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  1. Probable XI...quite solid. India can be roasted on spicer pitches. Elgar Markaram Van dussan Bavuma Verryene Decock Mulder Maharaj Rabada Oliver Norje
  2. Saini never impressed in his brief International career except for his debut T20 series vs WI where he bowled thunderbolts at 150 and got everybody excited. Hope he gets his mojo back.
  3. Saini@150 is an asset. He must maintain that to warrant a place in Indian XI. Since he is a spray gun, even 140 will be cannon fodder for international batsman.
  4. Saurabh kumar - India A spin bowler. Nice dip and loop. Seems talented. Can he bat ??
  5. Jayant picked a cheap 4-fer but he should be no way near the team. Washington Sundar is young and a superior upgrade.
  6. Dominik Cork would have been thinking alongside him in the commentary what the hell is the old man blabbering. Sunny G humour is cringe and he takes himself too seriously. But in the reality 99% of his analysis is garbage.
  7. Lalit Yadav from Delhi / DC is also a prospect. Bowls fast off spinners and a big hitter. More of an allrounder though.
  8. Bad day for Ind-A as SA-A racked 330/3 on Day 1. Spinners looked listless and pace bowlers average. Must be an ultra flat pitch.
  9. This should be end of Kohli lean spell. Kohli will crack around 5 centuries in by the end of Indian home season. My prediction.
  10. He was bowling rockets 150 in T20s in WI. I remember he cleaned up Hetymer and Pooran with sheer pace. But then the decline begin with injuries and he was reduced to around 140ish bowler with no seam and swing which is cannon fodder for International bowlers. His time came and gone too quickly.
  11. If we talk about future then I believe we are covered in leg spin and left arm spin. Axar will cover in for Jadeja- All good for 5 years atleast Yuzi, Kuldeep, Bishnoi, Chahar will share duties for leg spin - good for 5-7 years Off spin is a problem though- zilch after Ashwin. Its a dying art anyways.
  12. Needs to be given full season by CSK before making any final judgement. Thala have this obsession for sticking with oldies.
  13. Looks promising. But guess IPL is the first benchmark for these kids. So can't judge unless thrown into IPL.
  14. Karnatka has produced Shreyas Gopal, M Ashwin & Kariappa. But despite getting game time in IPL, they couldn't graduate to next level.
  15. Yes, Off spin is dead in India. Ashwin will play for 2-3 more years though. Gowtham has regressed and Jalal Saxena is too old now. Washington is a darter. Also, IPL doesn't reward the off spinners. Most of the team prefer left arm spin or leg spin.
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