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  1. of course, and I find the marketing puke-worthy. But by all accounts, Dhoni's interest and commitment to the army seems legit...
  2. AFAIK its not honorary, he literally jumped through all the required hoops...
  3. They probably expected a similar lop-sided situation, and may be successfully deterred, simply with appropriate build-up and deployment of force levels. Agree that its way too early to celebrate. We don't want a repeat of the Doklam story on the LaC. Can't afford that type of hollow "victory" followed by solid PLA win.
  4. All credit to Gollu bhai for this wonderful initiative of member interviews. I love reading these! Great idea to begin with, and much respect for the follow-through and executing it. As all forum bhai log are well aware, I have a special fondness for our resident Maniac.
  5. Do you teach, or plan to teach your kids Telugu? Thanks to Corona Quarantine, I was able to teach my daughter Gujarati script - obviously easier relatively, since she speaks it already. But I'm toying with the idea of teaching her another regional Indian language (and learn in the process). Tamil/Telugu maybe? Should be easy to find some structured learning in the desi-land that is NJ...
  6. If you have something stuck in your throat and its bothering you, and you really need to puke, the video below can help.
  7. I think the govt and IA have handled things reasonably well for now - questions can be asked (later) about why PLA incursions were not detected earlier, but once detected, our response has been good. Obviously we will not have insight into all details, especially right away.
  8. Kumble, one of the greatest Captains India had. Should have had a longer tenure. Bowlers do not get enough credit and respect in India.
  9. https://tribune.com.pk/story/1874661/2-pakistan-pay-china-40-billion-20-years Do you know what interest rate India got from Japan, for infrastructure projects? 0.1% When a foreign government "gives" loans to another, especially in exchange for their own companies getting paid from that loan, the interest rates are usually close to zero. Because the loan-giver recognizes that almost all of that money is being used to pay their own companies. But in Pakistan's case, your leaders sold you out, and are happily mortgaging your country's future for bribes worth few pennies, and just so that the delusional hatred of India can be perpetuated with Chinese assistance. Banjo, what a sweet, sweet deal the Chinese are getting. Libor + 5% interest rate - pure profit. On top of that, almost all "contracts" will go to Chinese companies. More profit. Plus RoE is locked in, in certain cases, indepedent of Pakistani rupee value, i.e. at fixed FE rates. This is basically colonization without ever having to bother with conquering. Let the Pakistani fake jernails do the dirty job of oppressing their own people. China can keep talking "Iron brother" bullsh** and keep raking in the money. You morons are being used, abused, milked and looted. Every day, and will be for the next few decades, thanks to the horrible decisions made by your military oppressors, and their civilian politician collaborators. Btw, that includes the cheats of PML(N), not just the PTI that you have such distaste for. Your leaders have sold out the future of your children, and maybe even grandchildren, for pennies.
  10. That is by design. The CCP knows that if it starts drumming up nationalist sentiment about the border confrontation, then it has to show its folks that it "won" the standoff. Which, given the geography, and the capacities of the adversary, is far from assured. That is why they are suppressing information domestically, and ensuring that its plebs do not pay too much attention.
  11. I'm not "angry". Infantile childish taunts do not make me angry. If you insist, I can spell things out for you and spoon-feed you. The PLA has consolidated its hold on F4 beachhead, as well as the heights along the ridgeline looking down towards F3. Holding these enables the PLA to dictate terms and project its power over, arguably the entirety of Pangong Tso. It gives them an excellent basis for asserting their on-paper claim up to F2, and if they wish to, provides an almost perfect staging to throw the Indian army out up to F2 and maybe even beyond. There is a reason why the Indian army, rudely slapped and woken out of its Kumbhakaran slumber, is scrambling and trying to push back. They understand the tactical and strategic significance of F4. And the similar importance of the PP14 area. Making childish claims that "China will be leave on their own, because 'winter'," is what I called you out on. And notably, you are yet to defend that assertion of yours, and are choosing instead to trade personal attacks on tangents. Gee I wonder why.
