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  1. Sports Tak or New18 may not be reliable, but are certified news source. Never heard about Crictoday before today.
  2. Kohli was calling the shots. Dravid was merely watching him.
  3. Surprised to find that there is no living male cricketer over 100 years. Ronald Draper, at around 95, is the oldest.
  4. She was the oldest test cricketer alive before she died today. She played seven tests for England between 1937-1949. Thelma Mckenzie from Australia is the oldest cricketer alive now. Eileen Ash, Oldest cricketer alive, died
  5. SKY couldn't have gone for more than 8cr even in the auctions. With Ishaan, you never know.
  6. Not true. A government can print notes anytime they want. They don't do it coz it's bad for its economy. See Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe
  7. We have been saying the same for years. I feel it will happen this time. Shreyas can not be dropped. We have only two openers in the squad, they have to play. Other three spots are filled by Kohli, WK, and, Jadeja. He may get dropped. Kohli got away with Karun Nair incident in 2016, but it is 2021, BCCI is all over him. He will not take such a risk.
  8. @maniac, is @R!TTER your other id as well?
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