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  1. What to do when you don't don't have enough resources? Give the most important positions to your better players. Hardik-Miller-Gill control the game in middle overs, others can't.
  2. They missed a trick by not playing Gill at 3. They have no player for that role. I know this will go over the heads of most. Except @Ankit_sharma03, say what, bro?
  3. Great field setting in 11th over to get Rayudu. Samson is the only Indian captain who impressed tactically in this IPL. Pressure doesn't affect him.
  4. @Trichromatic once wrote a detailed thread about his match by match performance. Maybe in T20s and it surely suggested that he has been underwhelming. His injuries didn't help. Can't believe we are still discussing it, however big a fan you might be, it's not tough to see. It's another thing that he needs to play because of TINA.
  5. This forum is now full of trolls who know zilch about cricket and only care about irrelevant stuff. The very reason I am inactive these days (apart from updating my Dinda list). Not a 'cricket' forum anymore.
  6. What an innings by Rinku Singh. Came with 66 needed off 4 and almost pulled it.
  7. Students are ready for it. First Nattu, then Southee, and now Avesh.
  8. Russell bowled this bad every match but luck was not with him today.
  9. Finally KKR bowlers getting the treatment they deserve. Seriously the worst bowling unit.
  10. Southee is head of our Newzealand branch.
  11. Read the scorecard, WTH! Nattu four sixes in an over. None for sixety. One of the best death bowlers out there, LOL!
  12. Don't think it's going to happen., All those extremely 6'6 cricketers except Irfan were from tall current. That's equivalent of finding 6'2" in India, not common but possible. 6 must be average height of West Indian cricketers, English-Aus-NZ are some of the tallest countries in the world.
  13. Gaekwad (53), Jagdeeshan (39), and Dhoni (7) today. Typical CSK innings, but without luck.
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