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  1. SRH going for 4 losses.. Rope in Lord Jadhav and Sid Kaul
  2. Looks the current top will remain as so.. Of CSK further win tonight, significant gap will open up
  3. Don't know the reason why Lalit was sent up though.. If he was there to bash spin then it never really looked like it. Should trust natural batting order rather than this fetish for left/right combo
  4. Koi nahi hagga... This is a difficult pitch.. And first time they are playing here in this IPl
  5. Lol.. Kl is striking that on roads like Wankhede batting first... They are playing on a completely opposite pitch with a low total to chase
  6. Same story with samson every season.. 1 or 2 good innings at the start of the season and then a dud throughout.. Not good enough for the international level I am afraid
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