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  1. Dhawan in ODIs, Ganguly in Tests, and Yuvi in T20s if talking about pure batting ability. Though I will put Yuvraj ahead of both in white ball cricket for his all round skills
  2. In which world is Iyer doing well after 4 consecutive losses and his team in 7th place?
  3. He should move to Helsinki because he is Finnished.
  4. Pant is there but he needs to capture his 2018-19 IPL form.. He was an absolute beast then with ridiculous T20 nos.
  5. PP seems to have some beef for Kohli.. Even during the IPL preview show he was criticising Kohli's captaincy
  6. Cummins will go down as one of the greatest ever Oz bowlers. Might be in with a shout to make their all time test XI by the time he retires.
  7. Ghanta... Pant has more match winning knocks than Rizwan in fewer test matches.
  8. What is wrong with Pant's fitness? Keeps superbly or entire test matches and also seemed to have shed some kilos.
  9. Agree, Pant is probably the only reason I watch test matches in India currently.
  10. Time to grab some popcorn and read pee pee through the night
  11. First Indian WK to get Man of the series in Test matches.. The records keep coming
  12. I think he would be very close to surpassing Kohli after this Test.. Let's see. He is unlucky that he has only played 8 of his 30 test matches at home.. Otherwise he might be averaging close to 50 at this point
  13. Not in ODIs IMO and even in T20s there is lots of competition. Although he has played brilliantly in the last few innings, this SL attack is so poor that I am finding it difficult to judge the actual quality
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