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  1. And that idiot was hailed as better than SRT? This fecker has played test only for ten years now. SRT played tests from 1989-2011 with an average of almost 57. Too bad he let it slip after that.
  2. Ajmal's chucking arm is perpetually bent at the elbow and hence could not extend. Spare a thought for the physically challenged.
  3. I thought Bismillah did not approve Beer!
  4. Nothing new. In the 80s Kapil and Sunny fought more openly all the time and regional politics was rampant. This is endemic in Indian sphere.
  5. I have changed my mind on Bewda. He has a sharp cricketing mind and a motivator. He is not just strong enough to tussle with Chokohlibaba
  6. If US shared intelligence about Bin Laden's hideout before dropping that asshole into the the depths of sea, the fecker would still be alive, Inshallah! Pak is a morally bankrupt nation to the core.
  7. Time for Immi Bhai to vigorously rub kali daal to get The Almighty to reverse this situation. Ragro, aur zor se ragro Jazba Junoon ke liye, Masallah!
  8. With Delta Mu hovering, who knows what the world will look like in 9 months!
  9. It is amazing how he can generate 90 mph just by walking!
  10. Why did Bewda agree to a book signing event (a useless book to speak of) in the middle of the tests. Couldn't he have indicated he would do it after the tests were over? Once a Bewda, always a laoda.
  11. Someone cut Bewda’s balls off. He acts like a right winger.
  12. Having this in 2022 is so lame. There will be no continuity. Cancel the IPL, stay in England and finish the series. And then cut Bewda’s laoda off!
  13. What a clusterphuck! Oh well, now England will say we could have made it 2-2.
  14. What's the weather going to be? I see the forecast, but any Mancunian in ICF? Is there going to be any game on Day 1 and 2?
  15. was there free alcohol at the event? Because once a Bewda, always a Bewda.
  16. True. One 36 like session and even weather won’t help! Another of India’s issue is complacency. I hope the euphoria of this win does not lead of that thinking weather will bail them out.
  17. Holding is biased, but no one expected India to do this. Atherton was gushing about Bumrah after the game, but even he ruled out a Indian win. Rob Key was effusive in praise for Bumrah saying this guy was something else.
  18. The game will be a draw due to partial washout! Who cares? Bewda is in isolation probably spending the days passed out drunk. Plus COVID hates alcohol. The rest will be shopping and eating mutton biryani. India 2-1. Jai Hind!
  19. Indian fans do monkey chants to dark skinned player like Symonds. Bhajji called Symonds a monkey and then used Sachin paaji to vouch for his integrity saying he was calling Teri Maaki! Kohli is just representing the sentiments of his fellow citizens and fans with crass behavior.
  20. We had this bowling side since 2016, but lost on SA and in England. To say that self belief, determination, proper leadership and proper mindset does not count is foolish. Sure, without talent no one of those attributes will matter. A stupid with determination does not get anywhere. But there are plenty of examples in just life to indicate talent alone does guarantee success.
  21. We had Zaheer and Srinath, although not in the calibre of Bumrah but we’re pretty good bowlers. Mindset is absolutely important. You can have team brimming with talent but do not win tough games. See that in American sports all the time.
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