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  1. Fastest bowlers of match Rauf 152kph Shaheen 146kph Bumrah 146 kph
  2. Bro calm down. Why are you getting so angry for anonymous poster on another forum?
  3. Looks like you were that particular poster
  4. Despite massive sucess of siraj (operating at full throttle) it is mind boggling that why other bowlers are hesitant to bowl fast
  5. Quick start from Prasidh he might bowl the fastest ball today
  6. Three balls above 144kph in second over of prasidh
  7. Didn't Rauf bowl 145kph in his second last over?
  8. Shardul is 3rd best white ball bowler after bumrah and shami we have. The problems is that guys like saini are overhyped as they are "150 kph" bowler
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