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  1. I think he will do better. Everyone who quit captaincy be it Ian Botham or SRT did better following the relinquish of the responsibility. Kohli should do better - how much better we will see. But I expect him to be much better.
  2. Well we will see with Vihari.... in 36 a.o. I was hoping Vihari would "hold things together" for at least half an hour to stabilize things. No such luck. But he did block well with Ashwin in Sydney. We will see with Vihari and Iyer.... Being "the men" overseas is not as easy as scoring in A team or in India.
  3. What happened to thay guy Manjot Kalra? I thought he was better than Shaw. Yeah he had some offence but Shaw had one too. If Shaw can be forgiven why is Manjot still in the doghouse? Kalra is left handed too.
  4. Of course WI does not have any candidates... poor dear team! Imagine any of the current crop dislodging these guys - geez!! Conrad Hunte/Gordon Greenidge Roy Fredericks/Desmond Haynes Viv Richards (avg 50.23) Brian Lara (avg 52.88) George Headley (Avg 60.xx) /Frank Worrell(avg 49.xx)/Everton Weekes (avg 58.61) Gary Sobers (Avg 57.78) Clyde Walcott (avg 56.68) /Jeff Dujon (wk) Malcolm Marshall Michael Holding/Andy Roberts Wes Hall/Charlie Griffith/Roy Gilchrist/Manny Martindale ( one fast bowler from past years ) Curtley
  5. Pakistan middle order is not easy for Babar to get into. Zaheer Abbas and Javed Miandad will be there. Then there is Inzamam, Yousef and Younis recently and Mushtaq Mohammad/Asif Iqbal of past years and also Hanif Mohammed of even more past years.
  6. Hopefully Lankans come in with some good spinners and spoil the Ashwin/Axar party. It will be a pleasure to watch us fall into the doctored pitch ditch we dig for others like we did with Moeen and Rashid or whoever the English spinners were.
  7. Agarwal is good at front foot driving.... that is it. Pushed on the backfoot ..... He was exposed in Aus with 78 odd runs in 6 innings this year. In SA he scored fewer runs than Rahane.... yes Rahane. SA bowled badly on first day of first test and predictably he got a 60 there in an Indian score of 273-3. Then 2 20s and 1 teen and 2 single digits. Averages 25.65 in 12 tests outside India and has played in Aus, NZ, SA and WI. He is almost 31 years old. Maybe he can turn it around overseas but .....
  8. I mean play Bumrah and Shami with enough rest between tests... Say Bumrah, Prasidh, Siraj, Shardul in T1 and Shami, Prasidh, Siraj, Shardul in T2 etc. Esp when only 3 days between tests.
  9. I think Bumrah and Shami bowled at a high level in first test..... then they got tired. The 3 days off between tests was not enough for them to recover. They looked burn't out in test 2 and 2nd Inn of test 3. Maybe if they had been rotated for tests 2 and 3 we would have done better. We have plenty of bench strength in fast bowling ( I don't mean Ishant and Umesh ) to make this feasible.
  10. Why is it the peerless KL's chance? Only reason he was VC was because Rohit was absent. Shouldn't it be Rohit's chance?
  11. Walked away at the right time. Kudos Mr Kohli.
  12. As the great Kenny Rogers said in the movie Gambler Know when to hold em. Know when to fold em. Know when to walk away. Virat's career was folding as a batsman and he has decided to walk away from captaincy. Maybe it will resurrect him as a batsman. I think he has a couple of more years in him. We need a batsman there more than Kohli as a captain and Gill looks like the only long term test quality batsman in the reserves. We will see about Vihari and Iyer. Vihari similar to Pujara btw in terms of scoring runs.
  13. Who would Dravid lobby for? My guess is the peerless KL.
  14. Jansen bowls around 138-140 kph from a 7 foot height. Despite a slight side arm action that is hard to handle. Looks very skinny and fragile though. Have to see how he lasts in test cricket.....
  15. In olden days the captain sat with the selectors during overseas team selection. Has that stopped now? Anyway if Kohli says he cannot criticize them when they fail then please don't extol them when they score the odd 50.
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