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  1. Some India fans...are truly moronic. Truly ashamed of such people
  2. SKY is unfortunately looking out of his depth in international cricket...I would bring Ishan and play him at No 3 and Kohli at 4
  3. Why are people getting so worked up over this... Focus on how India performed rather than these side shows
  4. The absence of a WC spinner in their ranks is a glaring hole in that Windies line up.. They probably had the better fast bowlers but Australia had Warne and an overall superior batting line up.
  5. IMO Chahar won't start as well.. Will probably play Ashwin during the start against the bigger teams while Chahar will be 'unleashed' against the likes of Scotland and Namibia
  6. Lol the best ever side post War is the Australian side of 1999-2007..not sure how anyone can argue against that.
  7. Can't see Kishan playing.. That would mean KL dropping in at no 4 and that would be a dumb move considering his form. Kishan could have replaced Rohit or Kohli but of course they Captain and VC are never going to be dropped
  8. Probably the worst commentary in the history of the game.. Makes Athar sound like Richie Benaud
  9. Probably the most intelligent and articulate cricketer out there. We Indians aren't used to seeing such sense from our cricketers
  10. Gill obviously has a long term future for India in Tests and ODIs, though not convinced by him in T20.. Shaw is very hit and miss. Gaikwad might be a better option at this point.
  11. Would love to see Avesh replace Bhuvi or Shami considering the form he is in but we know it won't happen
  12. Sounds as BS a news story as there could be considering he backed them despite their horrendous form.. But of course its anti Kohli so ICF will lap it up
  13. DC and CSK look a cut above the rest.. Hope they play the final
  14. Obviously it isn't the franchise pushing him.. Majority of RCBs fans are through brand Kohli and they wouldn't dare do anything to lose him. He wouldn't be making statements like he would play for RCB till the end of his career if that was the case since apart from Mumbai and Chennai, all other IPL sides would take him as captain without a second thought. Let's hope it unleashes Virat the T20 batsmen, we all have been missing.
  15. Amazing disrespect shown to arguably India's greatest test captain... Team was a shambles abroad with Dhoni in charge,don't remember him facing evej 1% of this scrutiny
  16. Ipl definitely influenced the decision, no doubt about that
  17. As a brand Pant will be far bigger than Rahul but I agree, Rahul is definitely ahead in white ball cricket although his captaincy of Punjab leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe if Pant leads DC to victory or something, he'll have a reasonable shout.
  18. Laughable take.. Pant has only just established himself in all formats, how is it right to put that sort of pressure on a 24 year old already? Make Rohit the white ball captain for a couple of years with Pant/Iyer as the Vc
  19. Pant has been playing non-stop cricket since last December and it's imperative he is rested at some point (also important considering the bubble fatigue which might set in). In his absence, who can be India's backup keeper option reliable enough in Tests? During Dhoni's time we were blessed with decent options like Saha, Parthiv and DK but now other than a 37 year old Saha, I don't see anyone.
  20. Vaccine prevents you from getting serious symptoms.. It reduces chances of getting infected but won't completely prevent that. So there will be positive cases
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