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  1. Rush kalaria, Chintan gaja, sakariya, basant mohanty, Anupam sanklecha are all around 120-125 kph level trundelrs, the names which you have mentioned are probably 5-6 kph to quick for dravids liking
  2. Azhar mahmood, Abdul razzaq, amir, m Abbas, Asif, faheem Ashraf, Hassan Ali, mir Hamza, ruman raaes, Sohail tanvir, Yasir Arafat, Sohail khan, Anwar Ali, Rao iftikar anjum, shinwari, tabish khan, atta Rehman, mudassar nazar the great pakistani trundler list is very long.
  3. Well him, anokola, Prashant vaidya and harvinder Singh were good enough to be classified as medium fast or fast medium at times, the rest were all 125kph bowlers, Johnson was wayward but would have been a okay odi option for some time.
  4. Kumble was very aggressive and most of the younger players feared him, I hate generalisations but cricket in Karnataka is more of a urban Bangalore-mysore region game, most of the players come from middle class families hence tend be passive, soft spoken but that's not the case with the rest of Karnataka, the bunts of Mumbai have been part of the underworld syndicate.
  5. Rohit will find it tough to develop a world cup winning odi team, I highly doubt the captain, coach, and selectors are on the same page when it comes selection of certain players, it will require out of the box thinking and player management to ge the right players in important positions, if he and dravid follow the standard template then I highly doubt we will get three wicket taking pacers in a combined 11 or a aggressive opener to partner Rohit.
  6. I know this was a silly statement but a lot of Indian fans/ Indian cricket fraternity actually felt India could line up two teams in every format of the game until the sl series happended where some if not all of the youngsters were found wanting and it needed a chahar special with the bat to salvage a odi series victory, a few years back in a quadrangular series India B did come on top against aus A but none of those India B players have gone to settle in the Indian team bar Mayank, the same aus A team featured marnus, head, khawaja, Carey, nesser all onto Excell in international cricket.
  7. Johnson was not a trundler, the rest were all over 6 foot, the current lot are all around 5'9"
  8. Karthik and nagarkoti both are had great actions in terms of technical aspects, they were well coached, rajvardhan slows down just before his jump and hangs in the air for to long.
  9. They leap forward, hangagarekar jumps in the air just like dinda.
  10. He puts in a lot of effort hence the perception that he is quick, the uganda batsman was batting out of his crease, he was so quick I highly doubt the batters would do that, slightly disappointed with the pace, I said before we end over ratting the speeds of these pacers after watching a few YouTube reels.
  11. Maybe the speed guns are right, hangagarekar puts a lot of effort but looses momentum as he slows down before jump, dinda who had a similar action lost pace to his jump which was in the air and not forward, vats bowling around 128kph looks correct speed.
  12. But mere Bhai, our list A circuit has decreased in quality big time over the last two years or so, the quality of Vijay hazare and sma was top notch from 2017-2020, I remember the final between Mumbai Vs Delhi Vijay hazare final in chinaswamy, the bowling on show was great, with the newer teams around and most of the top domestic bowlers not taking part I would take venkys performance with a pinch of salt, same with gaikwads recent success, both are good players but the quality on show in VHT is not so great.
  13. Dada was dalmiya's side kick, dalmiya knew all along about the corruption and fixing within the Indian team, IS bindra confessed that dalmiya did not care and was only worried about his future prospect as ICC president, Sourav vested a lot of power and chappel wanted to break it, dada is not trustworthy and comes across as a power hungry individual who doesn't like taking a back seat, am pretty sure dada hates jay Shah and would even try plotting to get him if not for jay Shah being the son of Amit Bhai.
  14. Dravid I don't feel has complete power over the team yet, the guy has been working around with all these young pacers saini, siraj, prasidh etc, even during his ipl stint he got a lot of young Indian cricketers in the franchises when he was captain/coach, saini was picked for the A team against aus in 2017 when dravid was the coach , I highly doubt he has full authority yet, bhuvi, shardul have a lot of backing from Rohit and kohli, am pretty sure it's either one of them which is behind the prolong run of these cricketers, neither Rohit nor kohli have a clue about domestic cricketers and the t
  15. Indian cricket has been ruined through mismanagement, horrendous selection and selfish antics by senior Indian cricketers, the recent A tour of SA saw eashwaran, saini, panchal all do well in the first class games, none of them are even close to reckoning, they have been carrying prasidh with the team since the eng series, the guy missed out in smat and A tour due it and still does not even get a odi game here, saini to was in good form during the A series, Rahul and iyer both flopped in the middle order against England in home odi's last year, Surya does well and gets dropped here for iyer wh
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