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  1. Ghanta. Azzu Mia was a disgrace. And there have been far more elegant batsman before and after this a-hole. "Yeh post wapas le le, nahin to yeh haath mujhe de de Thakor" - Gabbar Singh
  2. Guys, I would to know the rational behind the choice instead of just the name. And you cannot have 5 favorites! C'mon now.
  3. For me it is Sirji. Sir Ravindra Jadeja. I remember when he first came to the scene, we used to call him Bhikari because of his thin stature and for a while his overall value to the team was questionable. However, with hard work and right attitude he has become a force in the last few years from being a utility player to someone who contributes with bat, bowl and on the field. He comes from very humble origins, lot his mother to a tragic accident, but he has overcome all of that. His batting has been a recent blessing. One SENA pitches where it is usually not a spinners' paradise, I think he i
  4. Well the bigger concern is people are testing COVID positive after getting immunized.
  5. Hope he stays healthy. Man, I was thinking after getting immunized that there is glimmer of hope in visiting India this winter, but I am not so sure.
  6. Good for him. The guy looks humble, seems like hard worker in the mold of Puji. Showed good grit in Sydney. He was one of the reasons we did not lose that day. When he is in flow, he looks good. He needs to deal with the short ball better.
  7. In Gabba on the last day, he wore the Aussie quicks out. They kept dishing out, and he kept taking blow after blow. You can bend Puji, but you can't break Puji. By the time he was out, the Aussies were running out of gas. He was a big part of both Aus series wins. How many previous maharathis including Ailaa can claim that? Long like Tortoise. I will take this Tortoise over a Cheetah any day!
  8. It is true that 2000-2001 Aussie team was far superior in batting and the same or slightly better in bowling, but winning away from home with a 2nd string of players does it for me.
  9. I did not say weak players. I said 2nd/3rd string players who otherwise would not have played if the squad was all healthy.
  10. Lillee and Thomson were a deadly pair from 1974-76 especially during the England and WI tours down under. Too bad it did not last long when Thommo got injured and never gained his ferocious speed. Also the Packer defection broke the pair up. By the time a full strength Aus played Eng in 1979, Thommo was not even in the team. Gavaskar faced Thommo in the 1977-78 tour and despite his reduced speed noted that he was fastest bowler he ever faced and over Marshall, Holding and Robert’s.
  11. Some players are born champions, captain or not. Pant belongs to that elite class. Somehow responsibility and pressure does not bother him. He has a mature head on those very young shoulders. I would not be surprised if Delhi won the IPL this year. I am not saying give him Indian captaincy, but he will take in about 5-8 years. Dhoni who?
  12. This! Let’s not forget we fielded a B team, maybe C. When else have you heard a B team beating a full strength home team in their backyard. Never!!!! Jai Hind!!!!!!!
  13. We won with a B team against a first class attack in their backyard. Kolkata 2001 was great, but I rate this higher because we fielded some bench warmers.
  14. That is why it is special, isn’t it? We had a team with 2nd/3rd string of bowlers, no Kohli, no Jadeja. We were expected to be blown away. Not only that did not happen, we scored 300+ runs in the 4th innings against a world class attack in their backyard and WON. This trumps WC 1983 win because there we had a full A team although no one gave us a chance.
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