  12. Exactly. Once the "Zarb-e-azb" stuff reduced the violence, domestic tourism was expected to rebound a bit on its own. Does the data prove that the only way to get that small increase in "domestic tourism", required taking Chinese loans at excessively high interest rates, and giving Chinese companies 50 year tax holidays? The thing about data is, you have to situate it in the correct context. Else you will end up will completely wrong conclusions, and believe that the "data" took you there.
  13. Please quote hard data, not wishy washy nonsense. And no, hired youtubers don't count as 'tourists'. When Gwadar can hardly provide drinking water for a few hundred residents, you can't be making foolish claims about tourism. What you are either intentionally hiding, or are actually ignorant of, is the fact that Pakistan is paying a premium price for those 'motorways'. 'No-bid' contracts for chinese companies, paid for with chinese loans that charge commercial interest rates - its a double rip-off whammy. China spent last 20 years building roads internally, and now has a ton of companies and machines lying idle. By bribing and purchasing Pakistani phauji jernails with a few cents, they are making Pakistani "awaam" pay through the nose for Chinese loans, to be used to hire chinese companies that would otherwise go bust. That's what the BRI (and CPEC) is, in a nutshell. A giant scheme to put surplus Chinese capital, machinery and labor to work, and making other countries pay for it.
  14. Its one thing to develop "infrastructure". But how will they create demand for goods? Demand for material in the Chinese mainland is already being taken care of with well-established supply-chain of ships, ports serving Eastern China. The barren mountains and takla makan desert of Western China is barely populated. The CPEC 'highway' is a road to nowhere. Its primary, and only purpose, is to create export market in the yet another 'stan'. China has already converted the Central Asian 'stans' into poor, dependent client states, where almost everything is made in China. The goods flowing in the CPEC 'corridor' will come from China into Pakistan, while taking raw material from Pak. This is not a secret, the Chinese cleraly spelled it out - they want to build out industries in Xinjiang and Tibet - and they are targeting Pakistani lifelines - labor intensive textiles, sporting goods etc. The only thing Gwadar is good for, is a strategic naval base. That's about it.
  15. Never said *you* claimed it, so how is it a "strawman"? All I did was make a comparison of those silly claims, to your silly claim that winter means "China will have to pack its bags and leave." And I will repeat - that is a baseless silly claim. If you do not know the specifics, don't make ignorant claims.
  16. This assumption reminds me of the bhakt claims about how China has not successfully grabbed any Indian land. Ostrich-like. At this point, it is extremely low probability that India will ever get back Finger 4, or patrol access to F8. Getting the PLA to leave Finger 4 will take maintaining current levels of escalation across all domains. And even then, it is still unlikely that they are simply going to give up such an obviously tactical advantage.
  17. Bit difficult to do that when you have thousands of muslims running street protests and an army of Indian journalists ready to publish polemics against Indian government's 'oppression' of muslims.
  18. Problem is that we won't have S400 deployed fully, for another couple of years.
  19. I don't think its imminent. Is Finger 4 worth the risk of escalation? I'd say not just yet. I want Modi to play this out like Kennedy played out Cuba - no backwards step, but no rush to get trigger-happy.
  20. Jeebus, that's a terrible tweet. Deserves the outcome. If I see any "reasonable liberal" defending this crap, then that person's motivations become suspect in my eyes.
  21. dancing skills, 'break the beard' skills, cooking skills. Interview skills.
  22. We don't live in the 19th century or even the 20th. The nature of international conflicts has fundamentally changed. You are not going to see major physical blockades of supply routes - that would require a national commitment of resources that is simply too expensive for the cost-benefit equation to work. Conflicts now will be of the LAC type - salami-sliced fait accompli with advantage of surprise and limited objectives, or economic and multi-theater conflicts that will be fought out in board-rooms, server rooms and stock markets.
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