highlights for any trip to India for me.
  6. sandeep

    Food thread !!!

    @velu @coffee_rules @Gollum Is this Adyar Anand Bhavan place supposed to be really good? I see there's a location in NJ not too far from me - closed right now anyway. I know Saravana Bhavan is this super hyped southie franchise chain - the NJ one is just OK OK. The NYC one is a bit better, but again, didn't live up to the hype. Here's a link to their menu - LMK what's good here and I'll check it out once they open - hopefully soon for delivery at least. https://www.a2bnewjersey.com/menus
  7. sandeep

    Fcuk China

    German Newspaper, not pulling any punches - no meanness, just direct no holds barred fact-based slaps. Gotta love it.
  8. Biased soooda. Kallis is the obvious pick, gives you a great bowler in addition to the batting.
  9. My 4 year old is completely obsessed with these - she calls all of them "Saris", and wants to wear them all the time.
  10. And that's the challenge isn't it. To maintain our standards instead of sinking into the mud-pit of reciprocity.
  11. Says who? Based on what? Let this be a crystal clear warning to you - if you insist on littering this forum with blatant lies and propaganda, you will face consequences. This forum has been extremely tolerant of your nonsense - but you are on thin ice. Do not mistake tolerance and laissez faire attitudes for carelessness.
  12. A typically British takedown of a complete f**-up by the UK government in coming up with plans to quickly manufacture ventilators. Read the thread, and you will realize what happens when arrogant idiots who think they know it all are making complex decisions about subjects they simply do not have the expertise on.
  13. https://theprint.in/science/satyajit-rays-feluda-will-soon-detect-coronavirus-in-minutes-thanks-to-csir-scientists/404057/
  14. Quality read. https://theprint.in/national-interest/covid-hasnt-gone-viral-in-india-yet-but-some-in-the-world-at-home-cant-accept-the-truth/404178/
  15. If you are a NJ resident, you probably know that masks were not commonplace until a week or 2 ago - the results are there for all to see.
  16. what 'performance' are you talking about. He has been consistently against lockdowns, has allowed mullahs to run wild. If you have counter-arguments to make, do so on the thread for coronavirus in Pakistan. @Autonomous has been regularly pointing out the glaring flaws in the "selected" PM's government. You say you are a Doctor - what is your take of the so-called 'Quarantine' efforts conducted by Imran's 'govt' in Balochistan? That in itself, and Imran's decision to allow the massive Tabligh gathering when enough was already known about the pandemic, are 2 massive failures. They cannot be washed away by the usual chanting of "previous govt were corrupt". At some point, Imran has to do more than talk about previous govts...
  17. This kid is a heck of a singer. Carnatic music has its own 'vibe' - singers' body language, how they 'keep time' as they sing, its kinda geeky but cool at the same time.
  18. I'm a sucker for Rajasthani folk type songs. This one, Yaara Sili sili, a whole bunch of them. That Rajasthani string instrument - not sure what its called, I love that sound, especially when deployed appropriately.
  19. sandeep

    Fcuk China

    Chinese Govt TV network releases Arabic video for Middle-East in an effort to sell the idea that the Virus came from the US not China. The Commies are betting that places outside US/Europe, are going to be more susceptible to buying their nonsense. And guess what, moronic empty vessels like @Alam_dar show that there's something to that tactic. Wherever there are massive fields of idiots, you can farm all sorts of cooky conspiracy theories.
  20. sandeep

    Fcuk China

    Isn't it amazing how their 'correction' number is exactly 50%. These commie morons don't realize that the rest of the world isn't as stupid as the sheep whose brains they've been censoring for decades.
  21. yeah, didn't mean to use him as an example of 'bad egg' - that's more Aiden,Rock7xyz etc. I got about 40 minutes sleep last night, so I'm a bit zombie....
  22. As @Gollum knows quite well - he's complained about it often enough - , I may be a strong hawk when it comes to Pak Gov and PakMil, but I am not the same when it comes to a random Pakistani - not unless given reason to be.
  23. Aiden/Autonomous - you know the usual trash-talking type... FC isn't one of them.
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