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  1. Very interesting take. So Velu enjoyed consuming gay porn till the point he learnt libs are in favour of gay marriage. Libs supporting gay marriage was the point that Velu stopped consuming gay porn.
  2. How many times have did you digest gay porn before deciding it wasn't for you?
  3. Of course you may. I could give 200 other reasons too. The man had no redeeming qualities. Supported by mostly degenerate losers living out their hate of others through him.
  4. These polls need fixing. 1. Who will win Match 15 Kempegowda Dandanayakas (RCB) Pink City Pehredaaris (RR) Might make sense to regular users. But looks stupid and confusing to any new users
  5. I believe your thinking is the flawed one here. Who in the hell decides what things are needed without an assesment on how much of each thing is required? When it can be lowered, when it's needed to be increased? Who decides on priorities and then just allocates an equal amount of funding to each thing?
  6. Still prefer the VK one We've got Kohli Virat Kohli I just don't think you understand He's MS Dhoni's man He smashes Pakistan We've got Virat Kohli
  7. This guy came into the side as a leggie. He made it to international level as a legspinner! A legspinner capable of holding the bat. Unreal turnaround to be the best batsman of his generation.
  8. Abhe, by getting a head start he wasn't going to run 6 runs
  9. The irony of this is if you were Russian you'd realise what a piece of crap Putin is. But then again probably not, considering your inherent desire to succumb to authority
  10. Velu and his group of bootlickers. Ready to be subservient
  11. I was wrong. Joe is over-rated
  12. Bewda living up to his name @ 0:22
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